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  1. Kolaisa Elder

    I keep seeing people talking about silver and gold accounts, is this something from way back or for international? The only option Ive ever seen is all access or nothing, nothing in between.
  2. quakedragon Augur

    I bought the Titanium Pack, so my account is Titanium.

    I believe it's some reward for those that played a long long time ago.

    An old timer returning may get special accounts, I don't think its possible anymore.
  3. Kolaisa Elder

    There is no titanium account status, you bought a titanium collector's edition, that's all it is, and special edition of that package.
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  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    When they introduced F2P, we had silver and gold accounts. Gold went on to become all access, silver is no longer available I think, unless you already had it. Silver used to cost 5 dollars but gave a fraction of the benefits.
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  5. Kolaisa Elder

    Ok, so it just people talking about long standing levels, ty.
  6. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    When free to play was introduced, accounts that were paid subscriptions were considered Gold. They added a step up tier from free to play called Silver, where either you paid $5 -or- the account had been a paid/gold account at one time and would revert to Silver instead of free to play when not paid.

    When your subscription gave you access to all the games (or at least most) in the SoE realm, they changed Gold to All Access.

    Eventually they stopped letting you purchase Silver access for an account, but you can still get Silver status for an account if it is old enough and you stop paying ... or possibly if you use a krono on the account for membership and the account is flagged properly (it's definitely not advertised, but some folks including myself have had it work for them on accounts that were created well after Silver purchases left).
  7. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    Gold access is what is now called All access.
    a while ago, when they first came out with the FTP model, they included a silver level for people who had been gold, but wanted to continue playing as FTP. So you could stop paying and continue to play FTP. You got to keep some of your characters, but not all, I think the limit was 6 instead of the 2 for FTP or the up to 14 of Gold.
    There was also a limiting factor on the loyalty tokens, how many you could save up, and the rate at which you earned them. FTP earns the slowest, and had the lowest threshold for the amount you could save. Silver earned them faster, and had a mid range threshold, while gold earned the fastest and had the highest threshold.
    I quit playing just as HOT went live, and came back to the game right before TDS went live. My accounts were silver. I want to say I remember also missing bag slots.. but it's been 8 years almost, and.. I can't quite remember.. I think extra bags were in my /itemoverflow. I do remember being massively annoyed to not have my rogue available since her name started with a Z.. and I payed my subscription within days and have been gold/All access ever since.

    It has nothing to do with which level of an expansion you buy, just whether you pay to play , used to pay to play, or are FTP.
  8. Kolaisa Elder

    I know the level of the expac you buy has nothing to do with membership level, I was quoting quakedragon who thinks his account is titanium level membership.
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  9. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    We actually used to have Gold/Silver and Bronze.

    Silver is now what old pre 2014 accounts are called that come back. They have better than F2P benefits but are still free. Main one being access to general chat. That is why everyone always says to get your old account back if at all possible.

    Bronze is now F2P

    Gold is the same as All Access - Gold is shorter to type out.

    No comment if Silver is still available. You would need to do the research (google) that one.;)

    edit opps others posted pretty much the same thing in the time I was typing this out and I do not have a delete button for forums like others
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  10. Kolaisa Elder

    I wonder why my account from Ldon days has only ever been all access or f2p. Maybe I quit to early :confused:
  11. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    ah.. from previous posts of his, I have him on ignore. =)
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  12. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    When servers are up, what color does it show for your Account Status above your list of characters at sign in? On the screen that shows you can return home or go back to tutorial or make new character and it will show your character count in small print also.

    All Access will be Gold colored and say "GOLD"
    Silver will be Silver colored and say "SILVER"
    And F2P is Green which is really the old bronze that turned green due to time and no one polishing it. And it will say FREE

    Also a lot of accounts when they returned and were morphed into Silver status actually had their home city changed to Cresent Reach. Had to do a special command to get your real city back. So check and see where your Origin takes you
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  13. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

  14. Captain Video Augur

    Silver accounts get more free character slots than basic F2P (4 vs. 2), more free AAs (1000 vs. 250), and can use higher-level mercs (A5 vs. A2). There used to be some differences in loyalty point accrual, but I'm not sure those exist anymore. (EDIT: Fanra's excellent list is more comprehensive.) Your account would be flagged as Silver if you had either (a) previously subscribed at some point, (b) spent $5 or more on anything in the Marketplace, or (c) bought a Silver unlock for $5 on the Marketplace if you couldn't find anything else you wanted. In theory, Silver status can no longer be unlocked; those who have it are all grandfathered in. RHI that Krono use can unlock Silver as an undocumented side effect, but I have never personally tried this and don't directly know any other player who has.

