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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Pistols4Pandas, Feb 10, 2018.

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  2. Pistols4Pandas Elder

  3. Tarvas Augur

    That is horrid. ;)
  4. Wizlard Augur

    Frank, Steven, and Thomas are the real heroes here.
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    Not understanding the point of this. Three magicians can kill trash in Overthere? Breaking news at 11?
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  6. Pistols4Pandas Elder

    Sorry you didn't enjoy it, Grumpy.

    Just wanted to show how much fun I'm having with my Mage team.

    I shall refrain from posting anything but me soloing Talendor with 1 hand behind my back to be sure Cicelee is satisfied.
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  7. Tucoh Augur

    Looks good! Check out I S boxer to kick off your other mages more quickly and easily and consider using keyboard shortcuts to ditch the clicking of malo / spear/chaotic.
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  8. Pistols4Pandas Elder

    I'm using Hotkeyed socials for everything but Malo, and for a finishing nuke or two if the mob us just shy of dead.

    What is the benefit of [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software], is it just to avoid clicking to each window before hitting your hotkey?

    Right now I'm clicking 6 keys on a typical pull. 8 if you count Malo on pull & clicking / pet attack.

    I use ( R ), ( R ), ( 5 ) with 5 being the hotkey for xtar1/pet attack/Force/Firebound Alliance/servant. And ( R ) being a /xtar1/pet attack/Force/Servant/Nuke. With the 2 nukes at the end checking off 2 of the 8 required required DDs for alliance proc.

    Then I follow up with ( T ), ( T ), ( T ) , which is Nuke/Nuke/Nuke/ Orb Nuke / Force ( just as it refreshes ). These are the other 6 nukes required for Alliance to proc.

    What Id like to do is Add another Orb click in right at the beginning of the fight ( just before Force ) So I can use it twice per fight as I do Force. But I'm not sure how to make this practical since I'm limited to 10 command lines by my current 6 Hotkey setup. you think I can somehow use IS boxer to achieve this without the need to Add another 3 hotkey strikes per fight?

    Appreciate your post Tuc.
  9. Bobbybick Augur

    I think you might be missing a few UI elements.
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  10. Tucoh Augur

    It has a lot of other benefits including positioning/managing EQ instances, but yes, it's largely to avoid clicking each window. You could click one button and it'd send it to your two backup mages to start their macro's.
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  11. Pistols4Pandas Elder

    That would certainly help, I read your post on Tucohs setup it's really interesting and your DPS numbers are great, didn't know a warrior could do those sorts of numbers, shm / bard adps makes this possible? I'll def try the boxer program since your results don't lie, specifically automatically firing AAs and burns in cool down would make a big difference for me I think, great post will continue to follow.
  12. shiftie Augur

    When I boxed I changed all the colors of the windows to red/green/ blue etc per toon and then alt tabbed back and forth. Easy to differentiate which toon was which by the UI color. That mouse clicking with tiled windows is really inefficient and seriously cluttered.
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  13. Tucoh Augur

    Yes, the brd/sha (and bst, ber, rng) enables good warrior DPS. Warriors are more dependent on ADPS to get good numbers than any other class, because almost all their DPS is from auto-attack which is modified by nearly all melee ADPS buffs.
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  14. eqzekisdead Elder

    Will they ever make improvements to the EQ UI?

    This hurts to watch.
  15. Cicelee Augur

    I don't think you get it. Magicians over the course of the game have been one of the most nerfed classes in the game. There are a lot of false perceptions out there for the class, and we would prefer not to continue to be lessened because people are posting videos, or posting that they did ABC when no one else is capable of.

    So when I see a random video of three magicians killing trash in an entry level T1 zone, with no context or reasoning behind it (which you alluded to after my initial post), then yeah I along with others will question.

    But since you said you posted the video to be proud of your accomplishments, then sure. We are proud of you! Except for that incredibly amazing-not-in-a-good-way UI :p
  16. kizant Augur

    The be fair, the main reason Mages have been nerfed a lot is that they're consistently OP and need to be nerfed.
  17. Cicelee Augur

    Because people believe magicians can tank and handle 8 current content mobs at once with a healer merc.

    Just cause the masses believe the perception doesn't make it true...
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  18. Wizlard Augur

    Guy shows video of mage things that he enjoyed making. Folks on forums get mad. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.
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  19. fransisco Augur

    exactly. The mage nerfs the last few years have come when other classes where FAR more OP than mages (And those classes tended to be the ones asking for the mage nerfs).
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  20. Bobsmith Augur

    More like 10 right... :p

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