Kronos farmers monopolizing camps on Aradune

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ethyre, Jul 21, 2020.

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  1. Elemenopi Augur

    The issue with this "just ignore them" philosophy when discussing the current bastardized EQ with its p2w-krono-camp-monopolization is it prohibits actually playing the game. The nostalgia they are marketing to you, doesn't exist. I used to play EQ to acquire items, not pay someone elses sub in order to acquire items.
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  2. RizLoaner Elder

    Nothing is stopping you from acquiring items outside of your own personal choices towards your gameplay. Plenty of servers where you can acquire items and plenty of ways you can acquire items on the assumed server of Aradune. You don’t have to ignore people to win a dps race against them. With pick zones all over there’s really no excuses for not being able to find a named and win a dps race to kill it. Nobody has to pay to win in classic. You can level up a group of any toons together with your friends or other players and gear them in nothing but what drops on the way all the way to killing planar mobs in hate and fear. Gear in classic is a novelty at best. Nobody needs any of the high krono items to kill any content in game currently, it’s a poor argument thinking people need BiS gear to do anything in game.
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  3. Mestops12 Lorekeeper

    If Aradune has taught me anything, it's that most of the player base is fickle, lazy, and unwilling to put any effort into the game.

    People complained about box armies, Daybreak got rid of them
    People complained about box groups, Daybreak got rid of them
    Now people are complaining about two necros.....

    Here's the deal fellas, even if Daybreak made a Krono-free single box only server, Efreeti would still be camped 24/7 and it wouldn't be you. Some players are just better than you with more time on their hands and are more prepared
  4. code-zero Augur

    The issue is that training is a bannable offense and it is enforced rigorously
  5. Laronk Augur

    He's not afk, I don't think there's actually any rules against charging you plat/krono for the privilege of being in his group.
  6. code-zero Augur

    I'm going to have to call shenanigans. I suspect that you are outright lying when you say that you train bots "all the time". It's currently a common practice to have some manner of video capture which will create a file which will be sent with the petition reporting your training.

    Now if you've just been training normal players who aren't very sophisticated in order to claim a camp then maybe you do train a lot. If that's what's going on I do sincerely hope that every account associated with you is permanently banned.
  7. code-zero Augur

    @Lionari Your first post is from May of this year. I'm not going out on a limb in saying that you don't know what you're talking about and you're heading for a ban.
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  8. code-zero Augur

    I don't believe anything you say. People who are serial trainers get banned, it's not complicated. Now maybe you have played on and off over time and occasionally have trained some group that you've told yourself are "afk botters" but the fact is that quite a lot of people have discovered that training is a fast track to a vacation from the game. Also, I don't exactly get your "stop being scared" remark, are you saying that people should just go out and train because you have assured everyone that there's no repercussions? Do you really think people are that stupid?
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  9. Triconix Augur

    That's because flagging becomes impossible for botters to get into the zones where loot is worth selling. Also, from what I hear, many TLP flippers begin to stop playing around PoP and wait for the next one to cycle up (which sounds kind of boring to me playing the easiest era of EQ on repeat and completely avoiding the best era of EQ).

    So your resolution for a problem is making new ones? What kind of entitled, selfish mindset is that? Oh let's just wait for this group to get a named to spawn then we can dps race them down and steal their loot. Keeping it classy I see.

    Did respect for camps and other players simply disappear when TLPs were invented? I never remember seeing this mentality back in the day on live servers and still don't see it on live. Only in TLP have I experienced this ridiculous, childish behavior.

    Are botters an issue? Yes, I've seen quite a few spinning around in circles then suddenly warping half way across the zone to kill a mob. However, the solution isn't KSing an innocent group in another pick in order to avoid cheaters. You want to know the solution? Get rid of the cheaters.
  10. najame New Member

    Lower number for picks or more picks in general would help maybe?
  11. Accipiter Old Timer

    Enjoy your forum suspension.
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  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I think the point may be he didnt say anything about that until the person got to his group.
  13. EchoFreya Lorekeeper

    I'm one of those players who has come back to a 'live' server to see what TLP is all about. I've enjoyed 'classic' EQ on P99 for the past half dozen years or so.

