Krono for sale on time locked server????

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by LongFellow, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Skuz Augur

    Have you waited 21 years to post this comment, or do you rebel against code being developed with every single patch?
  2. Kronotowin Elder

    Yes every TLP is ruined at release thanks to rolling Kronos. DB would make more limiting TLP Kronos to each server but they'd rather reward the hardcore players while bleeding casuals dry.
  3. Kobra Augur

    I don't understand the hatred towards krono. Like most adult EQ players I assume we are all millionaires with super model wives and 12 inches unbuffed.

    If you are such a typical EQ player then you should be happy these sweaty nerds are farming kronos for you. Lets be modest and say us average EQ player only makes 100 dollars per hour (trying to be conservative here). Then that is your opportunity cost for trying to farm in EQ. You are much better off spending your time making your clearly large hourly wage and letting the comparative losers farm your krono so you can spend your time doing other things.

    I am really surprised at the lack of economic acumen by the clearly successful average EQ player. You should be happy you don't have to spend all day doing a relatively worthless task (farming in EQ).
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  4. Skuz Augur


    Your logic circuit has failed you right here, being able to take Krono from one server to another helps both hardcore & casuals alike there is not a difference of benefit going to happen.

    Hardcores/deep pockets will happily blow a ton of cash on Krono regardless of whether the krono are server-locked or not in that scenario you would end up hurting casuals or players without lots of real world cash the most since their smaller number of Kronos can't travel with them when they swap servers for the weekends or whatever.

    I'm not quite sure what you're trying to rail against here but this is not going to work the way that you think it might & has a very strong chance it would actually end up backfiring against you.

    All you would do is impact the number of players showing up early on for TLP negatively & this would reduce the amount of time the server was active for, yes it would probably reduce the queues some but it will also mean the server population would decline faster.
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  5. Mercanyin Elder

    I am a casual and I have not been bled dry.
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  6. CokaSZ Elder

    I remember EverQuest in 1999, there was a lot less salt.
  7. Accipiter Augur

    Uh huh.
  8. Password1234 Augur

    When I played in-era I was in high school, but when I log in to a TLP now I've graduated from college? Checkmate, libs.

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