Journey to Plane of Health

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Journey for the first time to a part of Norrath where residents and visitors are constantly healed. Nothing decays, nothing dies. This is the Plane of Health.

    In the 22nd EverQuest expansion, The Broken Mirror, players will begin their adventures in the Plane of Health. This is where the Touchstone of Health and the Cynosure of Health, items found in the Collector’s and Premium editions of the new expansion, will transport you.


    Once you’ve arrived in the Plane of Health, begin talking to the natives. See if they can help you understand what this plane represents. A few may even have information to share about Anashti Sul, a new acquaintance of Rodcet Nife. And while you can feel the presence of Rodcet Nife as you walk through the Plane, you won’t encounter him here.


    While you’re in the Plane of Health, you may notice that the residents here feel energetic, virile, and vibrant. This is because everyone in the Plane of Health is constantly healed; while here, nobody dies. Enjoy the Plane of Health while you can, for dark and dangerous paths lie beyond…


    In the Plane of Health, you will come upon a small, oddly-shaped crypt. What could be in here? Where could it lead? And who (or what) could be waiting within?

    The Broken Mirror is now available for pre-order. Pre-ordering this expansion will get you access to Beta, which begins on Wednesday, October 21! Get your copy today.
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  2. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    Would be neat if Qeynos Rodcet were included somehow in this expansion's dealings.
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  3. Wayylon Augur

    Please tell me the spaceship in Qeynos flies to this new plane.
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  4. Endless Augur

    First pic of NPC with guys should make that a mount. Click the mount and your character sprouts angel wings. I'd buy that from the market! And it would be epic if when you run, you look like you're flying! Not saying you can fly all over above everything, just look like your flying X above the ground.
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  5. Zarakii Augur

    I've got a bad feeling this expansions going to kill my already underpowered pc
  6. Galidin Journeyman

    As I remember the story rodcet wasn't the first prime healer. Ashanti was the prime healer but was cast into the void because she created undeath. She doesn't see it as wrong she feels its the ultimate cure to death. Rodcet came to narrate, possible came back as he might be a member of the other race that lived with the xulos , finding a great plague in qeynos and cured its people. He then took up the mantle of the prime healer.

    This is very old lore (I'm a rodcet paladin) so may not be cannon anymore or may of never been.

    Paladin of Life

    P.S. There better be Koalindl in the plane of health because that's old world lore where they came from.
  7. Beimeith Augur

    That's awful EQ2 lore.
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  8. Casidia Augur

    Indeed, and more boring humans...this time with wings /yawn.
    What happened to Eq being about epic dragons, beer drinking dorfs or blood sucking vampires.
    Bye Bye Eq the fantasy game, and what's up with that name anyway...plane of health, a hospital?
  9. Wizdons Augur

    whats worse is you also get what looks to me is some cross dressing mobs with all sorts of flamboyant colors. Who comes up with stuff like that? I mean like candy land in HoT was pretty bad. But the one zone they displayed was like a cross dressing convention.. is it socially except-able to beat up and kill cross dressers?

    IDK about yall but i like my monsters to be mean, not, well... yo gaba gaba / barney the dinosaur.

    OOW was a good one short of the little fat ball girplins...
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  10. Krystalia New Member

    If you buy the standard edition at first.. can you upgrade to the premium or collector's edition later?
  11. Motherlee Augur

    Sounds like my life's quest! It caught my attention right away.
  12. Fanra Augur

    I hate to be negative so early but this sounds like a no combat zone. Which means one less zone to actually game in. I guess we will find out Wednesday.
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  13. ethyre Augur

    candyland was brilliant and well executed. One of my favorite contents of all time. The witch was a fantastic contrast and the evil-ness of the candyland residents was disturbing. Aesthetically, it was a great change from the gloomy darkness that surrounds much of the content.

    Mind you, the gothic PoH2 is my favorite.
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  14. Task New Member

    Those Luclin character models are out of place. It's like putting a sticker on a priceless painting. Update those horrible character models already.
  15. fransisco Augur

    So people who don't dress the way you think they should are stupid or wrong?
    There is a word for attitudes like that
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  16. lockjaws Augur

    That is exactly what I am feeling as well... =(
  17. Picaresque Augur

    Plane of Health where we now start? What does that mean for PoK? Will something terrible happen there? <Cue Vincent Price music> Oh no, where will I get my GL buffs? <Cue out of place, but entirely in keeping with forums, hysteria.> Are they going to kill Teek and nerf our experience?!

    Inquiring minds want to know and will have to wait to find out I guess. Should be fun.
  18. Absor Augur

    That's EQII revisionist lore! :p

  19. Stumphobbler Elder

    [IMG]Since the human models in this expansion look like the picture above. Can we expect human PC models to be
    updated sometime soon ? I mean you have just shown it's possible to have a better looking human model, all I am asking is why can't this apply to all PC's? I think it's about time PC player models were updated.

  20. Uxtalzon Augur

    Something tells me that even if the Plane of Health NPCs can't die, players can. The first thing I'm going to do is Act of Valor upon zoning in.

    Not the kind of feels I was hoping for. Oh well, back to petting the fish in Qeynos while the guard gives me the stink-eye.

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