Just going to say it, you are killing the game.

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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    Tunare has one of these lowest populations of all servers.. that open raid system gutted alot of those guilds long ago.. and some of us moved off that server before things got to the point they are at now.

    I feel bad for my home server Tunare. But just like Spinecrak used to say all the time .. that open alliance raid system was baad joojoo.. and seeing the state of the raiding on that server.. he appears right.
  2. Mintalie Augur

    If the people running Xegony opens came to BB and ran them, they'd beat PoF too. Just saying.
  3. Funk Augur

    I think public was good there, it started on E'Ci before first merge then Infinit was formed and continued with that public format. Grey Horizon started when Sarkus left public to form it. And there was Talisman, GH, and Infinit from what I remember.

    I think that second merge is what really shook things up. Caused Talisman to merge with Lunacy Unbound, bunch left for Diligence, Grey Horizon started to struggle a bit. Diligence faded and Lunacy made a comeback. Infinit and public has held on through all that.
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  4. Horyuken Augur

    Bring back Divine Crusade, Pia Fidelis, and Crynosure on Tunare! It was a legit server back in it's prime!
  5. Whulfgar Augur

    Are both Infinit and public clearing new content ?

    Or do we have different idea's of what holding on threw it all is bro ?
  6. Natal Augur

    Hard raids are fine. The problem is the devs sticking to the 54 man format in an era when most guilds other than one or two can't sustain those numbers.

    Raiding guilds would be more numerous if we were in 36 man mode, because it is a lot easier to raise those sorts of numbers than 54. Basically as raid size increases it becomes exponentially more difficult to raise the numbers needed to realistically beat them. If we had 72 man raids like in the old days I doubt that most servers would have more than one raiding guild, if even that.

    The other big issue is the reliance of modern raids on timed dps checks in the form of spawns or power up modes, which makes having full or almost full raids pretty much a requirement in most current content, so you can't consistently slug it out with skill if your numbers are lower. Bring X dps or get overrun/powered up. A lot of these raids could be made more practical for more people if they got rid of the power up mechanic and adjusted add timers to be proportional to the number of people actually in the raid. Then you would not have these artificial barriers penalizing guilds that can't field full raids.
  7. Whulfgar Augur

    What guild are you in that you cant reliably field a full raid force ?
  8. Cicelee Augur

    Maybe the PST/Hawaiian guild that raids every Friday and Saturday night that would rather merge servers than hardcore recruit...
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  9. Funk Augur

    I haven't been over there in quite a while, so not sure who's clearing what right now. With all that left the server and declining numbers who knows.

    I kinda meant after two server merges and guilds also merging and folding they lasted through all that.
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  10. Raynrace Augur

    If you look at the number of guilds that beat seeds of destruction vs the number of guilds that beat underfoot I think the answer is pretty simple.

    Its time to make hard mode 36 man raids a reality again. If you use more than that you get lesser gear.

    The top 15 guilds might have to restructure but at this point in the game with low numbers everywhere almost is it such a bad thing?

    I think it would bring a lot of new guilds to the fold and probably return a lot of people to the game.

    Everyone can say they dont want pushover raids but the reality is when its on the hard side the game hurts as a community.

    With hard mode 36, you get the best of both worlds imho. The elite guilds will make the change to 36 and the lower end guilds can do the 54 man version with 37 to 54 and its a win win.

    Times change, 54 people to field a raid is too many.
  11. Waldagar Augur

    Infinit/Public has not beaten any TBL/GMM raids yet. They are farming Crypt Robbers to get people flagged for VP raids.
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  12. Funk Augur

    So is it just Lunacy Unbound in TBL on the server?
  13. Leigo You come here often?

    You know what's not dying? This thread!
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  14. Whulfgar Augur

    This does not make sense.

    54 people raiding content is harder to control 54 people then it is with 36 people..

    If anything I'd guess I would support ..

    T1 grp gear - one gear set not multiples there of.

    T2 grp gear - one gear set not multiples there of.

    36 man raid gear - one gear set not multiples there of. (this gear set could literally take the place of TS gear sets as they run right now.)

    54 man raid gear - one gear set not multiples there of.

    You don't punish a higher # of people coming together .. just because "some" guilds cant field that same number of people those other guilds can.

    You make it so that there is another step up FOR .. those guilds who can't field the 54 man roster by allowing them the 36 man roster thus its still raid gear.

    Sure its not best in slot, because they are not MAXIMIZING their raid force via the 54 man raid setup. However they ARE raiding an thus enabling themselves to get raid gear that ultimately will help them in the long run.
  15. Waldagar Augur

    Unless you count killing Fire raid trash for Type 19 augs. Infinit/Public has come close to beating the Fire raid. I am not aware of any raiding guilds on Tunare outside of LU actively raiding TBL.
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  16. Funk Augur

    They could do something like a merge, but call it a consolidation. Where the absolute dead servers are given free transfers off before it shuts down. Then players could go to a server they choose rather than a forced merge. And multiple other servers would get small influxes of new players moving there.
  17. Metapsyche Augur

    Seriously, we’re sugar coating it. I am an EXTREMELY casual player. I play once or twice a week for a couple hours a night. I’m a raider in a “hardcore” guild and beat meratas pre nerf. Casual players are fine additions to a raid force. The real issue is not casual vs. hardcore, it’s competence vs incompetence. The ability to follow directions is not a “hardcore” trait. The ability to make an appointment, be at that appointment, and pay attention during that appointment is not a “hardcore” trait. Everquest is 20 years old and we have an incredibly knowledgeable player base that is honestly fantastic with sharing information. I’ve only been playing my class for two years, a quick message on the forums to an expert and I’ve learned something new to integrate into my play style.... all of this accomplished while casually logging in to raid 1 or 2 nights a week.

    Can we admit that being a casual player isn’t why you can’t raid? You might just be incompetent and or lazy.
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  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Considering the last time we had a 36 person raid it was just the 54 person raid with a lower cap on the amount let in I am not sure what this would accomplish. If guilds are not able to beat the raid with 54 they won't be able to beat it with 36 either. If you are thinking that they could tune the raid for lower numbers I would ask how many raids would you expect to be cut due to the extra work tuning the 36 person raids?
  19. Whulfgar Augur

    The Train of thought is that any guild who can't put forth 54 person raid team's, then doing a 36 person raid system for those with lessor gear then those who CAN field 54 people raid team's STILL allow's them to accomplish raid's.

    As I've already said. 54 man raid teams are HARDER to coOrdinate then any 36 man raid team would ever hope to be. So they there for SHOULD have better gear just automatically.

    None. Not 1 single raid should be cut..

    Simply do as they did before. Instead of Easy, Normal , Hard modes.. same raid 2 choices .. 36 members or 54 members. Again gear dependent upon those 2 choices.
  20. shimmerman New Member

    this is really disappointing,
    Ive played eq1 up until the last 2 expansions as i came back to being so behind the curve, no one would help me catch up to now seeing TBL being the same.....
    if DB is wanting returning players this is not the way to do it...guess ill go away from live again..