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  1. Aghinem Augur

    Hi there -

    If you already have a username/password and your toon is not in guild, just fill out the 'return application' - which is a very short version of the main application. If its a user/pass you no longer have access to, just recreate a new acct and do the app process as suggested.
  2. Ainae New Member

    Hello Knights
    As one off those on/off players I feel the eq itch again and I'm contemplating my options for a return. a) Create a level 1 toon of a class I never played before and learn it. Is there any low level grouping going on in your guild and on fv in general ? b) Create a heroic character that I'm somewhat familiar with. (Leaning towards enc). How is the grouping situation in this level range ?
  3. Aghinem Augur

    Hi there and welcome back to the game. Grouping essentially is a game-issue, not a server or guild issue. For me to give you an accurate assessment as to the availability of groups between lvl 85-90 versus lvl 100-105 is a bit impossible, because there are too many factors at play; for example - people tend to progress and level at different paces. I'm not going to lie to you and say what you want to hear for the sake of acquiring a new member. However, I will tell you that if you are LFG in guild - officers will check over the roster to see if there are anyone within your level range that may have a group going so you can be invited.
  4. Banthin New Member

    Hello there, I'm a returning player looking for a guild to call home. I left when the level cap was 65, so that's where I'm at. I'm spending time getting used to the changes right now, but have a few heroic characters in reserve. My characters are on another server but I'm willing to move them over gradually. My interest is in playing a cleric, as I only ever got to about 50 on one and never raided with him. I like the idea of not being pressured to level but having a good group of folks willing to group and adventure with. I will be rolling a new character to two on the server to pass the time until my account allows server transfers again and would like to have a short chat in game if we could.

    I couldn't find a specific forum on your site to post an app, do I need to register to see it?

    Banthin of E'ci
  5. Aghinem Augur

    UPDATE 04/24/17

    Guild Growth Report 04/24/2017:

    Average Online Count: 85-100
    Max Players Online Saturday, April 22nd @ 8pm CST: 112
    Current Membership Count: 2295 (post roster cleanup)

    The Knights of Infinity

    The mission of this guild is to provide a home for people seeking a friendly, social atmosphere that welcomes all individuals regardless of their level, AA count, class, or race. The Knights of Infinity prides itself with our ability to help others without thought of reward or condition. As many will agree, EverQuest throughout the years has become less player friendly and full of elitists. In other words, if you are not the best of the best - you don't have a place to go. The Knights of Infinity seeks to break this callous trend and bring the meaning of fellowship back to the word "Guild", hence the name of our guild. Knight by definition is a honorable military rank bound by chivalrous conduct. Infinity by definition is a quality or state of being infinite. This is who we are and what we are; nothing more and nothing less. This simple philosophy that attracts like minded people has led us to becoming the largest guild of Firiona Vie.


    We are one of the strongest grouping guilds on Firiona Vie. With an average of 85-100 players online throughout the day, night, early morning and very minimal boxing - we pride ourselves being able to offer groups to all level ranges. With our grouping management system, we are able to find a group for a person LFG 70-80% of the time - even for those not in our guild.


    Group missions are a great part of the game and our team has put in countless hours through the last several expansions to unlock many missions doing partisan quests to promote grouping events:
    • All of Underfoot
    • All House of Thule Missions
    • All Veils of Alaris except the end game mission in Sepulcher of Order
    • All of Rain of Fear
    • All of Call of the Forsaken
    • All of The Darkened Sea
    • All of The Broken Mirror
    • All of The Empires of Kunark

    As Firiona Vie's third established raiding guild, we do non-mandatory events on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 7:30pm CDT. We target older raids on Wednesday evenings for fun such as RoF and CoTF, Friday and Saturday evenings are reserved for TBM & EoK events. We use a very generous DKP award system for loots with a fully function DKP website that you can visit here. Below is a video of one of our recent encounters in TBM. Enjoy!

    Classes We Seek for Raids

    While we will gladly consider any class being we are non-discrimatory and extremely dynamic, the few classes we are have been internally building and recruiting are:
    • Bards
    • Enchanters
    • Warriors
    • Wizards
    • Clerics
    Our Eastern Hemisphere Buddies

    We have developed a great roster of people from the UK, Denmark, and all the way to Australia. Our goal is to have a solid roster of Knights from all over the world that can share good times and great stories at all hours of the day.

    For More Information

    You can check out our guild charter on our website - or login to the Firiona Vie server and speak to any member of our team regarding our goals and policies.

    In Closing

    I thank everyone for taking the time to read this guild advertisement and update post. The Knights of Infinity are a humble people with strong values in building friendships and sharing the common interest of having a great time. We are large in numbers and in heart, most importantly - whatever we do - we make it count!!! We look forward to people inquiring about joining our ranks!

    If you are interested in being recruited immediately, please click here to register and then fill out our application.