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  1. Kyra_Succubus Journeyman

  2. nantalbus Elder

    think someone posted up thread but think the launcher is done by a different team then the team that dose eq. its been said before by the dervs on the boards. that the team we talk to on the boards for fixes and changes is not the same team that dose all the coding for the game.

    So if the launchpad is run by a different team its going depend on how much control the eq team has over them. cause 10-1 odds that ever daybreak game such as eq1/2 and such all have the same launchpad just a different skin on it. They just made a change to it that made it unusable on older systems. So if the eq dervs we deal with can't get them to change it, then its over.
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  3. toodlem Elder

    I hope you are not referring to me... I am forever grateful that you posted a workaround. I am an "ole lady" not a guy. Hoping you were referring to pissedoffcustomer.
  4. Ckal New Member

    It's probably already been stated at some point, but you can manually move all the files needed if you have another system that is running EQ just fine.

    I'm not at the the correct computer atm, but if you look at the (working copy) EQ folder, there is a file called downloadinfo.txt or something similar to that (I *think* it's under the Resources folder). Scroll wayyy down to the bottom, and the exact files to copy are from 4/21/17 and beyond will show there as "patched files". From there it's just cut and paste. Just for security, I would back up the original EQ folder somewhere just in case for (reasons).

    I did mine yesterday morning and the XP box runs like a charm. Good luck!

    Edit: After updating, you need to bypass the patcher every time you log in using the directions here:
  5. Dragoneysx New Member

    Well guys its been a great run but like ALOT of others I can not run it anymore,Im not upgrading im not buying something else to play you're game im simply moving on.
  6. Acen Elder

    I love that people are taking my car analogy and running with it.

    But really, I know they said they are working on it. However, you guys who are pro windows 10 (which I am on) and keep downing anyone who thinks it should support XP seem to be forgetting the fact that people are PAYING them. If it was free sure, follow the ridiculous idea that an old game should not support old systems. Back to the car puns, lets keep this game running.
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  7. Xelera New Member

    Thanks Kyra, but I already downloaded the files from that link. After their downtime this week, even bypassing the patcher does not work, so I assume new files were implemented. Also, that link, now redirects to the homepage for, and not the file contained in the link (so maybe someone took the files down, or since i downloaded them once, it sees that and redirects, not sure which).
  8. Xelera New Member

    So Acen, it's like cash for clunkers then? Get a shiny new car, and turn in your old clunker, even if it still runs, and then dump liquid glass in the engine to make sure the perfectly running clunker never gets sold/used again... wasn't a good idea back then either. ;)
  9. Ckal New Member


    There were 2 patches during the last 7 days. The first involved the following (taken from downloadinfo.txt):

    **** Starting at Fri Apr 21 02:02:02 2017 with plug-in ****
    098c-00:00:05:Checking game installation...
    098c-00:00:06:Found 39 file(s) to update.
    1654-00:00:07:Replacing Resources/moddat.ini
    06ec-00:00:07:Creating Resources/Achievements/AchievementAssociationsClient.txt
    1090-00:00:07:Creating sounds/sfx_lavaflow_lp.wav
    11a0-00:00:07:Replacing sounds/sfx_magic_drone_lp.wav
    1024-00:00:07:Replacing environmentemittersnew.edd
    1654-00:00:07:Replacing Resources/OnDemandResources.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:Creating Resources/Achievements/AchievementCategories.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:Creating Resources/Achievements/AchievementCategoryAssociationsClient.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:Creating Resources/Achievements/AchievementComponentsClient.txt
    1024-00:00:07:patching eqgame.exe
    1654-00:00:07:Replacing Resources/requirements.txt
    1654-00:00:07:Replacing Resources/SpellStackingGroups.txt
    1654-00:00:07:Creating sounds/sfx_flying_insects_lp.wav
    06ec-00:00:07:Creating Resources/Achievements/AchievementsClient.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:Replacing Resources/actortaginfo.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:patching EQGraphicsDX9.dll
    1654-00:00:07:patching furniture34.eqg
    1090-00:00:07:Creating sounds/sfx_lite_torch.wav
    06ec-00:00:07:patching eqmain.dll
    06ec-00:00:07:Replacing eqlsnews.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:Replacing eqnews.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:Replacing eqstr_us.txt
    1090-00:00:07:Creating sounds/sfx_magic_disc.wav
    1654-00:00:07:patching OptionsEditor.exe
    1654-00:00:07:Replacing racedata.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:patching frontiermtnsb.eqg
    1654-00:00:07:Creating sas.eqg
    1024-00:00:07:patching spells_us.txt
    11a0-00:00:07:Replacing uifiles/default/
    1090-00:00:07:Creating sounds/sfx_magic_lowdrone_lp.wav
    11a0-00:00:07:Replacing uifiles/default/
    11a0-00:00:07:Replacing uifiles/default/
    11a0-00:00:07:patching dbstr_us.txt
    06ec-00:00:07:Replacing spellsnew.edd
    11a0-00:00:07:patching velious_chain_dam.eqg
    06ec-00:00:07:Replacing spellsnew.eff
    06ec-00:00:07:patching velious_cloth_daf.eqg
    11a0-00:00:08:Replacing velious_plate_daf.eqg
    06ec-00:00:08:patching velious_leather_daf.eqg
    Finished downloading 12,558,169 bytes in 1.751 seconds (7,171,998 bytes per second)
    Saved 34,531,031 bytes with delta patches

