Kerafyrm (aka the Sleeper) Lore

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    You mention these are all facts put out by SOE just want to point out the some what obvious there is no SOE in the land of Norrath in game and in character rumors or lies could have been passed down by the main source of the info aka the NPC's.

    if this came from a dragon of ring of scale or a dark elf I wouldnt trust it much as the dragons make up facts to protect their kin and their realms and the dark elves would rathr tell a lie to figure out the true secrets of the sleeper on their own for great rewards.

    Course thats only 2 examples of why some lore my not be reliable. which is why im not so mad about some of it being redone .
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    this is an out of character message board, hehe
    unless, of course, your referring to the gm's as npc's......
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    Cant find the thread discussing weather or not Vox & Naggy where the Sleepers parents, any way found text showing they deffinatly are not off the EQ2 Lore.

    "Kerafyrm is not the child of Nagafen and Vox. The Sleeper was born in the distant past. Vox and Naggy were placed in their respective prisons by the Ring of Scale because the two dragons wanted to mate, and the Ring feared the birth of another prismatic.Given the massive destruction during the Age of Cataclysms, one might imagine that those prisons are not as secure as they once were. And if that's true, certain parties might not be too happy about it, and would decide to take action.Sounds like an interesting story to investigate. That is, if the dragons feel like talking about it."

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