It's our name day celebration! Happy 21 years of EverQuest!

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  2. Magic Augur

    Very good post, but no need to wait till server merges, need to open them now! :)
  3. mrchuck New Member

    I feel like everone else i have no desire to go back to FV.I left there to get away from all the drama & bloated economy . I still have all my toons there and i made them on Brekt too so i dunno what is going to happen to them i can`t merge or move them & i dont want to delete them either. Another option would be nice like free transfer to a server of MY choosing,all & all i would rather NOT have the transfer at all.I have been playing EQ since day one and on Brekt since it opened but you developers keep pushing stuff on the players they don`t want.I DO NOT want to transfer off Brekt, this makes a big mess for me to try to straighten out which i feel is BS and is not needed. (especially in these times with covid 19)
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  4. Joncore New Member

    well I am let down I wont be able to spam my FB and twitter with invites promising them a free lvl 85 heroic toon like I have like clock work every other year.

    excited about new TLPs wish they were already out.. hoping that other ruleset is a PVP TLP!!!!
  5. yepmetoo Augur

    They listen quite a bit if the argument is rational, reasoned, and seems to get a lot of agreement.

    The problem here is the low population of Brekt. They likely have a threshold for what makes it worth running a server, and Brekt fell below that point. If that is the case, no matter what you say, they will make the choice.

    With its loot rule set, there is only one place for Brekt to go.

    Any time there were server merges, they usually would open up those characters to move to any server of their choice within X days. But the rule set is the problem, as there is likely no where they will let you go except FV.
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  6. Elthorien Elder

    i present the following argument for Brekt server
    - most players have expressed a negative desire to forced merger to FV
    allow them to go to what ever live server they want
    - what about the tradeable raid gear on Brekt you ask?
    - 1) the transfer would make all that no-trade
    - 2) the introduction of defiant gear has obsoleted most raid gear below level 80, the defiant gear at level 30 starts to obsolete all the temple of veeshan lv 60 raid gear, so low level raid gear is a non-factor
    - 3) Brekt has been a non-raider server for a very very long time, the only content which has been raided on the server is lower tiers of raids from underfoot up thru call of the forsaken, this raid gear being on toons will have zero impact on the balance of the game in those level brackets , this raid gear would be flagged as no-trade as soon as the toons transfer
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  7. Stones New Member

    This seems reasonable to me. It would allow those of us on Brekt who do not wish to play on FV a way to keep the characters we have invested time & effort in on a new server (Other than FV of course...).
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  8. Jugerrnaut Apprentice

    Sent in a petition essentially begging for the chance to transfer off Brekt to a live server.

    My request was 1 character per account be offered a transfer. I offered to pay a transfer fee and to even go with zero equipment, I simply want to save my character and the years of effort/building that went into him.

    I received a standard "cut and paste" reply of about 3 sentences... Brekt is a special rule set server, we cannot transfer characters to a live server but please fee free to contact us if you have any more issues...

    This tells me that the GM didn't even read my petition and replied with a pre-formatted answer. This is how customer service treats a player that's had paid subscriptions since 1999.
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  9. Exmortis_MT Master


    Will we see Account to Account transfers re-enabled when mergers happen? It seems they were stopped after the last transfer, over time I have a few chars I would to separate off accounts to a new one. Now that I am home 24/7 I find my EQ time greatly increased haha!

    Here is hoping!
  10. CatsPaws Augur

    Brekt is getting merged with FV which is another server with similar special rules.

    All players were informed when both of those servers were made that there would be no transfers allowed off due to those special rules.

    Not sure how or why they could have further explained it or why this has anything to do with how long you have paid. They actually gave you the benefit of the doubt and explained about it being special rules instead of just saying "No" Doesn't matter if you went naked or not, if they did it for you then someone who has only paid a year would be allowed to transfer also.
  11. jordune Augur

    personally i thought the best idea was to make the new boxable server free trade and when it goes
    live have it merge with brekt.
    that would have gave the new server a place to go and a brekt pop boost at a later date
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  12. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    Since you felt the need to comment on a thread that appears to have nothing to do with you, then I'll do my best to explain in detail what we are asking (since you obviously missed the point).

    What we are is paying customers (hence the reminder that we have been paid subscribers for years, and we pay with real cash, not kronos). Paying customers have a right to be heard, especially LONG TIME customers. And especially when the product or service in question is absolutely not what we agreed to - despite what you erroneously believe.

