Lag is back. DDoS

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zeklia, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Zeklia Lorekeeper

    seems the kids yall banned the other day are back with the DDOS during peak hours
  2. mortnick2 New Member

    do we get SLA credits? this is now two days in a row.
  3. malaki Augur

    Indeed it is.
  4. vardune Augur

    this really does feel like a DDoS attack, the lag is so bad you cant play at all.
  5. Marek-EQ Lorekeeper

    So great to lose another raid instance!
  6. Moonii Elder

    I miss the days of Smed, at least he fought against this stuff, and they canned him for it.
  7. Matheias New Member

    I'm sure they are looking into a potential issue that may be affecting some or all of their games login servers.
  8. Dibab Augur

    kids is the operative word. itll lift when their parents say its bedtime
  9. Punchu Augur

    This happens at least once a year with this company. Sigh.

    Teenagers > Daybreak Games
  10. ZeeK Elder

    Same time as yesterday must be a DDOS... sigh

    We were 1 guardian of tunare left before Tunare BAH
  11. OliverQ Elder

    Can't even log into the game. Sigh.
  12. taliefer Augur

    same thing happened to us yesterday. the server never goes down, so you shouldn't lose yer expedition. as long as the lag clears up before the zone expires, you should still be able to off her
  13. Nerf Herder Lorekeeper

    Remove the shotgun from H1Z1 already I want to play EQ :(
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  14. Semah Augur

    This is frustrating, but...

    Please don't bow to any demands from DDoSers. One you pay Danegeld, you never, ever get rid of the Dane. Can you imagine? No EQ for anyone until beastlords are released early. No EQ for anyone unless Luclin vote fails. No EQ for anyone unless Luclin vote succeeds. No EQ for anyone unless out-of-era items are retroactively removed. No EQ for anyone unless 50% XP potions are available. No EQ for anyone unless etc.etc. etc. forever.
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  15. Punchu Augur

    With the frequency that this happens to this companies network they have three options. 1) concede to demands of some online terrorist. 2) wait for them to get bored and stop 3) and this is a shocking idea...harden their network.
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  16. Lawyer Elder

    That's the most expensive and thought-requiring of all the options, thus making it the least likely for them to implement.
  17. Punchu Augur

    Indeed. And the cycle continues.
  18. Weverley Augur

    Maybe if the kids do that every day for a month they might consider your number 3 lol. But god i hope we don't get that.
  19. Nerf Herder Lorekeeper

    Hour 2 of the great H1Z1 Shotgun Terrorist Rampage. DBG has been silent, servers still lagged. Shotgun still in skirmish mode, who will cave?
  20. Punchu Augur

    Remove everything but shotgun.
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