It's our name day celebration! Happy 21 years of EverQuest!

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  1. Eldrend New Member

    my question for the devs
    the FV-Brekt server merger, is this set in stone? or is there time to hear from the player base? (the majority on Brekt do not desire to merge with FV )
  2. Luciusslayer New Member

    any thoughts on maybe combining Agnarr with Mangler? They're going to match up in eras and both the new TLP's coming out are going to hit them both hard, mangler more.
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  3. Barbasja New Member

    There are those of us who are "ready to try out a new class" or want to "try something new on our current server", but at the same time have filled all character slots on our server of choice. For us, trying a new class would mean to delete one other character, one we already invested many, many hours in grooming to high level. When the announcement was made about a free heroic character, it sounded like fun. Now, the sense of fun is replaced with a puzzled mind as why you would offer those of us to try more aspects of the game while having to sacrifice some of it we already find fun (by deleting one character/class just to try another). This isn't having fun, it's having an impossible choice.

    Please follow that free heroic character offer up with a free extra character slot, or it doesn't really make sense - at least not for those of us old loyal customers who have been playing for 20 years and long ago filled all character slots with classes we already love to play and don't want to delete, and on servers where we have friends we played with for decades and also don't want to leave.
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  4. Thomaz New Member

  5. Kywen Elder

    If they gave away free money, people would complain.
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  6. Megasi Apprentice

    Hello EQ overlords,

    I like other people who have posted here love this game, it’s been an amazing adventure for me for the last 20ish years of my life. Ever since the first time I’ve touched the controls and killed my friends Ranger in Crushbone by not knowing how to swim I’ve constantly found new enjoyment (and ways to die) in this game. I’ve taken numerous breaks over the years and constantly found my way back time after time not only because of the game itself, but because of the people who play it. Finding a few people to play with isn’t too hard but finding a server where the majority of the people are helpful and a joy to play with is very few and far between. The last time I found a server like that was Al’kabor RIP 2013.

    Brekt while having a very low population seems to have become the land that the overlords forgot, just like Al’kabor was in its time. When the server switched from Quarm to Brekt we had a clear view of what was going to happen, all the characters would be dumped there we’d lose quite a bit of the population back to their original servers but a few of us would stick around and wait for the next event server to come and go then we’d get more accounts thrown onto the server and maybe more would stick around. That was 2016-2017 now 3 years later after it’s ended there has been no word about anymore event servers and it feels like the few of us who have stuck around and made this server a home are just being thrown in with another server for something to do with us because plans either got scrapped or no one could come up with a plan on what to do next.

    During that time that we’ve waited the server has come to be what many people want from a game. There’s a casual raiding guild if that’s your thing. There’s a decent size guild for just hanging out and talking to people, there’s guilds people have made just so they can design and decorate their own guild halls. It’s a place you can log in and maybe your bored of the exp grind, you can go to old world zones and most likely find a god or 2 to kill. Seru may be chilling in his chamber looking for a fight or Tormax and AoW hanging out in Kael. It’s like that because everything on the server isn’t on farm status by a group of people looking to find buyers for the items so they can pay their rent. Items aren’t sold or traded for Krono, a few people do buy them every now and then to pay for their accounts but that’s their extent. There are no box armies parked at every named in a zone, if you want a particular item, you’ll either ask in general if anyone wants to help camp a mob, or load a box or 2 and camp it yourself. When items are replaced a lot of times they are given away before being sold. This may not seem like much to some, but to those of us to play here it’s wonderful.

    That was a lot of words to basically say just this. Please do not destroy this community. Please leave the server how it is. And lastly please give event servers another shot, I started playing here because of Quarm and that was some of the most fun I’ve had playing an MMO in quite a while. Not everyone wants to keep playing through the same 3-5 expansion every so often with the TLPs. And not everyone wants to endgame raid the newest expansions. Please reconsider giving us events to work towards somewhere in the middle and letting Brekt be the home for those characters and people who still want to play them after the fact.

    Thanks for reading my late-night rambles,
    Arimi, Kuleni, Pinot
  7. Jalen007 Journeyman

    Mangler exp was pretty solid and the unlock timers seem to satisfy the majority. Considering many people seem to have bypassed the Truebox limitation to an obscene degree, I'm very exited to see the addition of a box TLP! This will, at the very least, put everyone on a level playing field.

    I was very confused when Quarm (free trade) was simply switched into a live server - Brekt (free trade). It would have been more logical to simply continue the progression from OoW onward, giving us a free trade TLP in the process. With the merge of Brekt and Firiona Vie (both Free Trade servers), launching a TLP with the free trade addition, at the same time of the merge, would make sense. People that are vehemently opposed to joining the FV's bloated economy, would have another option - free trade TLP. Adding it to Rizlona might also make it easier to gear up boxes!

    I always loved the free trade economy, but it would be awesome to experience it on a new progression TLP, as FV is now top heavy and new players have a very difficult time starting out there. Once the server caught up to FV, you would have the FTP version and the gold only version.
  8. Chikkin Augur

    Just woke up this morning and was reading this thread. Is this something that a poll/vote could be created on the server? Do the votes work out well?

    Also, was really expecting a lot more merging on the live servers than what was announced. Not complaining as I'm on Test and love it. But just didn't seem like much.

    Thanks for giving the news that you could thus far Dreamweaver!

