Items and Plat missing from shared bank

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Shaded, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Shaded Journeyman

    April 03, 2019 18:00

    when i wet to the bank all 6 slots are empty shared bank slots are empty and some 900,000 plat is missing checked other characters none of it was moved to any of them. no one else has my account info

    Game Master
    April 03, 2019 20:27

    Greetings Adventurer,

    I'm sorry to hear about your shared bank slots. I have escalated your ticket to our Development Team and placed it "On Hold", as this investigation is processed. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Once we know more information on what happened, we will be updating your ticket with more information and go from there. Thank you so much for you patience.
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    Daybreak Game Company
    Sunday at 21:30

    day 5 and still waiting for word on the investigation. My shared bank is still empty and all the plat is till missing

    Today at 09:52

    i do hope you are still investigating this issue and did not just sweep it under the rug. it is now a week with updates about it
  2. Demendred Journeyman

    I have gotten the same response as you have. This is going on 10 days for me with over 10 million plat missing along with everything from my shared bank accounts. It is getting ridiculous.
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  3. Arsdenyl Journeyman

    Putting tickets "on hold" is not a solution. Updates are appropriate. If I don't update a case I'm working that affects multiple users I hear from the director of my project.
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  4. Shaded Journeyman

    well i have cancelled my membership as of today. If they don't resolve is by then end of the month looks like i will be finding a different game company to give my money to.
  5. Teylana Lorekeeper

    What bothers me is the complete silence not only from the dev team but also the somethingCS team. This is NOT how you handle this kind of thing.

    I realize that this isn't a progression server issue so maybe no one at DBG gives a damn but it would be awfully nice to something from someone instead of crickets.
  6. Shaded Journeyman

    well i got an automated email about canceling my account with a link to a survey. i took it and found it is kind of rigged, they want you to rate 5 things on membership from 1 to 5 but you can not repeat any numbers or it blanks the duplicated number out and you can not move forward. and a what can we do to make you renew you membership, well i wrote a book on that part.
  7. Demendred Journeyman

    bump 11 days now.
  8. Shaded Journeyman

    same here they have 24 days to do something or i say bye bye EQ
  9. Rila Journeyman

    Has anyone with this problem been assisted yet? I am in the same boat as others here and just trying to be patient while they restore my plat / shared bank, but it's starting to get a little frustrating waiting on a simple update or response :(
  10. Arsdenyl Journeyman

    I haven't stood still on my affected toon. So if the fix is a character rollback I am going to be very displeased with that solution because I'll lose hundreds of AAs plus equipment updates and achievements.
  11. Arsdenyl Journeyman

    Of course an update for those affected might help rather than having unhappy customers that guess and gripe day after day the lack of customer service. As I said before, putting a ticket "on hold" is neither a solution or customer service; it's the opposite of both of those.
  12. Shaded Journeyman

    i do not think any of us have had any updates on this issue. Day Breaks customer service is non existent as far as i can tell. as i said earlier i have already canceled my 14 year account with 11+ years paid. in that time i have spent thousands of dollars on this game i am sure any other gaming company will gladly take my money. IF (and i have a feeling that is a BIG if) they return my shared bank before the current subscription month runs out i will remain an EQ player, otherwise i will sadly leave a game i have loved playing for many years.
  13. JahMahl New Member

    While I hate to see others suffer the same fate as myself at least I know Im not alone. Very frustrated about this, no update at all just on hold. Very, very frustrating :/
  14. Demendred Journeyman

    Still waiting.. I can't cancel, I bought a lifetime. I wish I could get that money back if they do not fix the issue.
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  15. JahMahl New Member

    Has anyone from the development team even acknowledged this issue at all or given any indication that they have any intention of trying to resolve this?
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  16. Barton Augur

    I would try updating the petition and or sending a pm to Roxxlyy on here and/or posting on the daybreak help twitter feed

    The odds of this post fixing the problem is highly unlikely
  17. Teylana Lorekeeper

    Petition updated? Check. PMs sent? Check. Social media posts? Check - on multiple platforms.

    Daybreak's "community relations" team (and I use that term loosely) have stayed dead quite. Utter fail if you ask me.
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  18. Arsdenyl Journeyman

    Ditto - the lack of communication is sad.
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  19. JahMahl New Member

    I understand you are trying to help but many of us have tried these options multiple times to no avail, this is just an opportunity for us share the story of our plight and hopefully gain attention on another front since our other options have been exhausted. The very fact that we have to chase down the dev team using methods other than the ones they have provided us already to contact them is a comment on their lack of concern for the community.

    I played have played eq and eq2 for almost 16 years now and up until now have always received timely support for all issues so I am trying to be patient but I am slowly coming around to the realization that it may be time to move along.
  20. JahMahl New Member

    Tried to contact the developers on these forums to try to get some kind of answer about this and wasnt able to get a response. Still want to bump this until it gets some attention. Prolly wont help but gonna try anyway.

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