Jann's Veil bug?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dwizzle610, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Dwizzle610 New Member

    Greetings everyone,

    I am inquiring as to whether or not any of you have a 'bugged' version of Jann's Veil. My issue is that my ranger received the Paragon of The Burning Lands last night and when I activate his Jann's Veil, I am given 'Illusion Benefit Beza' (0-32 damage shield) instead of 'Illusion Benefit Greater Jann'. Thanks for any feedback to your personal experiences.

    PS. I've unblocked all spells and not sure what other trouble shooting I could possibly do on my side.
  2. Karhar Augur

    Do you have your mask in the keyring and if so what benefit is set to default on it?
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  3. Yinla Augur

    This make sure your veil is set as the stat buff.
  4. Dwizzle610 New Member

    I have my Jann's Veil in my physical inventory on both my Ranger and Shadow Knight. Shadow Knight I can click from bags and get the correct buff--no issues. Ranger, same deal, mask in bags, but I get the wrong buff.

    Thanks for some feedback, I will put it in the keyring and try it out. Will let you guys know.
  5. Dwizzle610 New Member

    Keyring did it.. not sure why I don't receive right buff when clicked from inventory tho =x Thanks guys!
  6. Duder Augur

    When you have a different item in the stat benefit slot, it doesn't matter what illusion you cast, from where, it will always give the benefit of the item in the slot. That's what was happening.
  7. Nniki Augur

    You don't need the illusion in the keyring to receive its bonus effect. I think you're simply misunderstanding how the keyring window works.

    There are two boxes in a key ring window:
    1. the list box, containing all the items you've inserted
    2. a stat box, containing the item with the bonus effect you want to receive whenever you click an item of that type (illusion in this case), no matter if it's in your inventory or in the key ring itself.
    Many people assume you need to drop items into the stat box to add them to the key ring, but you can simply add them to the list box. Additionally, you do not even need to have an item in the stat box. If no item is in the stat box, it'll use the bonus effect on whichever item you click as how you'd normally expect it to work.

    I'm assuming whenever you added the Jann's Veil, you did so by dropping it into the stat box, replacing whatever item was there before so that now you always get the effect of the Jann's Veil whenever clicking an illusion item.

    As an example, if I clicked my Jann's Veil from either inventory or the key ring with the Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch in the stat box, it would always try to cast the Gunthak Grit effect on me instead of the Illusion Benefit Greater Jann effect.

    There is hover text that explains each section:
  8. Dwizzle610 New Member

    Ah thanks. I haven't used the key ring in years and it was just using the buff from one of my other illusions from years past.

    Thank you everyone that has commented and helped me solve this problem!
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  9. Sissruukk Augur

    And people think I am crazy for having 64 illusions on my keyring...
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  10. Scornfire Augur

    I have 126 as a non "illusion" class, but I'm mad jealous you have a Lepracon's Pot of Gold, grrrr
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