    Yes, Brekt is being FORCED merged with a server of similar ruleset (not the same ruleset, just similar. so that tells me servers with different rulesets CAN be merged if the company wants to, so that "point" is erroneous and completely moot). And paying customers, we have the right to point out the lack of service in even addressing our concerns.

    Yes, we knew the rules of this server. And until now, we had NO concerns or desires to move off. The POINT of our arguments is that we agreed to play on BREKT. We agreed to not be able to transfer off of BREKT. We did NOT agree to play FV, not with in game bullies on a toxic server that guarantees the end of EQ for many of us. What we DID agree to was for Brekt to be the future dumping grounds for special event servers. And ALL any of us are asking for is consideration of the customers of Brekt who would like to continue playing this game in an enjoyable manner.

    If you do not like our questions, comments, or ideas, I'd suggest /petition and see where that gets you.

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  13. CatsPaws Augur

    I apologize if I touched a soft spot with you.

    My comment was pertaining to the poster expecting more of a response from the GM. Not about the whole merge thing. Plenty of others have stated good reasons why this is not acceptable.

    Not sure why you are getting personal on this. You have no idea if I also play on Brekt or FV (yes) but I too am a paying customer - cold hard credit cards no krono, on many accounts - and have a right to comment.
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  14. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    Appreciate the apology. And apologize for being snappy. This entire debacle is a soft spot, but especially the complete lack of customer service. Being a long time customer should at the very least entitle us to more than a lazy "cut and paste" response. I get the GMs cannot do anything, we all do. But DB forces us to go through them for everything, including issues like these.

    I firmly believe the only reason I got my petition kicked up to management at all is because I've filed a complaint against them with the BBB. Not sure their "F" rating can handle much more bad publicity....

    Again, sorry for being snappy. Just been several peanuts from the gallery adding their 2cp when they don't have a dog in this fight. And I assumed your were no exception.
  15. Jugerrnaut Apprentice

    You do know that people have been allowed to transfer (without gear) off of FV right? Granted, not many but it has happened. I played for years on FV and saw it happen on several occasions. That being said, it's absolutely possible for someone to transfer off Brekt if DPG chose to allow it.

    My request was not just for my accounts which I guess I need to clarify for you, my request for 1 character per account being given the chance to transfer off would be for every resident of Brekt.

    Yes, we all knew the rules going into Brekt and not being allowed to transfer off. We were also told that Brekt was to be an enduring server and that it would be a catch-all server for others closing down. Since DPG has decided to change the intent of Brekt (and their rules) then why wouldn't we be able to request a rule change as well?

    A majority of Brekt's population were in fact players wanting to leave FV for various reasons and did not expect to be merged right back to FV 3 years later.
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  16. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Free 85 heroics atm? That would give everyone one character they could make level 85 on another server. Not an ideal answer but the best you may be able to get atm.
  17. LDEffectsMe Augur

    I think it's time that the EverQuest team finally lift the restrictions on Free Trade server transfers. I, myself, have never played on Firiona Vie and abandoned my characters on Brekt after Quarm shut down because I'm not fond of getting invested on a "prison" server. Every other server type in EverQuest at least lets you leave it.

    I'm tired of hearing arguments about breaking the economy and such. This is EverQuest, nothing stays best in slot forever, and the addition of Krono already ruined every server's economy. Sure, while someone could in theory buy raid gear from FV and transfer to Live if this happened, who cares? You can take pride knowing you actually earned your gear the "right" way if that's the case.

    Long story short, if Brekt has a tiny population that's only because you trap everyone there. I would 100% play there if I knew I could leave if I wanted to. I play on Mangler now and it's reassuring that when this server population dies, I can take these characters that I've invested hundreds of hours into and take them anywhere I want on Live. But I would never choose a prison server. And if they made a "Free Trade" TLP, I'd avoid it like the plague for the same reasons.

    TLDR: It's been 21 years. Lift the Free Trade transfer limitations and let people play where they want. At the VERY LEAST, allow naked transfers again... And give Quarm/Brekt players a choice of where they end up.
  18. Jugerrnaut Apprentice

    Exactly right and done as soon as this announcement was posted, 85'd a new Jugerrnaut on my original server Tunare.
  19. Stillgar New Member

    What will happen if i have 8 characters on FV and 8 on Brekt ?
    And if i have 1 or 2 slots of extra character on one of those server ? The merged on will have these extra slots ?
  20. Frostbolt New Member

    Please extend the bonus experience :)
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