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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mokumara, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Mokumara Elder

    When you are looking to join a raiding guild what are some of the general requirements that the would look at?
  2. Riou EQResource

    appropriate gear, AA, playtime, willingness to learn

    attitude that doesn't majorly clash with rest of guild

    probably about it
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  3. Mokumara Elder

    well damn that's easy :p
  4. Bigstomp Augur

    Many servers have some form of casual/pick up raids.
    Good place to get a feel for it as well as show your stuff.
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  5. Mokumara Elder

    Oh cool I didn't know that! I'm only lvl 100 so still on that grind but ill have to check that out!
  6. enclee Augur

    What server? See if you can find a guild that clears some old content, and get a feel for how things go. My priorities when I was searching were:

    1) Needs my class?
    2) Schedule
    3) Raid Content
    4) Loot distribution, some guilds used to have really weird loot structures.

    Once you apply, then it's important to get a feel for:

    1) Raid leadership
    2) When do the raids actually start, do they start late?
    3) Other class members, are they easy to coordinate with or silent.
    4) How long does it atake to distribute loot, before moving to the next event.
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  7. Knighted New Member

    Some guilds also require external communications through Ventrillo or Discord.
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  8. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Not being a total dipshit is surprisingly important.

    Guild I'm in still uses teamspeak.... to many's chagrin.
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  9. Mokumara Elder

    Currently on prexus rathe. Might be changing servers soon though!
  10. Bigstomp Augur

    I know we host some casual/open raids on Bristle.
    I know other servers do as well.

    Also if you're planning to move servers to join a raid guild, might be worth looking at the guilds on the server and poking them as to if there is possibly an availability before you make the big commitment and actually move.

    Some raid guilds are truly full on certain classes (enough 100% attend raiders) that you basically have to hope for someone to retire to get in.
  11. Mokumara Elder

    Oh that's a really good point! Not looking for anything hardcore, but I love raiding and I think it will help me get more into the game if I'm doing that instead of just running around killing mobs aimlessly :p
  12. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Cazic as an open raiding group called Freelance (their website is great for older content strategy stuff, too). Also, there are two top 5 raiding guilds (Return of the Exiled... the obvious fan favorite.... and the other guys... Sacred Rebellion.... they're okay). :)

    I know much less about the other servers, but I like the fact that we have open raiding options, high-end raiding options, and generally less drama than some other servers.
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  13. Cicelee Augur

    Some criteria I have considered in the past when looking for a guild is-

    1. Serverwide ranking
    2. Current raid content
    3. Days of the week that they raid
    4. Raid days at the start of an expansion and in beta (some high end guilds change their raid schedule to every five days for flagging and keying during flagging expansions to win the race)

    Keep in mind that you also have to ask what classes guilds are recruiting. Nearly all guilds would love a bard, but very few want a SK (as an example, because they are full up on them)...
  14. Greymantle Augur

    Well Frayed Knot on the Rathe is allways looking for folk. While we have prefered classes i do not belive we have turned anyone away due to what class they play.
  15. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Consider the following:

    1. What is the app process? Is there an app process?
    - The more rigorous the app process, the more likelihood it will be a stable guild that cooperates and helps one another.
    2. What do you want from the guild? Raid gear? That raider lifestyle? Just looking for something to do?
    - Every guild has its top performers, its middle-range performers, and the people who just want to phone it in. What you want and where you fall in this performance range will likely have an impact on your overall satisfaction.
    3. Higher end guilds will have a larger portion of 'alpha' personalities. These folks are generally higher-performing min/max'ers who have a wealth of knowledge, elite skill, and may appear to have an attitude problem. They have little patience for inefficiency or repeated mistakes, but they also generally want to help people who want to help themselves. Be one of those people if you want any help at all.
    4. You will generally get out of a guild what you put into a guild. Offer help, contribute to tradeskill mats, tribute, and for the love of all that is holy be a good teammate.
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  16. Fian Augur

    Generally, the more accomplished the raid force, the more rules and requirements that they have. Weaker raid forces will take just about anybody.
  17. Laronk Augur

    A big part is finding a raid guild that you like and fit into. If you don't like the people then it's kinda meh
  18. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    look at a raid guild you want to get into... then, go to the recruitment forum, find a post from them, it will have what classes they are looking for usually updated fairly regularly, and a link to their guild website with further requirements listed there.
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  19. Anihilator-Emarr Journeyman

    dont forget a Magelo profile, allows the guild your applying to, to see your gear set up, if you got all augs filled , with decent attainable augs.
  20. Windance Augur

    I_Love_My_Bandwidth nailed it but I'll add:

    1 - Show up 15-20 minutes early to raids
    2 - Pay attention during raid time. ( No netflix, baseball game, etc )
    3 - Ask questions if you are unsure about some part of the event
    4 - Do the raid emotes ... modern encounters require folks to move ... a lot.

    If you haven't used GINA yet you'll want to get it installed and understand the basics of turning triggers on or off.

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