Kronos farmers monopolizing camps on Aradune

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ethyre, Jul 21, 2020.

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  1. ethyre Augur

    I already reported this with evidence of the conversation.

    Wed morning 11AM eastern time, I was LFG.

    I got a tell, in very broken English inviting me to a group. I joined in the Hole and ran to UD camp. I died once on the way - he tells me its 1KR per hour and he has a full group. He asks if I am coming to his undead camp or sword camp (in broken English).

    really aggravating these asshats are taking over game content so they can amy rl money
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  2. Bullsnooze Augur

    Whats even more annoying are the 2x Necros at every single high-value camp. Its kind of pitiful really.
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  3. tofu stir fry Augur

    whats even more annoying is that people still think this is new news ..... it is what it is ,,, all the salt in the world isnt gonna get rid of em ... just choose to ignore them and the game is a lot more fun. its kinda like ignoring the loudmouth on the city bus .... put some headphones on and things get much better
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  4. ethyre Augur

    I agree with your philosophy but it's only "good on paper".

    When that loudmouth on the bus starts threatening or being abusive, they've crossed a line of ignore-them and they need to be stopped. So your analogy is good but only up to a certain point.

    In this case, these people are consuming content from real players who want to play the game - they are doing it for cash and taking content away from dedicated players. Once those dedicated players are gone, it's all over.
  5. Duality Augur

    They'll only do something about it if people quit playing because of it. Go to another server.
  6. Jaime Lannister Augur

    Couple things you're being naive about.
    1. People have been saying this since Fippy TLP back in like 2011. The "Dedicated Players" Have proven time and time again, that they aren't going anywhere. Each iteration of TLPs are just as popular, or MORE popular than the ones that came before. The "problem" you are describing has existed on every single one of them. The players keep coming back.

    2. Unfortunately, the people farming all the high end camps for krono bring a lot of money into the game, play 24/7, and subscribe multiple accounts every single month. From a companies stand point, they ARE dedicated players.

    It's not what you want it to be, it's not really want I want it to be. But that's what it is. No amount of saying people are going to quit, or threatening to quit, is going to change it. It's not going to change until it hurts them financially, and again, it doesn't hurt them financially. People aren't quitting over it, at least not enough to matter.

    If you want to DO something about it, stop spending money on the game. Don't subscribe, do not consume krono you purchased with plat, do not buy from the marketplace.
    If enough people do that, they will change whatever they can to correct the issue.

    But again. It's not going to happen, because most people are more like me. I agree that it's a thing I'd like to see go away, but I'm not willing to quit playing and spending because of it.
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  7. Tierdal Augur

    lol, try Sleeper newb
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  8. TheDohn Elder

    It's sweet when someone who hasn't played in 15 years comes back and tries to warn everyone about the evil krono farmers that have suddenly appeared.

    Or, at least, it would be sweet if it didn't happen 3-5 times a day for the first month of every new TLP launch.
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  9. CyryllisFenninRo Lorekeeper

    Honestly, I've seen some people resort to just training those necros over and over to delevel them. Half of them are bots and its so painfully obvious. You can run a train all around them but they won't FD unless they get hit. Prime example are the ones at efreeti. They bind at the camp and bring reinforcements eventually if they lose dps races or encounter other issues.
  10. Machen Augur

    Or they will go out of business. With prathun gone, I suspect it will be the latter before the former.
  11. Honkietonk Journeyman

    The necromancer farmers have been reported for months now. Nothing has been done or probably will be done.
  12. code-zero Augur

    And here we go with this stupidity again. You train and you'll catch a suspension. Train some more and you'll be banned. If they are bots or more likely a shift worker in some sweatshop gold farming outfit you aren't going to be able to make a dent in deleveling them anyway. Besides which they'll have some backup crews all primed and read to go and camped there anyway.

    DPS race is the accepted remedy for those sorts so form up a raid and camp those spots yourself. Sure they may go to another /pick but that's not really your problem is it?
  13. CyryllisFenninRo Lorekeeper

    Just saying I watched necro bots gets trained enough to lose 3 levels before they became aware and brought reinforcements...who then proceeded to die additional times . It was hilarious to watch. When you have 4 picks and these bots are at every efreeti, your options are limited and people are fed up.

    Get mad at the training, but at least those guys are at their keyboards and not cheating with automated game play.
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  14. Karango New Member

    Why don't you people that like to watch people for lengths of time just watch EQ on twitch instead of the hassle of playing it yourself?
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  15. Tayvial Journeyman

    All people say is join another server or just ignore the issue and find something else to do. No the Issue here is lack of support of GM's, DEV's or whatever they call them self just allowing this to happen and give no F**ks to their true player base. As you can see nothing has been done and its be on going for how long? its not just 1 or 2 camps its everywhere for days and days. there's not one single person going to stay awake for days on days on a single mob and the kicker here is that they don't even respond to CC, tells or anything and the funny part is watching people trying to train them and all you see is the necro's instantly FD and once the mobs clear, boom back up ready to go. now tell me what does that sound like to you? The bigger question here is when is Daybreak going to ever do something about it? or maybe its time to jump on the ban wagon and do what the other necro's are doing..
  16. RizLoaner Elder

    Not sure how long you've been away from everquest but camps have been locked down since the first set of TLPS. The same 1 or 2 groups were always at Efreeti in classic on Fippy, holding it down for weeks on end. This is nothing new or nothing illegal. Complaining that a necro can camp something is really getting old. Is this really all Aradune is about, complaining about how necro's can camp mobs effectively and avoid people training them? Seems like people are grasping at straws for their own shortcomings.
  17. Chuck Laddle New Member

    No one is complaining about 1 or 2 necros camping something legit. They are complaining that 1 person is using 12 necros AND automating them across 6 different camps.

    If anything, the 2 box rule helps these botters. No legit 2 box will compete with the DPS of 2 necros, so it takes more than 1 person to do anything. And they can spread 12 toons across 6 camps whereas on previous servers they probably needed to place 4 to 6 characters at each freeti camp. So you and your buddy goes and takes one of his camp. Grats 2 people just took 1 of his 6 camps that he is putting very little effort into since it's automatic anyways.

    Only daybreak can solve the problem. The people can only do so much. Does daybreak want real people playing or bots. That's up to them.
  18. RizLoaner Elder

    Not sure how these EQInvestagor types are coming to the conclusion that these people are bots. Sounds to me like they are players that FD when the people posting here go to train them. Classic does bring out the "I'm entitled to everything I want without any effort getting it" crowd. I don't see anything wrong with necros camping mobs, they do more dps than you and win a dps race, that's the rules. If you don't like the rules then you come to the forum to complain. It's the same on every TLP, people thinking because they pay for a gold sub they're more important not even realizing that 99% of the folks on live servers have a gold sub too and don't come to the forums to complain every single day.
  19. yerm Augur

    Back in the day, people monopolizing and typically RMTing the loot from the top camps just got away with it because of a play nice policy which very heavily favored professional/fulltime farming operations. On today's TLP servers you have the option of actually DPS racing these camp hogs and getting a share of the loot!
  20. Sikkun Augur

    The game has design problems that encourages a high RMT market that was fully establish on eBay by 2000. Nothing is new, they came up with 0 solutions to stop it in 20 years. They came up with a couple solutions to profit from it as a company though.

    The real feasible solutions require a change in game design....which is what the entire MMO market did. And even then you have people RMTing in WoW right now with fully instanced content that can’t be blocked by anyone.
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