Lack of Progression of Mid Teir Guilds

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  1. yepmetoo Augur

    I'm sorry, gotta laugh though.

    Not really how we roll, honestly. More like 40 people log on for every event and the other 14 spots are rotated between 28 other people, and 2 groups of people do all progression to request raids and 3 months later 25% of the guild isn't even done with progression.

    A certain someone that will remain nameless didn't even zone to brother island during TDS, and still hasn't gone past that zone. Probably 15-20 of us were finishing Essence of the Dragon 1 in the week before we had enough keys for korsha.

    Half the guild doesn't update magelo for a reason, it doesn't matter.

    Just be on when it matters, don't stink, and do your job. Then you too can be golden and coast on 1 night of raiding for 40-45 weeks a year.
  2. Maedhros Augur

    So then, there we have it. Even in ROI they accept that you are going to have real life obligations that prevent you from raiding even during new content, and noone is going to be called a slacker over it.
    For most people, slacking is by far more related to the efforts you place on your own time outside of raids to improve your toon.
  3. kizant Augur

    When I said slacker I also meant how you play during a raid and not so much what you do otherwise. I'm wizard focused but spell counts, choice of spells, and timing with adps, etc are all I care about. Even with group gear and missing augs you'll still do pretty good DPS. Well with a decent amount of AAs too obviously but like 17k or something not max everything.
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  4. dwish Augur

    The bolded portion of this, in my opinion, can't be overstated. When they switched to what's basically the WoW gear cycle, where the previous expansions raid gear is equal to group gear in the new expansion, then all of a sudden the raid content that is actually worth doing shrinks significantly. This obviously hurts mid-tier guilds the most. With the way the game is currently, you are basically raiding current content or just wasting your time, which is a shame.
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  5. Jumbur Augur

    Indeed, back when tds was current, joining open RoF-raids was a viable alternative to tds-group gear, making it worthwile for a a fresh level 100 player wanting to gear up. Most pre-TBM raid-gear is a big downgrade from EoK-group gear(apart from some focus items), making that playstyle obsolete. :(
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  6. Siddar Augur

    The new raider today doesn't the have the support. Needed to perform in highlevel EQ. The fact is most classes simply don't have class forms available. That results in word of mouth being the only way they find out about latest tricks. While Devs keep throwing new trick into the mix that renders old tricks obsolete. The result is those who know all the current tricks can adjust to new ones those who don't flounder. Lack of class sites has the effect of not recording the basic tricks meaning information handed out by word of mouth has gaps. Those basics are needed in order to read a spell parser in order to decipher how things work.

    This is growing problem with EQ.
  7. Bigstomp Augur

    I believe many guilds class forums likely have this information. But yes, the class specific sites dying is not a good thing. RIP TSW. The class sites really had some good info and figuring out exactly how things work.
  8. Reynen Journeyman

    It was answered to you several times, how it's our fault you're not understanding the answers?
  9. MyShadower Augur

    I think a summation might be in order.

    1. Sometimes events are broken and need a fix.

    2. The game has a built in mechanism for lowering the difficulty of content. New content that grants more power to the player lowers the difficulty of previously released content.

    3. The bar has already been lowered by making more powerful gear (relative to previous content) outside of raids.

    4. Lowering the difficulty sets the precedent that the difficulty needs to be lower. The next challenge issued has less challenge for everyone.

    5. Raids are team oriented content. Those who work well as a team, above just playing their own class well, tend to struggle less and/or defeat the content quicker. The "elite" often simply demolish the content while some raids are far more forgiving of a lack of team cohesion than others.

    6. "Play better" cannot be ignored and has many forms. The details on this are all over the place. If you want a shorter path to find it, ask a specific question on these very forums. Most information is not deliberately hidden from anyone 6 months after an expansion releases and some people that have good information really do enjoy sharing it, they just do not feel the need to package it all up and publish it.

    If someone gives you information on things to try, try it out a few times before declaring it does not work.

    Each individual class has things they really need to know. If they cannot be bothered to learn them, they lower the raid's overall effectiveness.

    In a raid setting, there are things that need consideration that do not matter in the rest of the game.

    Knowing a strategy and executing it are two very different things. One guild may never be able to defeat a raid the same way another guild does for a variety of reasons.

    Raids have a minimum and maximum for the number of players that can enter and only the NUMBER. What the players do is part of the challenge. You may not need the maximum number of players but if you disagree with anything from 2 through 5 you probably should be throwing the maximum at the event.
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  10. lancelove Augur

    If you were on a server, that had a really big population, it would be fairly easy to add to your guild the certain classes you were missing on particular raids that required you need at least 5x of X class.
    Server mergers ftw , or , create an alliance with another mid tier guild.
  11. Jhenna_BB Augur

    You used the word easy. Explain this then: if I play on Bristlebane, the most populous non-progression server in EQ - why then do most of RA's applicants come via server transfer?

    Do not pass go, do not collect $200 as your entire post and "reasoning" behind it has already been dismissed, multiple times in this thread. I feel like like we are all talking to a brick wall here.
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  12. Phrovo1 Augur

    the rest go to RoV?
  13. Sheex Augur


    Seems like there's a reason why BB has the largest population. How many people intermingle beteeen RoV and RA, out of curiosity? Because the RoV spam recruiting thing is real, but you guys aren't guilty of that behavior by happening to share a server.
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  14. Fintank Augur

    Step 1, go to (Or and go to spells tab. Step 2, search and record all of your personal abilities. Step 3, search and record all correlating adps. Step 4, with above data that you have found, draw fun lines to stacking abilities. Step 5, profit.

    Learning near optimal setup for a new class takes around an hour or 2 with half- effort. Granted you can't really do this with Tanks and Healers, that's more of a feely thing and looking at timers etc. For DPS you can absolutely do this. I've never been in a mid-tier guild that was failing because they had super awesome DPS and just bad tanks/healers. Maybe some food for thought there.
  15. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Not as many from RoV's bench as you think go to RA - I'm not certain of FWO. I'm close with a lot of Fubies but I don't really discuss that sort of thing with them. It's certainly something that happens but the cross server applicants moving to BB to app to us is a much larger number.

    It is a huge advantage have 3 successful raiding guilds on one server in terms of server transfer for sure, I'll give you that. If someone washes out with the guild they transferred to app with there are other choices here. CoL is not a joke guild either. Lots of places to go on BB.
  16. Siddar Augur

    Yea I'm going to say that's false statement. You may be able learn classes your familiar with in two hours work. But not all of them and you're not coming from the point of beginner work on their first character in EQ.
  17. Fintank Augur

    You're right, most people probably can't do that with Necromancers due to finding optimal spell sets on top of burning. Every other DPS including the DPS portions of the tanks and priests is incredibly easy and NOT time consuming to figure out. Most of the people who "are bad" are not first time players. Are there a few out there? Sure I'd like to think EQ still pulls new players in on occasion. I rarely ever meet anyone who just started playing the game from scratch and now wants to raid. Not to mention just because they are a "new raider" does not mean they are a new player. I've met many people who have played for 10+ years and never raided cause they don't want to, can't, etc. Your basis of the class sites contributing to all the "baddies" is false. I for one never visited any of the class sites so the lack of those is not an excuse for people who can't figure out what to do. And this is not an insult to you or anyone else but all you need in this game to do exceptionally well at DPS is spell data, a little bit of time and a brain that understands basic arithmetic.

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