It's our name day celebration! Happy 21 years of EverQuest!

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  1. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Hail Norrathians,

    It's hard for us to fathom that it's been 21 years since this grand adventure began The myriad lands and challenges you’ve all completed have brought us an incredible sense of awe time and time again. We couldn't be happier to share another year with all of you and can't wait to see what the next year brings.
    We've got some great things in store for the anniversary, some of you’re already experiencing, such as our new Overseer feature and the Veteran AA rewards. We still have a few things we'd like to discuss below as we enter our 21st year, including our annual 50% bonus experience event, which will be from March 16, 2020 12 AM PDT to April 1, 2020 at 1 AM PDT.

    New TLP server news?

    Yeah, we got that. We are incredibly excited to announce the names and general rule set info for the TWO new TLP servers we will be launching in the coming months. Please put your hands, paws, and claws together for Aradune and Rizlona! Aradune is a new concept for our Truebox server rule set. It's going to have similarities to Mangler's rule set in terms of XP, era locking, and a lot more. Rizlona will also share the Mangler rule set and be our first boxing progression server in a long time. More specific rule sets and how they will function differently than the current TLPs will be shared in the coming weeks!

    Heroic Level 85 Character Boost

    Ready to try out a new class, want to make a home on a different live server? We're giving all All Access Members a free Heroic Level 85 Character Boost to celebrate our birthday. Start a new life in a new home, or just try something new on your current one. You'll be able to claim the bauble from March 16 through May 10!

    Server Merges

    To prepare you and your characters for the universal shift, we wanted to let you know what servers are on the list. We don't want anyone getting the matter in their bodies all mixed up, that can get messy.
    Lockjaw -> Ragefire
    Trakanon -> Vox
    Fippy -> Vox
    Brekt -> FV

    Player Designed Anniversary Quests!

    We love the ideas we've gotten from players over the years. The development team worked to implement two player-designed quests that were submitted at Fan Faires over the years. This year for the anniversary quests, prepare to dive into some relationship woes and a culinary conundrum! You can find the following quests and their quest givers below!
    Quest: Fancy Feast
    Quest Giver: Maitreya the Maitre D’
    Starting Zone: Plane of Knowledge

    Quest: I Guess this is Growing Up
    Quest Giver: Emissary of Erollisi Marr
    Starting Zone: Plane of Knowledge

    Thank You

    A huge thanks to both players that submitted the quests and to all of you for passionately sharing your ideas and love for the game with us! You've been a huge part of our lives and adventures, and we hope we've been part of yours as well.
    Cheers to turning 21, and here’s to seeing you in-game!

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Can we please get some feedback on why servers with different rule-sets are being merged? I am quite happy on Brekt, and putting aside the player dynamics that are VERY different between the two servers, I am extremely disappointed to hear I will be forced to accept a permanent experience bonus that I intentionally avoided.
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  3. Thomaz New Member

    Are these the only servers being merged or will more follow?
  4. dreamweaver Community Manager

    At this time these are the only planned merges, if there are more I will let you all know.
  5. Summoner New Member

    Can we xfer characters back from Brekt to their original server now? I would love to undo that mistake
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  6. nicoftime New Member

    so you're making 2 more mangler tlps, one being able to box on, whats the point of making another tlp so similar, people are already boxing with shadow pc and vms anyways
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  7. Herf Augur

    Well at least we finally get some bonus XP.
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  8. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    The full ruleset has not been disclosed, that it will be "based" on Mangler ruleset for XP & expansion unlocks is the only info given thus far, there's plenty of scope for the full ruleset to offer up something new yet.

    The boxing TLP is something that has been asked for a lot, there's a very large discussion thread on that topic to support it, so long as it has AoC enabled (not confirmed yet) it will offer something box-friendly that hasn't been available previously.

    I was expecting/hoping for a few more merges since the server I play on is quite low population now, although it is quite stable it could of course use a few more people.
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  9. Kyleigh Journeyman

    Release these servers by mid April and Darkpaw, you guys will make bank! $$$$$ Self isolation and COVID-19.
    Yes it will tank Mangler's pop but...

    DO IT!
  10. Hothand New Member

    Why is Brekt being merged into FV exactly? FV certainly doesn't need the population boost and 99% of Brekt has no desire to play on a toxic server with a completely different ruleset and economy. I've been on Brekt from day 1 and because I love the community we've built there it's the only reason I still play this game. That will be destroyed by merging us with FV.

    I don't visit the forums often I just enjoy playing the game with my friends but when I do I constantly find posts on here about people wanting another free trade server. Instead of giving customers that you have decided to instead take one away and now there will be only 1 free trade server again which makes no sense to me.

    Without Brekt does this mean no more new event servers in the future? Quarm was a lot of fun and had to be a huge financial success for DB I would be very disappointed if you get rid of Brekt ( the event server character dumping grounds ) and make it so there are no more new events servers.

    Please reconsider this merge, it is unnecessary and unwanted by either server.
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  11. Elthorien Elder

    could we please get a reevaluation of the Brekt-FV merger
    please communicate with the players on Brekt
    that server has developed a very unique player base
    for the most part it has developed a non-raiding community that seeks to avoid the drama of the larger servers, especialy that of the FV server, many of the players I have spoken with left FV and joined Brekt for exactly this reason
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  12. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    Dreamweaver has got back to me. You can only redeem the heroic character during the promotional period (March 16-May 10).

    I am awaiting to hear if you can delete the heroic character and get your credit back during the promo period.
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  13. Iove Lorekeeper

    Hope new concept mean FV-loot?

    Please consider open them early, much early! Few month it's way too much of wait for all people who don't want play on current servers and want fresh start! Many players like me, working from home atm, also want to play and spend money in EQ and not in other games.
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  14. dreamweaver Community Manager

    The late spring/early summer time frame is still in effect.
  15. Wudin New Member

    I DO NOT want to merge with FV. The whole damn reason I left FV for Brekt is because I can't stand the place. I was about to sub up 4 accounts for the heroics but not if they just go to FV. Really I am sorry FV sucks and needs a merge to FORCE players back to it. But if it happens I am just done with this game.
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  16. Serona Elder

    Just wanted to say thanks for doing something that the community has been requesting for a few years now with Rizlona.

    Can't make everyone happy, and, I'm sure lots will complain anyway - but, thanks for listening.
  17. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    I agree with the above statements. Will most likely be leaving EQ if I'm forced to play on FV, a server I strongly dislike. So if ya'll wanna lose 60-70 bucks a month (from this ONE player), and I expect many other subscriptions to follow suit, continue on as planned.

    Not happy with this particular merge AT ALL.
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  18. GugokSkulkraker Journeyman

    Very happy to see Aradune being immortalized in a server. Can't wait to play on it.
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  19. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    AT THE VERY least, open up transfers and let us move to a server of our choice. I will reconsider cancelling all my subscriptions if that is the case.
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  20. Iove Lorekeeper

    Bad news..

    There was also second question in my post, about FV loot? Maybe it was too small font in it? :)
    This few month of waiting will be much easier for me if i will wait my dream server (Like Mangler/Phinny but with free-trade).

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