    It is possible that some long-dormant accounts were not correctly flagged as Silver when F2P first arrived. For that I would recommend opening a ticket, but I have no idea what they would say now.
  15. Kolaisa Elder

    All access account and goes to original city. Fairly positive it doesnt show gold or silver.
  16. Numiko Augur

    I remember at one time silver accounts were limited in what classes and races they could use too, but that's long gone of course.
  17. Alnitak Augur

    Gold account applicably to EQ means "paid account", i.e. you have an active subscription or used Krono.
    Silver account applicably to EQ means - you have paid for your account in the past, but currently are not paying, subscription was canceled or Krono useage expired.
    F2P (Free to play) means exactly that - this account is played for free and never was paid.

    Here is the summary of the difference:
    Gold Account (All Access, but I never play anything but EQ)
    - no specific limit on earned and spent AA (except intrinsic class / level limitations)
    - can use and wear items marked as Prestige
    - can use Rk2 and Rk3 spells
    - can have 8 character per server
    - get 10% discount at DPG store (both DPC and RL currency purchases)
    - can use Journeyman rank 5 mercenaries after they in-game qualify.
    - earn loyalty crowns at accelerated rate and have higher accumulation limit (5K+ or something like that)
    - gets Auto-Grant feature, which basically gives AA's for free up-to some level (currently, all AA's up to TBM expansion, except tradeskill AA's and a very few other)
    - can make a trader at bazaar and sell goodies off-line.
    - can access General chat.
    - can create characters on all servers including TLP

    Silver Account (was paid sometimes in the past)
    - 1000 AA limit to earn, but preserves and maintains ALL the AA's which were earned during Gold status.
    - has to scale back to non-prestige items
    - can use only Rk1 spells (unless Rk2 spells enabled via separate DPC store purchase)
    - can access only 4 (out of 8) character per server, although other characters can be accessed by purchasing Doll of Character with loyalty points (3 total) and/or DPC store purchase (iirc 3 more)
    - no store discount (unless it's s pecial bonus time)
    - can use Journeyman rank 1 mercenaries as highest rank, J5 mercs become uneployable.
    - earn loyalty points at reduced rate and with reduced maximum.
    - no auto-grant
    - can not operate bazaar traders
    - can access General chat

    F2P accounts (never been paid)
    - 250 AA max limit, can not use more than that total.
    - non-prestige items only
    - Rk1 spells only
    - only 2 characters per server (unless bought more) separately
    - no store discount
    - Can not use Journeyman mercs, only Adventurer level mercs, which are much worse
    - earn loyalty points and much reduced rate and maximum limit.
    - no auto-grant
    - can not operate bazaar trader.
    - no access to General chat
    - can only access limited list of active servers

    Basically, what people do about Silver/Gold situation is this: they PL F2P character to the max level of the auto-grant (currently 105, will be 110 after ToL goes life) and then buy a Krono and turn auto-grant on. Next level-up or simply log-in the character will be auto-granted all the eligible AA's. That 15-25K AA class-dependant. Which makes the charcater far superior to just F2P character of the same level (250 AA limit for F2P)
    Then if the user doesn't want to buy subscription for that account the character will become Silver after Krono runs its course.
    Also, the user can create 2 more characters on that account.
  18. Numiko Augur

  19. demi Augur

    on my silver accounts my toons home city for example my DE mage can still origin to Neriak 3rd gate.. but if i create a new toon then seems like all the new toons i create would end up with CR as the new origin location ..

    you could also BUY silver memberships in marketplace for $5 .. I remember cause just before they were going to remove Silver they made an announcement ( I know shocker) that silver would be going away and that if you wanted any of your account to be silver to buy the marketplace add on before it went away ..
  20. Kolaisa Elder

    This is wrong. The account Ive been referring to was paid when paid was the ONLY way to play. I've quit and let it lapse a few times. Whenever I do it goes straight to a strictly f2p account. All the f2p limits. So having paid for this account, explain to me why it goes F2p when I let it lapse but according to you, f2p is only available if i NEVER paid for it.

    All this doesn't even make any difference to me, my question was answered at the 4th post. Im starting to think that you had to buy silver at some point for an account to ever gain silver again. Those that never did, will never have it.