Lack of quest EXP in ToV

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Yinla, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Yinla Augur

    Many of the quests in ToV do not give EXP, for as long as I can remember all quests have given some quest EXP as a bonus for players completing them regardless of how many times they have been completed.

    If these are supposed to be a 1 time thing and the only exp we get from them is from the achievement for doing them can we please flag them as such so players do not repeat them for no reward.

    Tower of Frozen Shadows merc quest - no exp
    Velks merc quests - gives exp
    Rygor Mines merc quests - No exp
    Crystal Caverns merc quests - No exp

    Kael & EW - I cannot confirm merc quest exp at this time as I haven't bothered repeating them as the others (except Velks) have been a waste of my time.

    I wasn't paying attention to exp when repeating partisans helping guild mates so uncertain about those also.
  2. Dythan Augur

    Velks merc quests are bugged, and will be fixed.
  3. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    "Mercenary" quests have not given exp for many expansions.
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  4. German Lorekeeper

    Wait, don't people cycle the sathir's tomb merc quests for a few extra AAs while exping in there? I know its not listed as having any on eqresource just coin, but I never cycled them so I don't really know for sure so this is a legitimate curiosity of mine. I've seen people get them over and over. It couldn't be for the lousy coin....
  5. Yinla Augur

    When and why was this changed?

    I can't say I usually watch my exp bar when I'm questing, but are you telling me for the last X amount or years I have been wasting my time repeating quests?

    If they give zero exp, what is the point of them?
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  6. Jaylnn Journeyman

    I do not intend for this to come across as a jerk comment i really dont. I mean this in the nicest way possible i really do. I appreciate everything the devs do for this game and appreciate keeping this game i love alive for all the time i have been able to play. But on the other side.

    I think it might be time to admit that is is one of three scenarios.
    The devs are unfortunately uninformed on their own game.
    Merc tasks (many many many of them) are bugged and have been giving xp for years and it was completely unintentional
    Or that that design decision has changed and they havent admited it to us or themselves yet.

    Can we ask that if they were never intended to be repeated, that we stop wasting developer time on them each year? I would much rather a time be put into replayability of the game since thats how you keep people wanting to play a game after they do something once. I would personally rather see that time be put into new spells or new things in the game, than a one and done quest. Atm the rewards if its meant to be just a check box and a small monetary value i would prefer the time not be used. I can do without the checkbox, and i can get the same reward 5-10 times over just killing the mobs as part of the task
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I looked at EoK and RoS mercenary tasks.
    Zero experience. lets see if I made a mistake on reading the data. (researching... will post again)
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  8. Yinla Augur

    Thank you for checking

    HUGS :)
    EoK - Lceanium task

    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] Your task 'Dastardly Drolvarg' has been updated.
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] Your task 'Dastardly Drolvarg' has been updated.
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] Your task 'Dastardly Drolvarg' has been updated.
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] Your task 'Dastardly Drolvarg' has been updated.
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] Your task 'Dastardly Drolvarg' has been updated.
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] Your task 'Dastardly Drolvarg' has been updated.
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] Your task 'Dastardly Drolvarg' has been updated.
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] Forewoman Freleta takes the teeth and bows. You notice her wiping her fingers on her pants.
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] You receive 5 gold .
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] You receive 106 platinum .
    [Wed Oct 09 08:22:49 2019] You gain experience (with a bonus)!
  9. Qbert Augur

    Many tasks from the task window give experience as a function of the amount of platinum that is rewarded. I have no idea if this has any impact whatsoever on your search, but perhaps it is not coded as giving "experience" so much as a related reward to the platinum?
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  10. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Data from the game. Note where it says "KQ" or "KillQuest." Those are mercenary tasks.

    Note the 0 on the "REWARD EXP" field.

    OV2KillQuest1 - Dangerous Fauna 212500 0 Dangerous Fauna
    OV2KillQuest2 - Enemy Clearance 212500 0 Enemy Clearance
    OV2KillQuest3 - Golems Gone Wild 212500 0 Golems Gone Wild
    OV2StoryQuest1 Testing the Waters 212500 95978368 Testing the Waters
    OV2StoryQuest2 For My Information 212500 95978368 For My Information
    OV2StoryQuest3 What Makes a Scorpiki? 212500 95978368 What Makes a Scorpiki?
    CHS2KQ1BonesToDust 212500 0 Bones to Dust
    CHS2KQ2DefangTheDevourers 212500 0 Defang the Devourers
    CHS2KQ3BucketsOfBile 212500 0 Buckets of Bile
    CHS2Q1TheArisen 212500 95978368 The Arisen
    CHS2Q2TrailofDiscovery 425000 191956736 Trail of Discovery
    CHS2Q3LayTheTrap 318750 143967552 Lay the Trap
    CHSBSQ - Who is Buried in Sathir's Tomb? 212500 95978368 Who is Buried in Sathir's Tomb?
    GORKillQuest1 141666 0 Kill Krellnakor
    GORKillQuest2 212500 0 Stop the Support
    GORKillQuest3 212500 0 Chop Chokidai
    GORStoryQuest1 425000 191956736 State of the Sarnak
    GORStoryQuest2 425000 191956736 The Fereth
    GORStoryQuest3 425000 191956736 Chokidai Unbound
    GORRaidCopyMission 637500 287935104 Balance of Power
    VP2KillQuest1-All to Scale 212500 0 All to Scale
    VP2KillQuest2-Killing Claws 212500 0 Killing Claws
    VP2KillQuest3-Bipedal Dragons 212500 0 Bipedal Dragons
    VP2StoryQuest1 - Bane Bound 425000 191956736 Bane Bound
    VP2StoryQuest2 - Singing Stone 425000 191956736 Singing Stone
    VP2StoryQuest3 - Songs of Old 425000 191956736 Songs of Old
    VP2RaidCopyMissionTalendor 212500 95978368 Talendor
    VP2KeyQuestFinal 1700000 767826944 Scaled Key
    OV2MissionRaidCopy - Fell Foliage 212500 95978368 Fell Foliage
    CHSBKQ1 - Stomp the Invaders 212500 0 Stomp the Invaders
    CHSBKQ2 - Stomp the Defenders 212500 0 Stomp the Defenders
    CHSBKQ3 - Tooth and Fist 212500 0 Tooth and Fist
    SKU25TSQ1 425000 383913472 Here or Over There?
    SKU25TSQ2 21250 9597836 Details of the Sky
    SKU25TSQ3 425000 383913472 Weight of the Sky
    SKU25TSQ4 318750 287935104 Gorowyn Wares
    SKU25TSQ5 318750 287935104 Measure of the Dead
    SKU25TSQ6 318750 287935104 Journey Into Terror
    SK2SQ1 212500 95978368 The Dragons' Graveyard
    SK2SQ2 212500 95978368 The Orb of Luclin
    SK2SQ3 212500 95978368 The Orb of Fire
    SK2KQ1 212500 0 Clearing the Way
    SK2KQ2 212500 0 Black Scale Bounty
    SK2KQ3 212500 0 Ancient Prey
    SK2MissRaidCopy 212500 95978368 End of Empire

