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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Derpinator, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Derpinator New Member

    Knightmare is currently filling our ranks, all classes and levels are welcome.

    Knightmare is a casual european raiding guild with room for everyone who will live by our code. We are a mature guild and try to follow a play nice policy.

    We currently raid Tuesday/Thursday at 20.30 - 23.30 CET, and Sunday 19.00 - 23.00 CET.

    We have 2 types of members. Our Social members who can join at any level/class, and our raid team which have changing requirements depending on current situation.

    At the moment we are recruiting members for our raiding team, please find more details on our website on which classes are currently open.

  2. Derpinator New Member

  3. Baalfeus New Member

    Currently Recruiting all Classes. We have a stable raid-force and raiding 3 times a week. Started VP today and got Silverwing and Phara Dar down. Was tough with only 25 members keyed.

    Will get better, if you want to help and are on European time, give us a try:) Link and stuff above, just bumping it:)

    Else also Recruiting People that just want to have fun and don't care About Raids, feel free to join our social ranks and get some Guild-Groups just for a nice time.
  4. Baalfeus New Member

    Almost full raid today, like 65 Knightmarers. We still Recruiting all, having Groups all over the Levels with alts, Friends and Family and other new members, just join us for grouping or Advance to Raiders rank with us. We'll be doing VP on sundays, if you don't have key yet, join us on other Raids like Fear, Hate, VS, Trak,...https://knightmare-eu.enjin.com/

    Raid Times is Sunday 7pm CET, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm CET
  5. Bjern New Member


    I'm a returning player based in the UK. I've not played in a long time, so currently think it would be unreasonable for to be looking for a raiding guild, but I do want to raid once I'm ready. I won't want to change guilds or find a new one once I'm ready to raid, so hoping to join as a casual member for now. Is that possible in your guild?

    I'm hoping to find some helpful people to give me advice. I'm all access.

    I haven't even created my character yet so if there's a need for a specific class in your raid let me know.
  6. Baalfeus New Member

    Hi Bjern. Yes, that is definately possible. We have a number of Players that don't raid and just enjoy Guild Groups. If raid is not full, we also accept normal members of FnF-players to join us on Raids if they meet the requirements (currently have to be 55+). So feel free to apply or contact our members/officers in game if you have Question.
  7. Bjern New Member

    Hi Baalfeus,

    I've started a warrior. I've never played a warrior in EQ before, so I'm looking forward to a new experience. I hope that proves useful at least in guild groups.

    So - how do I apply?
  8. Bjern New Member

    OK - I applied!

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