    P.S. -- Locked Rogue/Bard-only doors still suck! Halted my ability to explore the rest of SSRA Temple and Vex Thal.. I suppose the easy solution would be to make a heroic rogue/bard. :D
  9. Jugerrnaut Apprentice

    Personally, I left FV years ago to do TLPs when they started and ended up settling on Brekt after the wash, rinse, repeat of the TLPs got old.

    Now 3 years into serious character building on Brekt is essentially wasted, I decline to play on the FV server again until DBG/DPG cleans it up. It's far too toxic and the automated armies are still running a muck farming stuff indefinitely.

    Brekt is a very low population server, everyone knows that but that population still counts right? They are still subscribed players and should have a chance (I guess this thread is it) to voice their wishes.

    Please leave Brekt on its own, the vast majority of its population does not want to go to/back to FV! DBG/DPG will lose some players if this server merge goes forward, that's a given, I run 4 accounts on Brekt and don't fund them with krono.
  10. Cencamia Journeyman

    For the love of Tunare, please revise your thoughts on the Brekt merger. We all agree it is a low pop server, but putting that pop into FV will be like running a lvl 1 through PoTime. We don't belong there and will be ran over. I will agree that FV and Brekt share the same loot rules, however FV has been running for a very long time and inflation big time compared to what has been developed on Brekt. The overall feel of the server is what keeps us playing. Yes, we would enjoy a small rise in pop of like minded players. However it feels like we were that child that always got forgotten about. Brekt was suppose to be a 'end' server for the special rule event servers. Maybe along those lines of thinking, there has been several posts about the Agnarr sever. A possible thought, Agnarr 2.0. Let the people that want to continue to play come to Brekt, others can start up on the new server.

    Yes, Brekt is low pop, and with all the comments about the Brekt - FV merger, that puts the percentage of players that have voiced higher. Let our voices be heard and brought to the table to rethink the fate of the server.
  11. Sikkun Augur

    Mass merge servers until they are all med/high and ignore the forums for a month. After that servers will actually have sustainable numbers for the first time in over a decade.
  12. Elthorien Elder

    the servers do have the numbers, merging them will have zero impact on the availability of groups because vast majority of player that i have observed have chosen to multi box solo instead of group with other players. the ability to easily run 3 accounts AND 3 mercs is a full group, combined with "other tools" and you get the picture.
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  13. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    So I'm starting to get a bit salty that the devs/company doesn't see fit to respond or address any of our concerns, questions, and/or statements. Maybe we need to talk louder?

  14. Freefoot New Member

    I agree with the posts on leaving Brekt alone and NOT merging it into FV. Please leave our server alone and instead maybe you can give the the merging servers an option to move to Brekt. If your server transfer information was up to date and didn't say that its not allowed to move to Brekt (even though you can) then we wouldn't even be on the list to be moved today. I also left FV and have finally found a server I can call home.

    Think about what your doing and consult the community before you decide. You won't find a single person that wants to move to FV on Brekt.
  15. Barbasja New Member

    Yes, people will complain about everything and anything, even other people's posts.

    Perhaps it wasn't clear enough for everyone reading it, so let me explain in simple terms.
    • I have absolutely no problem paying for both another character slot and a heroic, in cash even. I have been playing EQ for 20 years and paid for it, which over the time amounts to a not insignificant sum, so, really, no problem, I find it's worth it.
    • I have however no more character slots. All used up, and long time ago.
    • I have no character among them all I would want to upgrade to a heroic. Too much time and effort spent on working them up to really merit that.
    • I would however very much like to enjoy playing yet another class, try some more of the game content from a new perspective, as I am sure is the intent from Daybreak with the heroic offer.
    • As explained, I cannot do that regardless of paying or not.
    And thus, I cannot use the enticing "present" from Daybreak to enjoy the fun in the game of using that heroic upgrade option I have now. It's not about money. I have enough of that, plenty. It's about enjoying EQ to the max.

    Again, I would be happy to pay. On the other hand, is it really so much to ask for being able to enjoy the fun intended by the game publisher for free after paying loyally for so many years? Really!
  16. Bryant Journeyman

    Why not think logically and move Fippy to a server that's actually about to hit the same ERA? Phinigel is about to hit TDS and thats exactly where Fippy is right now. If you're afraid of geared people moving before Arx is cleared, cool. Give it a month after the guilds here beat the expansion(something never done on Fippy) or wait until TBM drops and move it then. There is quiet a few people in the progression server community who have been hoping to move characters from Fippy to another TLP once it hit that era.
  17. jeskola Augur

    I am pretty surprised they don't schedule Fippy to merge into phinny Midway through TDS. They could even keep the Fippy server name to go with Darkpaw Games.
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  18. Monkman Augur

    You all realize nothing you say here matters to them right? Brekt will merge with FV. They’ve already made up their mind.
  19. wickedlittlewoodelf New Member

    What is the timeline for the merges?
  20. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    Unfortunately, it seems you are correct about this. Clearly, Daybreak, Darkpaw, whatever their name is now has ZERO respect for their customer base. I consider the lack of response to be a slap in the face and their asinine decisions are proof that this company/this game is no longer about the customers/fans/players at ALL.

    They cannot even be bothered to let us know when it will happen. So disgusted.

    Very sad it's come to this. Thanks DBG/DPG, for making EQ's 21st anniversary the last for many of us.
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