Krono trades and e-mail verification broken so here I am

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by FrozenWater, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. FrozenWater Augur

    About 10 minutes ago I tried to trade a krono for some plat. The trade took a long time but finally failed. From my log:

    [Tue Apr 27 09:25:30 2021] Your krono trade with <REDACTED> was unsuccesful. The items and money that you included in the trade have been returned to you. Please try again later.
    [Tue Apr 27 09:25:38 2021] The Krono items in your inventory have been modified!
    The krono did not re-appear in my inventory (or cursor, or anywhere else). And just to be clear, the platinum didn't either.

    Le sigh.

    So now I have to deal with the petition system. Fine. I load up /petition (which redirects to a web page). The system tells me I need to verify my e-mail address. Also fine, except that system is broken too. Upon clicking the link that was e-mailed to my GMail address:

    We apologize, but there has been an error verifying your e-mail address.
    So instead of being able to have a conversation with someone about the issue I have to post a public thread in a bug report forum asking for support ... ???

    Daybreak please, get your life sorted out. And please tell me how I can possibly get this issue resolved in light of your e-mail verification system being broken.
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