    this is not new behavior in ToV.
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    you are correct that that one does give exp.
  12. Yinla Augur

    Was this a design choice with RoS & TBL or did someone just forget to fill the field in and it has gone on from there?

    I've only noticed not getting exp as we have changed the exp field so we can see things to 0.001 now.

    Also should we be getting exp for doing Velks Merc quests as we don't with other merc quests?
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  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I am betting on the forgetting to fill in a field. ;)
  14. Zataos New Member

    i was thinking this was a bug simply because in the in game text box it says you gain experience when describing the quest . i dont have a screenshot atm but i saw it there
  15. Jaylnn Journeyman

    Well the devs are indeed correct. Whether that was an intentional change from the expansions or an accidental ommision from a field is hard to say. It looks like in RoS traditional kill quests just stopped giving it. Just doing a quick quest from each of the starting and port in zones.

    We know House of thule gave them with the kill tasks

    [Wed Jan 15 17:37:04 2020] Your task 'Gone Traitors Gone' has been updated.
    [Wed Jan 15 17:37:04 2020] You gain experience!

    Shards Landing
    [Wed Jan 15 17:41:19 2020] Your task 'Beating the Beetles' has been updated.
    [Wed Jan 15 17:41:19 2020] You gain party experience!

    [Wed Jan 15 17:24:10 2020] Your task 'Get Feral' has been updated.
    [Wed Jan 15 17:24:11 2020] You gain experience!

    [Wed Jan 15 17:02:09 2020] Your task 'Bury the Head' has been updated.
    [Wed Jan 15 17:02:09 2020] You gain experience!
    [Wed Jan 15 17:02:09 2020] Your task 'Elemental Rage' has been updated.
    [Wed Jan 15 17:02:09 2020] You gain experience!

    In EoK
    Mentioned above all the lceanium do
    Scorched woods
    [Wed Jan 15 17:19:06 2020] Your task 'Bad Horses' has been updated.
    [Wed Jan 15 17:19:06 2020] You gain experience!

    It appears there was an intent as atleast 6 expansions in a row followed the same pattern. In RoS and TBL and now ToV it looks like it was changed intentionally or accidentally . My guess is people didnt create a stink about it or even notice as much because the levels didnt require so much xp to make a dent. You bulked up most xp into single use one time bonuses that is is very noticeable that xp is missing now. The perception with that quest xp is that we were moving in a direction of more quest based xp instead. To then just have it absent makes the direction of EQ very confusing to the people who dont sit around the board meeting tables. Not that the direction is right or wrong, just that people dont know the direction because we dont get newsletters or in depth info very often anymore.
  16. Lubianx Augur

    All of those "kill quests" above seems to be only killing the mobs.

    None of those require returning anything to the quest NPC. It seems that anything that requires returning something to the quest NPC has, in the past, has given XP (see EoK).

    The following have hand ins
    • 2 x Eastern Wastes - no XP
    • 3 x ToFS - no XP
    • 1 xRy'Gorr mines - no XP
    Also there has been inconsistencies with quest XP on those Merc quests that require hails at the end. TBL had no XP whilst most of EoK did.
    The following also have hails
    • 3 x Crystal Caverns
    • 2 x Ry'Gorr Mines
    If we want consistency then at least those merc quests where hand ins are required should give XP whilst having another look at those that require rehailing
  17. Yinla Augur

    This doesn't explain Velks merc tasks giving exp as they are just kills.
  18. Lubianx Augur

    I realise that, just relaying the differences between some of the merc quests and maybe why some should have quest XP. Velks just seems the exception to the norm
  19. Yinla Augur

    Could be as simple as a different dev set them up.
  20. Razorfall Elder

    It's been a long time since anyone needed quests for XP because XP was super easy to come by. ToV has made players more observant of their XP gains because they can't just poopsock at a camp somewhere or run HAs to max lvl like they could in previous expansions. That isn't a bad thing, but with the way the XP is in ToV, a lot of people are scrambling to try to find it anywhere they can.

    Plat rewards are kind of useless unless you want to increase them substantially
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