Jeweled Skull of Null stats question

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Cicelee, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Cicelee Augur

    Last night I completed the Skull of Null quest, and upgraded it with raid diamond. IIRC the hit points were around 5300 or so. Max I believe is 6800 hit points.

    Now I have Silverwing/Xygoz raid and Talendor raid completed. Missing Hoshkar. I also have all but four named completed in group VP. I am missing the three named that start with A, such as A Lava Basilisk.. And Taverno.

    Question I have is- does the Skull account for all named in VP or just the dragons? And if so, does that mean once I get Hoshkar credit I will jump from 5300 hp to max hp?

    Thanks in advance
  2. feeltheburn Augur

    Named are what count toward the Skull and will max out then
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  3. Fohpo Augur

    I think it's all named, and for the raid version it also requires the T3 raids.
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  4. Sancus Augur

    The raid version is maxed out by both Conquerer and Hunter of Veeshan's Peak. So you need Hoshkar and those four named to be max.
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    Much thanks good people. It is still less stats than EOK raid charm, but maybe a couple of the group named over the weekend will jump it up past EOK raid charm. And then I can do Hoshkar and the remaining named next week or so...
  6. Ofearl Augur

    If it updates correctly, it was discussed that it may or may not upgrade once made.

    My ranger alt has like 2 or 3 vp named done and the group skull is like 2300h/m/e ...
  7. Brohg Augur

  8. Ofearl Augur

    Working as intended
  9. Cicelee Augur

    Well I would be unhappy if that were true. Waste of a raid diamond...
  10. Fohpo Augur

  11. Bobsmith Augur

    It does mine is full stats as of the t3 clear last night
  12. Ofearl Augur

    Jeweled one or group one? ranger alt is miles away from diamond rot on raids. I'm sure the group one will gain as it's supposed to. Just read the jeweled one might not progress.
  13. Bobsmith Augur

    Jeweled. I had hunter done prior to our hoshkar win. With each t3 win it increased by roughly 1khp. After the full clear it was full stats as advertised.
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  14. Ofearl Augur

    oh nice. I had hunter/raids done before I did the upgrade on my paladin, just was 100% done on other toons yet
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  15. Nnewg Kahnzerson Journeyman

    I am perplexed as to why a Maxed Skull of Null (All namers in zone dead and hunter achievement completed) has its stats go BACKWARDS when you put a raid diamond in it.

    I understand the following:

    -Adding a raid diamond upgrades an item to raid stats
    -Charms are an odd exception being that they require accomplishments to be met prior to being maxed.
    -Therefore adding a raid diamond will unlock its potential new max and thus require that player to meet the new requirements (Killing Raid Named Dragons)

    What I dont understand:

    -Why adding a raid diamond to a maxed group item, forces it to loose power. Why did it go BACKWARDS!

    Skull of Null (No Raid diamond) with VP Hunter Completed:
    AC 251 HP 5120 Mana 5115

    Jeweled (Raid Diamond Inserted) Skull of Null with VP Hunter Completed:
    AC 218 HP 3862 Mana 3892 (Backwards!!!! ?????)

    Jeweled Skull of Null with VP Hunter Completed and Raid instance cleared:
    AC 392 HP 6990 Mana 7045

    Like most of the Quest items in VP, this apparently was yet another mistake in the programming. But I dont see anything in the patch notes or test patch addressing it.

  16. Puzzling Journeyman

    This is hilarious...

    Group charm maxes with 9 named dead... if you did that, hooray

    Raid one requires, raid dragons + ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Assuming you had the group one maxed, 100% when you decided to Jewel it, you dropped to 69% and since its hp @ max are 6740 and you only have 69% of that. Your charm probably looks something like 4650 hp etc. Which is below what it was before you used a diamond on it.... all because you couldn't stop &......

    >>>>>>> read the lore on the raid charm & not just assume <<<<<<<<<<

    There is nothing broken. It's very... very... very... very... very... basic math.

    Don't fret buckaroo, your guild will one day beat the expansion. Until then, get some tissues.
  17. Nnewg Kahnzerson Journeyman

    This is what makes the internet what it is. Some random individual deciding to chime in with the sole purpose of being a condescending *******.

    And yet no explanation was given as to why adding the diamond pushes the item backwards in stats, nor any justification if this was the original intention. Simply restating the facts of the conversation with aggressive quips out of boredom is just sad and unproductive pathos.

    Well, I can only assume it made them feel better about themselves, which at least had that purpose going for it.
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  18. Ghubuk Augur

    Without know the inner workings of how charms that use both group and raid achievements to max out, wouldn't it be easier to have them set up so that the group part gives so many stats for each particular kill
    (in this case dragons in the static vp)
    and then for each particular raid dragon kill a certain amount more is added over the group stats? This would allow that even after it is converted to the raid version, it is at least at the same stats as the group version until you start killing some raid dragons.
    Again, not knowing how the coding works, not sure if this even possible but sort of makes sense to me.
  19. Ghubuk Augur

    To clarify what I said previously. Let's assume 10 group dragons. Each group dragon gives you 10 stat points, so after all 10 are killed, you have 100 stat points.
    If converted to raid charm, then it still recognizes the 10 group dragons killed for the 100 stat points, but now it will also recognize raid dragon kills. So lets assume 5 raid dragons where each one gives another 10 points. So at max stats, you have 150 stat points.
    Even if you have a mix of group and raid dragon kills (in upgraded version), it would still work the same in that each kill gives the appropriate amount for each type of kill. So yes, if you had 5 group dragon kills and 1 raid dragon kill, it would have 60 stat points. While this is less than a maxed out group version, it still has the ability to max out higher than the group one with the appropriate kills.
  20. Bobsmith Augur

    So it is like this, the skull charm has 100% possible max stats for group and 100% for raid. The group requires 1-5 raid requires 1-5 And 6-8. So once you unlock the raid function of the charm it becomes "less complete". Until you beat the raids. Each event in t3 adds 1k ish h/m/e to the charm as it progresses. NOTE these numbers are for example only.

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