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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by TYBARIS, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Any ideas where to start back at? am a little over whelmed atm.

    am in crappy old ROF raid gear (around 138k hp) Warrior is my main.
    I am all access i have leveled to 109 in FM i box a bard and use a merc healer any ideas on gear i should be trying to get and what i should be working toward.I doubt i will be raiding again this time around.
    Also what would be a good 3rd toon to box.
    i have 105 wiz, 105 mage and 104 zerker, 105 shaman and 105 enchanter
    Any information would be helpful thx guys.
  2. Brohg Augur

    at 109, Conflagrant items are available to you for an immediate major jump in stats. Full visibles, nonvisibles, and a small set of 4(?) augments can be plainly purchased from crafting players. You should let your server know how much you'd appreciate scooping a rot Sharpened Angle Brace (you can probably camp it yourself from Non-Standard Deviation in Gnome Memorial Mountain, but those monsters are a solid jump up in difficulty from the FM you're used to)

    If 3boxing is something you want to pursue, changing out or supplementing the mercenary with a real healer (shm, since that's the character you have already) is going to make the biggest boost to the content you can tackle. Of the characters listed, berserker would add the most damage; Cry & Aura & Synergy are legit ADPS for the warrior on top of berserker's own buttons.
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  3. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Thanks Brohg for the information
    I have ran a few of the GMM mission, i forget the name but i have a few items when i reach 110
    it wasnt easy the first run, but i have did it a few times now the xp wast very good but got some very nice drops. It sounds like the trade skill gear you mention might be the way to go am sure it will cost me alot of PP. lol Thx again for your time and input.
  4. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Also is there a place to farm slot 5 augs? a mob or is just bought by tokens?
    sorry for the dumb questions i have been gone from the game along time.
  5. Brohg Augur

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  6. ptah Augur

    welcome back

    Sounds like Gmm is best return on your time for both xp and non vis drops. I would focus here first and just get to 110 with a soild buffer as xp mod is running atm.

    Now like bigb said conflag is insta vis gear. You buy it in bazzar and see a nice jump.. Don't over look the augs.. slot 7s. If have the funds to buy it maybe getting that vis armor ahead of GMM grind is ideal.

    As far as third box; really a question of shaman or zerk. I vote shaman.
    shaman, PC healer to support the mercs, buffs.. and AE root is super nice if cant handle more than 1 or 2. Later you find the dps form dps are nice. simple box.. 2 or 3 hotkeys for want at the time.. Debuff slow 1, reckless heals and group heals 2, dots 3.. of course your 2.0

    zerker dps is nice and all.. and adps is great too.. just a lil too busy for my fav

    Leading warrior bard shaman with 3 mercs.. or mix and match your friends as they log in.. You should be able to box the FF mission in TBL.. once you learn the AE root/CC needs of that mission.. takes a few painful runs to learn it. but once got it.. its super simple. That fire fight is 96 coin per win.. 500 per aug.. slot 5.. stack what like.. sounds like a Hdex build but whatever you like.

    That mission leads to a nice large bag, evol gears (nice long progression tree) if you like mega quests, warning them evol items will take time, effort and maybe some money (pp).

    Shaman can CC in tbl very well with AE root.. if were a chanter main I keep chanter in mix.. but your a warrior.. so i fav the Warr, bard, and shaman setup.. you can adjust well with mercs as regear.

    Ada Cloud stuff will come into play as grow.. if velious 3.0 dont inflated too fast.. but once again welcome back. Read up and make a plan.. and attack it.. have fun and adventure well.

    As i understand it
    Warr is your primary focus for play and fun.
    Bard is helper you like.. assist and auto attack with little effort, review your melody options.
    SHAMAN is the addition that works best.
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  7. Metapsyche Augur

    I have to agree with Ptah- adding a shaman won’t be a ton of work on your end as far as difficult boxes. Honestly a warrior dps with bard and shaman adps is super nice. That would be a nice 3 box to adventure with
  8. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Great info guys I kinda know where to start now. Alot of things has changed since I played back in ROF days.
  9. ptah Augur

    2 real options here imho..
    Leap ahead and do what is possible or painful then return or explore slowly what you missed;
    Lets day dream and say 1 year from now you what mega man.

    Collections, Hunters, Different progression lines, Yea explorer is a thing. A Game plan attacking these things is needed.. these items are at the top of mountain brother, and as your just returning maybe too far off.

