It's 2020, isn't it time?

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  1. Mokai Journeyman

    Adding a couple more ideas:
    • No krono allowed.
    • No moves to/from the server.
  2. Skuz Augur

    1. Doable but seems arbitrarily silly
    2. Pretty much unenforceable as you would have to essentially lock things up in a way that makes it so only one player from any location could access the game, in a multi-occupancy household, or building even this would be really bad for anyone else in the home/building who also wanted to play on this server.
    3. Hell no, look at all the problems those little gits create.
    4. superfluous if you have only one character slot available, this would just be a couple extra bank spaces in effect.
    5. - Not sure how that could work pre-SoL, since you either need that or Plane of Knowledge to reach it in the first place.
    6.- FV has an addition xp bonus so this fits.
    7. Pretty sure you cannot have those within the EQ game, the code for these affects all servers and since DBG are not going to maintain separate code-streams you can't have it. If this is a big enough deal-breaker you would have to use a 3rd party server (P99 et al)
    8. So you want 3rd party plat sellers, who siphon money away from the game develops back? No Krono isn't going to happen because it would be a very bad business decision, DBG needs those Krono sales & a server without them makes such a server far less worth creating to begin with.
    9.- Pretty much expected that you will never be allowed to transfer off a free trade server but no transferring to it either is fine by me.
  3. Brunlin Augur

    We just need one of them...i would play on any of them but no reason to splt the population on a fresh me it would make more sense to just start doing a event server once a year...go to POP and than drop toons off in Agnaar and than wipe the server and do it again...have achievements and a leader board for server first, and certain goal based achievements.....every year we can change the achievements up to get certain rewards that can be claimed on that account on any server including expac locked servers.
  4. Skuz Augur

    If you hadn't guessed I was being sarcastic, I'd rather not fragment the player-base needlessly & see some small pop servers merged, but while eq player base isn't huge there's quite a range of preferences to account for.
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