Jaggedpine, Warrens, Stonebrunt - Starting to be concerned.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Moonii, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Moonii Elder

    I have growing concern over zones that are added mid-expansions. It does not seem like these are being addressed.

    Warrens and Stonebrunt were both added shortly after velious launched BEFORE luclin. However it does not look like devs plan on opening up these zones in Era.

    Jagged Pine opened up during Luclin, BEFORE pop, but again I doubt that it will open up in era.

    It seems like everything is being tied to what was available at launch, not during the expansions run.

    Can we get some sort of confirmation on this? Has one been offered that I missed ?
  2. Ducreux Augur

    Yeah Warrens is open. You should check these things out first. ;)
  3. Mashef Augur

    Well Epic's were not available at Kunark launch, The Hole was not available at Classic Launch and those were in the game. I believe the Planes Hate/Sky/Fear were not in at Classic launch either. So they definitely have the ability to put items into the game mid expansion run. Otherwise we wouldn't have had those things until an expansion late. They are choosing not to open Stonebrunt nor JPF zones in a timely fashion for some unknown reason.
  4. Moonii Elder

    Went to go check, and the warrens are! Fantastic.

    Do we have a timeline for other in-era zones - Stonebrunt, Jaggedpine and down the line Veksar..etc
  5. Moonii Elder

    JGP was open in classic on sleeper/combine and alleviated a lot, it is a bit of an outdated zone at this point but still nice to see. Veksar I remember being somewhat relevant when it does release.
  6. Aenoan Augur

  7. Your_Ad_Here Augur

    Awesome pic! What's the source you got it from? Is there anything past 2008 or so?
  8. Aenoan Augur

    Got that pic from a german website, but that poster original came with one of the box games.
    Nothing after 08, I don't think they were making more timeline maps like that because they stopped making CD's and so forth.
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  9. Aenoan Augur

    A bit off topic, but I would have loved to try this EQA I think it ended way to soon!
  10. Nolrog Augur

    IIRC, Stonebrunt is tied into LoY and releases with that expansion now.
  11. Aenoan Augur

    Everything you need is on that timeline. Lol look how late epics come into the game. ;p
  12. Bandok Augur

    This is incorrect. One of the fights for the Beastlord epic is in Stonebrunt, and it releases with SoL.

    As far as the original post, there was a thread very recently where this was brought up. Warrens opened with Velious on TLP (on Live, a couple months into Velious). Stonebrunt will release with SoL (on Live, 8 months into Velious, so closer to Luclin than Velious). Jaggedpine will release with PoP (on Live, 2 months before PoP release).
  13. Mashef Augur

    Picture is wrong. Epics were pre Velious post Kunark. Hole was pre-velious. Also see Zam entry excerpt on Kunark..
    The Ruins of Kunark was also the focus of 'epic quests', or quests for powerful weapons for each character class, which were introduced between the Kunark and Velious expansions as a source of further high-end content.

    It is also wrong on the release date of the Hole.

    Stonebrunt is actually due very soon as is the Chardok revamp whereas we are still missing our Splitpaw, Hate, Fear Velks Lab, SG, Befallen and Runneye revamps unless we never got the 1.0 versions of those zones? It's hard to follow. Obviously we never got the 1.0 Freeport and CL zones either so maybe there is no need to expect revamps on all of the zones that were changed.

    Live DateP99 DateEventExtra P99 Delay
    Mar-Apr 1999 Oct 2009 Game launch -
    Apr 1999? since launch Plane of Fear & Plane of Hate -
    Oct 1999 Feb 2010 [1] Temple of Solusek Ro +4 mo
    Jan 2000 Aug 2010 [2] Plane of Sky +5 mo
    Feb 2000 since launch Paineel -
    Apr 2000 since launch [3] Kerra Ridge & Splitpaw revamps -
    Apr 2000 Mar 2011 [4] Ruins of Kunark expansion +5 mo
    Jun 2000 Sep 2011 The Hole +9 mo
    Jun 2000 Nov 2011 [5] Veeshan's Peak +11 mo
    Sep 2000 Jan 2012 [6] Epic Quests +10 mo
    Dec 2000 Aug 2015 Scars of Velious expansion +33 mo
    Mar 2001 [7] [8] Nov 2015 [9] Plane of Hate & Plane of Fear revamps; The Warrens, Venril Sathirs remains & An Undead Bard (Trakanon) -
    Apr 2001 Jan 2016 [10] Velious Racial Helms, Food & Drink Durations, Monk Weight allowance revamp; Cannibalize IV -
    Early May 2001 [11][12] ??? Velketor's Labyrinth revamp, Faction (ally) revamp -
    Late May 2001 [13] Apr 2016 [14] RunnyEye revamp -
    Jun 2001 [15][16][17] TBD Siren's Grotto revamp, Karana/Bloodsaber Plague Event, Befallen revamp (Lanys T`Vyl Drow infestation event)
    Aug 2001 TBD Stonebrunt Mountains
    Oct 2001 [18] TBD Chardok revamp, Velious 2H revamp
    Nov 2001 [19] TBD Project M
    Dec 2001 -- Shadows of Luclin expansion
  14. Aenoan Augur

    The poster that Sony made isn't wrong it's their own poster. They don't have dates for everything and things like opening day launch is still in that same time frame, there date is gonna be more accurate they opened the game, Allahkazam wasn't a thing for a long time, it cropped up and competed with casters-realm for a good while, then CR shut it's doors. But even the wiki has discrepancies with dates.
    Keep in mind things like "discovering" when actual players find the zones vs it's launch.
  15. Mashef Augur

    VI owned it pre Luclin. SoE would get the dates wrong. Almost without question. That image is wrong.
  16. Aenoan Augur

    Either way we aren't getting those mini-expansions until DBG decides to release em.
  17. Nolrog Augur

    They aren't following the timeline exactly though. They are closely approximating it, but not 100%. I thought on older progression servers, it was tied into LoY, but as Bandok points out, if there is a beastlord epic fight there, then that would not make any sense.
  18. Semah Augur

    Intermittent bonus zone releases help alleviate the boredom between expansions. That's one reason to release some halfway, like they are already planning to do with LDoN.
  19. Accipiter Augur

    It's always been Sony. 989 Studios and Verant Interactive were creations of Sony from the beginning (of EQ at least). Sony just rolled it all together later in the form of SOE.
  20. Prathun Developer

    The Warrens is available when the Scars of Velious has unlocked on the server.
    Stonebrunt Mountains will open once the Scars of Velious has been unlocked for one month on the server.
    Jaggedpine will open when Shadows of Luclin has unlocked on the server.
    Veksar will open when the Lost Dungeons of Norrath has unlocked on the server.

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