    As I post above. GMM is going best xp and armor options (non vis) for you. And who knows what velious 3.0 is going bring for inflation. This is who I attacked this same topic, admit a bit smaller break than you, but I did miss most of tds, all tbm, all of eok. returning day 1 of ros.

    I had the option to 3 box same as you. I Attacked EoK, empire of kunark expansion, I use the blocker mega quest to learn the zones, fight the named, click the stupid collections etc. Yes there are some silly bottlenecks, you love the spidercaves, sw factions, and we all love droga. But I used this rough map of a quest to learn zones I kinda remember from before. There is many hours of adventuring on this blocker quest, Essense of the Dragon 1. Along the way, hunter when could, as I like big bags and do not lie. It gave a list to check off.. inch by inch. Now all the raiders was flapping their mouths about needing this.. but that later. Based on play and effort.. few months here.. as some people just never did finish it either.

    Ros is very much a continue expansion of EoK.. second part if you will. Trash sets up a bit.. but the tradeskill attune gear(meaning you buy from day 1, assuming you 106 to wear it) is not only cheap but lots of it was or is around. Vis armor, augs and that good stuff. If continue to enjoy the return.. you can end up in VP 2.0.. faction balance in Ros can helpout a ton. Checkout that faction tab in UI. Oh and calendar if forget the day of week often its handy.

    Now if 5s augs are important to ya.. mix in some TBL fire fight missions. its a nice break from that grind. You read about augs, evol items etc.. but if follow the plan. and get the path started. that lead you some of progression, hero AA, bags, and a direction to face. All of this is 100% possible with that Warr, bard, shaman 3 box.. but i suggest getting a little social and joining somekind of guild. The social part of the game will help, the sharing of info, and playing with others helpout more than the gear.

    There so much content if just want play and adventure ahead of you. If like take your time that fine, if want rip thru it that fine too. You were MIA for what 10 years.. you lots and lots of content.. some good some bad. and tbm is just dirty fun.

    Play and have fun.. if fun continues you will need a plan ahead of you. Good luck and revisit your post and ask questions. Several people enjoy helping out others and that is the great mega quest of all.
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  10. Tucoh Augur

    war/brd/sha are one of the best boxes in the game, you'll do great with them. war/brd/ber is good too.

    conflagrant gear will bring your warrior up to speed. The GMM missions you're already doing will be great XP and gear.
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  11. TYBARIS Journeyman

    One more question guys.
    which merc would you use dps wise? rogue or wizard
    I know there both awful. warr/bard/shm
  12. Derd Augur

  13. Eggolas Augur

    Good suggestions from ptah and Tucoh. Bard/Shaman/Warrior is a great three box. It will work with alt-tab and macros and even better with key broadcasting. Getting the hang of it takes some time, but the positioning issues are not that great and the DPS is fine. As for mercenaries, I'm all over the map depending on the mob and difficulty. Another tank, melee DPS, Caster DPS, another healer . . . you're just going to have to try them out. Getting the right gear for the mercenary is helpful, especially defender for the tank.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    I would get a cleric and a rogue for each of the three characters, then swap them all out based on what you're doing. If you're just grinding easy content or want to push DPS, make them all rogues. If you need to kill a nasty named mob that is waaay outside your league, you might want to bump one or all of them to healer mercs.

    Having more healing than you need is great because you can pull more aggressively and deal more AE damage. Between the warrior's rampage/riposte, the bard's vainglorious shout and the shaman's languid bite from AE slow the AE damage might be higher than having one rogue merc.
  15. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Btw on the cleric merc
    What spells to you guys block? If so what would be the name of the spell where i can block it.
    thx again fellows
  16. TYBARIS Journeyman

    One more question guys. On the Synergy proc where does the icon pop up at? song window or buff window? And does it proc off the shield topple tome? And is it worth all the AA for it?
    thanks again for the info
  17. p2aa Augur

    The synergy proc appears in the song window, yes it procs of the shield topple line all the time, it's not a priority AA though given the high AA cost amount. Of course it's nice to have, once you have finished other better return on investment AA lines.
  18. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Thanks P2aa, I have only bought 1 rank but never see it pop up anywhere.
  19. Corrick New Member

  20. Tucoh Augur

    Very well.

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