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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by gmcdanie, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. gmcdanie New Member

    im just coming back after 15 years and im thinking about trying to get back into the game but i was wondering what all expansion are available for free accounts? i have a few older accounts that im trying to get back also is there any difference to available content when you have a silver account?
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Try to get your old account back. Its worth a shot even if you don't think you can https://help.daybreakgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/217481518-How-do-I-recover-my-account-

    There are now 26 expansions in EQ and that is counting the one coming next week. As a free account or even as your returning old account you will get 24 of them automatically - free - up to #21 The Darkened Sea and you can get level 105.

    The difference in accounts are the amount of AA, (free/250 - Silver/1000 - Gold/unlimited and auto grant.

    If you can wear prestige armor (Gold only but not so important any more)

    RK II spells (Gold only)

    The level of merc (Gold gets the best at level 75 or 85)

    This is a nice breakdown of the difference between Silver and Free in the matrix at the bottom. Some is out of date.

    F2P or Silver are perfect to start out with on your return. There is plenty of content you can do and to keep you busy as free until you decide if you want to pay.

  3. gmcdanie New Member

    so even with a returning account ill get up to the darkened sea and if i buy the basic expansion for torment of velious ill get access to the others but ill have to sign up for gold to be able to get more then 250 aa?
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    Yes, you will get up to and including the Darkened Sea if you just sign in free or returning.

    If you buy the current one, TOV, it will grant you all expansions between Darkened Sea and TOV including TOV. So then you will have them all. But playing them all is different. EOK is level 100 and up. You will die at lower levels. Same is true for some of the others.

    Keep in mind expansions are different than subscriptions. You can buy all the expansions on a free account which some people do so they can do tradeskills or forage etc.

    Subscriptions give you just the free expansions but allow you other perks in the game.

    You can buy both and have it all!

    On the AA - if you get your old account back it will go up to 1000 AA or it will cap at how many ever you had when you last played if it was more than 1000. So say you got 2500 AA last time you played - then you will be allowed to keep those but not get anymore cause your over the 1000.
  5. gmcdanie New Member

    hmmm ok thanks for the info much appreciated
  6. Panikker Lorekeeper

    Hope this helps. I came back after many ..many years and It was good. I got in to some new TLP & some of live servers earlier this year and was good. Both TLP and Live offer something different but still EQ at the core. Going back to try phini later on once I get my office set up at home (it's a storage room a.t.m. LOL). Once I get all set up soon I'll go back in again lol. Spells are different and leveling seems a bit faster than the old days. It may not be the old early 99-01 EQ but the community is still great (better than the p99 one LOL. Tried that p99 and did not worked out well, kuddos for those who like it!). I'm not a boxer and I had a great time earlier this year. I decided to try classes that I never played like the necro and mage and was like playing for the first time LOL ( I was a cleric and druid back then). I know some of the community are not team boxers and have single accounts or are dual/triple boxers and can team up. Tried multiple mmorpgs since EQ and I keep coming back LOL. It may not be fast to level as say WoW for folks like me that like to do it single box (old style), but every kill is rewarding like back in the day lol ...my 2cp. (Hope this game never ends !).
  7. Friskie New Member

    I have been away 15 years also and just worked with daybreak to find my old account.... Whats the best way to get back into it?
  8. Vumad Augur

    This is not correct.

    Every expansion up to EoK is FTP. TBM and EoK are FTP. So 23, not 21.

    Autogrant AA, which is only available to subscribed accounts, covers up to TDS. (This is probably what caused the confusion). So every AA (with a tiny exception) flagged in the expansion tab TDS or before will be auto granted as you reach the level to purchase them. My mage was autogranted 15000+ AA at L105 when I subbed her. She keeps those if I cancel, but she wont be able to earn more, and I'll have to remove her prestige armor.

    No information has been provided as to if any of the above will change when TOV is released.

    Do not confuse expansions and subscriptions. Expansions get you access to zones. Subscriptions get you access to stuff, such as prestige (T2/raid armor), earning AA, journeyman mercs, etc.
  9. CatsPaws Augur

    Yeah, your right. I was too lazy to log into one of my free accounts to read the scroll as to how many expansions were included and was just going off erroneous websites like Fanra, Allah etc. All need updating.

    But the rest is the same thing I said so we agree on that.
  10. Panikker Lorekeeper

    Really you can take back your account ??? I lost mine since I dont remember the e-mail and and username. Wrote it on the original box of EQ and I have lost that box . But have my cleric's name guild name and server since i still have the badge from the EQ Fan Faire from Dallas. (back in the day lol). you think It could be done ??
  11. Meridian Augur

    Having the character's name and server definitely helps. The server has likely been merged into another server, but DB should be able to track it down for you. Worth a shot, at least.
  12. yepmetoo Augur

    Depends on:

    1) how much information you have and what kind you have
    2) how helpful the people that read your petitions decide to be
    3) how persistent you are with it (might takes weeks or more)

    You'll probably need at least one of:

    1) original email used
    2) ONE of the credit cards used to pay for it

    At least a character name and server.

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