Lag is back. DDoS

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zeklia, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. malaki Augur

    Didn't even wait for Primetime this time around.
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  2. Greymantle Augur

    Time to get the FBI involved. This is a blantent attempt at extorsion/blackmail that crosses state/country lines.
  3. Namde Augur

    Good, its not just me. Bad its happening yet again.
  4. Pythlen82 Lorekeeper

    actually about 4 times in three. happened twice last night.
  5. Malbro Augur

    9:51am PDT, lag on casting and looting running around 10 seconds. Nobody else in zone.
  6. Razden New Member

    How long are we expected to pay for an unplayable game? Great service.
  7. Nightmares Augur

    Started on The Rathe about 5 min ago.
  8. Leitai New Member

    If this is going to continue I sincerely hope that Daybreak are planning to reimburse everyone who has a sub.. Oh and if they do decide to catch this kid.. just shoot him..
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  9. Gilad Journeyman

    To be fair to Daybreak, DDOS's are fairly difficult to stop compared to how little it takes to do it. Still sucks this is happening, but wouldn't blame it all on them at this point since they probably have security measures against DDOS that were fine until a script kiddie rented or bought another Bot Network with a few thousands / hundred thousand computers that are now overwhelming the servers.

    To put it in perspective, all it takes for a DDoSer to do this is to spend some bitcoin and press maybe 3 buttons to DDoS. IT security side has issues via infrastructure that takes time and much more money to do. And even then have to have IT security staff on site.
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  10. Siny Augur

    A while after my posting above I logged back in and left my trader on. ping was back to normal. However, just changed back to main and it seems lots having problems logging in and chat channels are down
  11. FiveHour Journeyman

    Agreed. It is Daybreak's fault the way they handle their customers in light of the DDoS.
  12. Beerbelly New Member

    Just got booted from Phinny, this is bs, I can't believe we are paying for this kind of service. I'd like to play the game for more than a few minutes.
  13. Vowraith New Member

    i just wanna play my game on my day off. do this tomorrow all day long i dont care i work tomorrow.
  14. Sepulch New Member

    Anybody else?
  15. Gkarr New Member

    Happening on Bertox server too. Started about 10min's ago now. Once you get "you have been disconnected" message it's really hard to get the servers to let you in again.

    It would really be nice if Daybreak would come out and say openly what is going on, why this is happening, and what they are doing to fix it. I wouldn't be so upset if they'd actually tell us what really is going on.
  16. Kudaas New Member

    You know, if you don't like the game - don't play it. Childish tantrum over a game item - what a bunch of punks.
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  17. Kelreg New Member

    Everybody else...
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  18. Bozone New Member

    Call the fbi then and report it . If you want your 15 bucks back that badly call your credit card company and ask for a charge back..say you paid for the service and didnt get it.
  19. Gerhard New Member

    So many replies and transparency on this matter from DBG its amazing they have all this time to spend addressing their customer's concerns...
  20. FiveHour Journeyman

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