    From my experience, TLP is a modernized version of classic EQ, that:
    1. is on a highly accelerated timeline (a few versus several months of unlocking content)
    2. very unnoticeable 'penalty' for death including
      1. minimal XP loss
      2. no corpse runs to retrieve your stuff (first summon corpse spell is level 255 - weird!)
    3. 'Origin' ability for all classes, including non-casters (pretty awesome I have to admit)
    4. 'modernized' UI and gameplay tools (some are awesome like loot tools, others I'm still on the fence about)
    5. a lot of flexibility around styles of gameplay, including those which are 'questionable' (usage of 3rd party automation apps for boxed alt armies)
    6. Krono-driven economy - you can try to earn your stuff by questing/farming/raiding as you did in the classic experience - but ultimately this will be exercise in frustration until you are forced 'give in' to the RMT-style approach to character advancement
      1. People steal camps all the time without any consequence to their social reputation or threat to their gameplay (largely the consensus is that no action is taken by staff)
      2. People hold multiple camps to farm valuable items, preventing others who want to experience the content, camp for xp, or or their own items, etc.
      3. Essentially, some zones will be completely inaccessible unless you approach this game like a career and sacrifice social mores and values to get at those pixels
      4. Unless you are a career farmer, you will likely participate in the Krono economy in order to access certain drops that come from heavily farmed camps/zones.
    These are all in stark contrast to P99 which is dedicated to recreating the classic experience, but has VERY strict rules around boxing and RMT that is consistently and regularly moderated:
    1. progression timelines are closer to what they were on launch, but are capped at Luclin
    2. The boat still works, wizards and druids earn a profitable living porting (no punts), and there is no NPC that will port you to faraway destinations.
    3. There is no Agent of Change - you actually have to know how to get around in zones to raid in them.
    4. No maps. You have to know how to use /loc, and have decent visual memory skills.
    5. No instances. GM endorsed player agreements, PnP, or FTE regulates camps and raid encounters - just like the old days.
    6. Eventually (when you can afford it) you will destroy copper and silver, because that stuff is heavy!
    7. All pages, runes, and words drop, and you don't have to farm weird skins and dusts to level up research, and it doesn't cost you a fortune to make a spell using materials purchased off of one of half a dozen vendors
    8. that very same penalty for death we all recall
      1. serious XP loss to the point where XP rezzes earn Clerics a lot of bank
      2. corpse runs to retrieve your stuff, and sometimes need a Necro to summon your corpse otherwise you will lose all your stuff (first summon corpse spell is level 39, dropped by Ishva Mal who only spawns deep in Splitpaw Lair)
    9. strict rules around gameplay
      1. most servers do not allow boxing and reported instances are promptly investigated and offenders are either given temporary or permanent bans, depending on the offence
      2. the few boxing servers have courtesy gameplay rules that if breached, are promptly investigated by server staff and offenders are promptly investigated and either given temporary or permanent bans, depending on the offence
      3. Strictly NO RMT is permitted, and this type of activity investigated regularly and is an instant ban if you participate in it whatsoever, buyers and sellers alike.
    Both game environments seem to have very healthy populations, so there is a demand for both styles of gameplay. One uses real money to experience/access content (monthly fee, RMT endorsed), while the other does not (no monthly fee, no RMT). TLP servers appeal to the aged generation of older players who have less time and more money to experience most elements of gameplay. P99 appeals to purists who want to experience the good, bad, and the ugly of classic EQ without the inhibited access to content that is naturally injected by RMT activity.

    So, pick your poison. Strict rules around boxing and RMT, or Wild West RMT driven economy with fancy improvements and enhancements. Both are fun in their own unique ways, Personally, I wish there was a middle ground that took the best of both worlds, but I feel there are logistic and economic paradoxes that prevent something like this from ever materializing.
  14. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    I can't play this game without advloot anymore, I'm ruined.
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  15. Kiaro Augur

    Golly, if only we didn't know this was going to happen, not like we have any past evidence of it happening....if only we had any idea that botters and krono farmers are rampant in classic-luclin eras on TLPs...
  16. Healiez Augur

    Come on over to rizlona, except for PoHate being on perma lockdown to sell armor loot rights (which im pretty sure very few people buy judging by how often the same item is auctioned) most "money" camps are rarely taken.

    Why camp a SSoY that sells for less than 10% of a krono...

    There are only a handful of items worth over 1k anymore. SMR, FBSS, Loam robe(which cant be camped), mith arms and legs, rubi BP... sure im missing 1 or 2... But you get the point, there just arent very many, and with how expensive krono are I am thinking that most of the krono farmers are on Aradune to feed their box team on rizlona krono for subs or RMT.
  17. Auze Neax New Member

    This was a good post, and while I play on Aradune, it mostly mirrors what you've said here. I am one of those older players who are thankful for the ease of life additions added to the TLPs. I would absolutely love to play on P99 but as you've mentioned, no time. Spending 4 hours setting up for raids or doing retrievals was fun when I had no mortgage, or care if I came into a crappy job late the next morning from lack of sleep. Today, not so much. People have wives, kids, careers.

    Something in the middle will eventually come. I feel there is certainly enough popularity to try it at some point.
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  18. Healiez Augur

    These gave me a chuckle about p99.

    EXP loss in the higher level of prog servers is enough for you to want a rez. Sure it is not nearly as crippling as on p99. but it still cost you a chunk of time to go unrezzed. Corpse summons still have their place on prog as well, Summon Corpse line is still very usefull if you know how to use it.

    The second, this gave me a good laugh. If you think boxing and RMTing doesnt happen on p99 you are delusional. Sure it is strictly enforced IF they catch you. Not to mention the devs of that particular server have been lets say accused of doing VERY lets tone it down and call them shady things

    Does P99 still announce the first to engage across the zone forcing everyone to else not with that person to back off? SO CLASSIC!!!

    I know you werent endorsing one server over the other and just pointing out some differences with as little bias as possible (even though it feels a little biased towards p99 imo) , but some of those made me raise an eyebrow.
  19. Trubles New Member

    They won't ban fully automated krono-farming groups, but they'll ban anyone who has 3+ Fire Giants on them while pulling them to their raid. :)

    It's hopeless, the botters generate revenue for them, as consumed krono is a realized gain.
  20. Thisthingon? New Member

    Would it really be that hard to give people who want that type of TLP truebox server with no krono, no tradeable currency, absolutely zero tolerance botting at the keyboard or afk and all items no drop plus you have to be in that group/zone for the kill to loot the item? I would pay $50 bucks a month for that type of server
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