    The second involved the following:

    **** Starting at Wed Apr 26 09:28:54 2017 with plug-in ****
    0f6c-00:00:04:Checking game installation...
    0f6c-00:00:05:Found 4 file(s) to update.
    1064-00:00:05:patching eqgame.exe
    104c-00:00:05:patching EQGraphicsDX9.dll
    104c-00:00:05:patching eqmain.dll
    104c-00:00:05:patching OptionsEditor.exe
    Finished downloading 615,258 bytes in 0.508 seconds (1,211,137 bytes per second)
    Saved 4,220,945 bytes with delta patches

    If you didn't patch the second set of 4 files (4/26/17), it won't run, even if you bypass the patcher.
  10. Ghubuk Augur

    Your post would have more impact if you had used your main account to post this and not an account that was created today.
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  11. Reht The Dude abides...

    It is a free to play game and has been for quite some time. You can't assume that everyone is paying them....
  12. Acen Elder

    Say my 5 yr old car breaks down and I take it in to a mechanic. How long is he going to stay in business if he says we can’t repair it because its a little older? You have to go buy a new car so we can work on it son.
  13. nantalbus Elder

    you gota remember software ages different the cars lol. comparing xp to a 5 year old car is wrong. it more like comparing xp to a 20+ year old car.

    grandparents just had to replace their old car not because it didn't run good but because it gotten to the point where you couldn't get parts easy for it.

    that what going on here. xp/vista are like cars that are so old you have a really hard time getting parts for them because they don't make anything now a days that work with them.

    A mechanic will go out of business fast if he won't work on a car he can get the parts for. But hes not if you bring in a car that is so old he can't get parts for unless you bring in the parts, and he has someone working for him that knows how to fix cars that old.
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  14. Acen Elder

    Yes yes more care analogies.
  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Say the last time you were at your mechanic he said they don't make a certain part anymore. You go to him a few years later for that part and he says sorry it is time to get a new car. How is he going to stay in business if he has to hand fabricate parts just for you but he can't charge you anything extra for the part other then what it used to sell for when it was made?
  16. Scila Augur

    For the sake of a giggle ... did you all go this hair on fire feet stuck in the ground when things went digital in the cable etc world and your old method didn't work w/o a change? And some of those were free as well .........
  17. Reht The Dude abides...

    Yes because i actually had to start paying for cable again....of course i knew it wouldn't last forever and enjoyed it while it lasted.
  18. nantalbus Elder

    as i said a few times this is the same crap that happened when they dropped windows 95/98/ME each and ever time people came to the boards and complained and crap. It happened then it happen again when windows 7 and 8 get cut off as well.
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  19. Aghinem Augur

    This actually applied to the 2.7 liter engines for the Dodge Intrepid - faulty engines, and you can't find them hardly anywhere.
  20. Bigfan Augur!BvB0kDqA!l33RIJDvWu3evBNsuALmzFiZTR1SikK2SsYxYItoAOM

    Also in sig...

    This is a cumulative patch, 1 and 2 combined...

    Also hey Radex or whatever devs care..Could we get either a sticky with your own gathered patch files or these listed in thread? Looks like some users don't wanna dig through 12 pages looking for 4 posts containing kadev or my patch files.
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