It's our name day celebration! Happy 21 years of EverQuest!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Geadina New Member

    I literally just signed back up to All Access. Did not get a Heroic Character upgrade. Do we not get one if not All Access before the event started?
  2. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Then FFS will someone with a red name PLEASE make a post and detail exactly what the rules are governing these heroics, instead of the community relying on nothing but rumors and "I know a guy" statements like this?
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  3. Benito Augur

    Dreamweaver is the community moderator/representative (employee of Darkpaw Games). That was his reply to my question (whether we can keep the credit in perpetuity) in DM. But yes, I am not opposed to all of the rules being laid out. :)
  4. Morgil Fang New Member

    the whole reason i went and started completly anew on brekt was that i dident find it any fun to continue on FV...
    But maybe this can finaly put me of EQ . 20 years is a long time playing a game.
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  5. Bapikid New Member

    I love Brekt the way it is and never would want to merge with FV. We like the quiet and the kindness on this server and would like to keep it that way. /Unhappy
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  6. StubieOfXegony New Member

    I play using Krono. My account shows "All Access" at the character select screen, but I didn't receive a heroic character.
    Can someone provide official clarity on this?

    Also, if I switch to a paid subscription using a credit card, will I be granted a heroic character, or did I need to meet the requirements before 3/16?

    I just logged in, and I have a message when I got in-game saying that I have "... a new Heroic Character available."
    However, it's not available on the character select screen.

    Please help.
  7. Stones New Member

    As someone who has been playing the past few years on Brekt with my partner I'd like to state our opinion on the Brekt-FV server merge. My partner & I both like Brekt with it's low drama, the XP rate, different rule set & economy (as stated by Hothand) as opposed to FV. We don't want FV with it's bloated economy, XP rate, population, etc. I would ask that you communicate more with players on Brekt directly because not everyone comes to the forums to voice their opinions. We would like to keep Brekt the way it is, even though it is one of the lowest population servers. Opening up server transfers would lessen the blow somewhat in case the merge does happen, but as other players have stated here, we want to keep Brekt as a separate server from FV. There are already 3 other servers being merged into two, leaving enough for the 2 planned TLP servers. Just please communicate with the player base on Brekt. We're paying customers too.
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  8. Rikunda New Member

    There needs to be a LOT more merges than that to get them up to par. So many empty servers... Either merge them or close them!
  9. Benito Augur

    Do you see the small blurb that says "Heroic Character Available: 1" instead of "Heroic Character Available: 0" just above the green "Upgrade Character" button at Character Select?

    If you are seeing 1 (or your original number + 1), then you have your HC granted and you simply press "Upgrade Character" on the character you want to boost. You can also boost by entering the game and clicking "Upgrade Character" green button with your inventory open.
  10. Derka Augur

    It says "bauble" did you guys check /claim maybe? Not at home to check
  11. StubieOfXegony New Member

    Well, oddly enough, I camped to character select screen and the heroic character was there.
    I think the first time, I just got to character select and then exited. I didn't go fully into the game.
    All good.
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  12. Geadina New Member

    I also see my Heroic Character since doing a relog. Looking forward to seeing what all has changed!! =)
  13. Nagak New Member

    Did you need to be all access prior to the event, or can someone become all access now and receive the Heroic character upgrade?
  14. Geadina New Member

    I went All Access about 1.5 hrs ago. Took a bit but the Heroic Character showed at up Character Select screen.
  15. Nagak New Member

    Sweet Thanks
  16. Duality Elder

    Clarity wouldn't be a bad thing. I still have unclaimed heroics from the give away from a few years ago that are still on a few of my accounts that I hadn't yet claimed. I'm going to assume it was meant that you have to log in to an all-access account during the time period where its then "claimed" to your account. Once they are attached to your account, I don't see why it would be any different this time and be removed if not claimed to an actual toon.
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  17. Lumenace New Member

    I recognized several posters from Brekt on here and all are respected members of that server and need to also voice my dissatisfaction with this possible merger with FV.

    We are a very close knit server and avoid conflict and drama like the plague, I do not think that anyone on Brekt would be happy with FV, myself included.

    I currently have 3 paid full membership accounts on Brekt and would have to seriously reconsider my options were there to be a merger.

    I STRONGLY recommend you take another look at this one, I feel you would be making a big mistake.

    A lot of us quit a long time ago when SOE had screwed things so badly, many of us were around during the Verant time.We could quit again.
  18. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    awww, I'm finally respectable! :) I'm gonna miss my server mates if it comes down to it. I really will. But I am really hoping DB or DPG, whatever they are calling themselves now will reconsider and do the right thing.
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  19. Szilent Augur

    Pretty disappointed the merges are just clearing away old special rules set servers to make room for new ones. Live EQ been itching for this for ages, not just Vox
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  20. Wyre Wintermute Augur

    That's where a lot of clarity is needed. Per the old promo:

    Then there was this one in 2017, with different rules:

    Roshen's reply to the 2017 Freebie:

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