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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Hayzee, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Except that there is nothing wrong with the SERVER itself, apparently.
    The "problem" is with the chat-server / chat-environment only.
    (yes, that seems to include the zoning requests and timeouts because they cannot be properly served/handled)
    THAT has issues, and THAT is regularly lost and rejoined, presumably (hopefully) worked on.
  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Not really, you couldn't.
    And if you had one, then what?
    It would be completely helpless, unable to log on let alone raid...
    And it would suck(le)...

    So where's the difference to AB? :)
  3. Deillusional Augur

    This has been our past three sundays.

    Spend 50 minutes setting up the raid for the event.
    Complete the raid in 5 minutes or whatever.
    Start 2nd raid, server crash. Start 2nd raid, server crash.
    call DBG all names under the sun, and slack.


    Complete one/2 events only then the server breaks and then slack.

    Why are we playing for such rubbish? I can guarantee, if its not fixed in a timely fashion it be pointless fixing AB as they will be no one left on it.
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  4. Kyzvs Elder

    The biggest issue with this at the moment is communication - we have the occasional 'yeah, it's broken and we are working on it, gonna take a while' message, but at this stage that is awful communication.

    At this stage where it is costing you money, what could be worse than saying "It is problem x, we need to rewrite the code to deal with y, the timeframe is z days / weeks / months. In the meantime we will try to do abc to keep the disruption down as much as possible. On 123 date we will have it fixed and offer a double XP 3 months to any toons created before this announcement..."

    The way DBG is treating its' customers - well it's a testament to the people on AB (and EQ in general) that there is anyone left on it. DBG should be embracing and using that goodwill, not alienating it.
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  5. Yinla Augur

    I played more than ever when I had my daugher. lol
    Sadly when she grew up to a toddler she didn't want to do my tradeskills for me, just run around in PoK laughing. :)
  6. Kyzvs Elder

    Roxxxly wrote on the 18th August

    Over three weeks for an update???
  7. Aurelio Lorekeeper

    After 6 months we got the first reply on the AB lag issue thread. And now you expect an answer after only 3 weeks when they actually have to do something?

    Judging by their communication skills we get a response that the issue is fixed three months after the announcement of the shutdown of the AB server.
  8. Imrahil Augur

    People are starting to cancel not only their alt accounts (most have done that already), but also their mains. Considering many have a longer subscription time you might only notice this in 2 months or so, but if you don't give us a valid solution (and no, individual move to Vox without return is NOT a solution), there won't be anyone left on AB to buy the next expansion. Just saying...
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  9. Mizar Lorekeeper

    What Imra and other say.
    Give us a reason why not guarantee a trip back to AB when fixed for those willing to is not an option.
    Euro players on AB have been very, very, patient and loyal customers, the only thing we ask is way to keep playing regularly our AB toons while we are paying a subscription.
    We are not even forcing you to merge us or wipe AB server.
    We take it, as a home improvement stuff needs to be worked up, ok, we can even endulge to take the time you need to do so, but let us leave our home and come back when our home is fixed.
    We can even accept to move individually for the time being, we rent a room on another server and become that server guest.
    It could even be the case that some of use even make new toons on the new server and once AB server is fixed back we keep those toons on the guest server improving its health.
    But don't say 'suck it up in AB for an indetermined amount of time, so you can't play your toons there, play some other server meanwhile' or 'move to X server, but if you ever want to come back to AB you will have to pay for the transfer back'. It has no logic at all, considering the timezones, and it's not even a fair deal.
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  10. Aurastrider Augur

    I agree and I don't even play on AB. It seems to me that they should have just relocated everyone from AB to another server or basically a server merger. We can chalk it up to the server just got hit with a category 5 hurricane and everyone had to evacuate. During this time they could spin up a new server if doing the actual fix is to extensive. Some times trying to fix something that is broken is more time consuming and expensive than just making something new. Once your new home is fix free transfers back to new AB will be offered and problem solved. For anyone that had their name changed due to the merger they can offer a name change pot so people can restore their identity. I know this is less than ideal but to me as someone on the outside looking in it seems like the best solution. The game remains playable while your home gets fixed and when it passes its inspection you get to move back in. Just curious what people on AB would think about something like this. I am not a computer programmer so maybe this idea was placed on the chalk board but this would not have solved the problem due to the physical distance of euro players compared to where DB is located? It just seems odd to me that for greater than 17 years people all over Europe could play this game they love and now all of a sudden we have gotten to this point. Communication technology has improved drastically since EQ was released so the logical side in me thinks connection speeds and reduced lag should be seen in a game like this not the opposite.
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  11. Ryuda Journeyman

    Yes, the world is simple - people make it complicated. That would be an ideal way to protect the customer base but like the countless posts before show that DGB does not want that.
    A shift to Vox so that to come back to AB costs money shows exactly their inability for good customer support. The only reason they don't care is perhaps that

    1. the most players are not on AB anymore
    2. the most players are addicted to the game and DGB counts on that

    I don't have any viable explanation for that. But there is worse: Buy software and it does not work anymore after a windows crash and at reinstalling your App-Acount misses that bought software. Neither the providing company (Microsoft) nor the app-company (3D4Medical) answers your complaints.....

    No wonder that as customer you begin to think about treating them like they treat you....
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