Item "Assaulter's Weighted Tabard" and follow-up's

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  1. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Hello DBG Item designers,

    I don't know if someone already brought that up, but there's something odd with the Melee version of the Evolving TBL shoulders. Can you explain this, please?

    The marked focus is a Mana preserving focus. What does that mean?
    - Do melee's get the real stuff in the next expansion? Or
    - Is that a totally-off focus and gets changed in the future?

    Thanks in advance.


    PS: This applies to the follow-up's of that shoulder item too: Pure Melee classes and mana preservation focus.
  2. Tolzol Augur

    I need all the mana preservation i can get I’ve been at 0% since GoD! But on a serious note, it’s just the focus that’s on shoulders doesn’t negatively impact anything so no need to waste time changing it.
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  3. Derka Augur

    What Tolzol said. All the chase items have a generic foci. They aren't specific to archetypes
  4. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    I would accept that if there's only *one* shoulder chase item in the end, like it is for the boots and ring chase items. The gloves split up in armor types (chain, leather, plate, silk) but their focus and worn effects help (at least some) classes which can wear them.

    But there are several shoulder items, at least five (according to this search result on Allakhazam):

    Assaulter's Gem Studded Weighted Tabard - Pure Melee classes
    Composite Gem Studded Weighted Tabard - Hybrid classes
    Convoker's Gem Studded Weighted Tabard - Caster classes
    Mendicant's Gem Studded Weighted Tabard - Priest classes
    Protector's Gem Studded Weighted Tabard - Plate classes

    I can understand if the Mana preservation focus is on most of these items because the other four cover classes which use mana. But the Assaulter's covers ONLY classes which DON'T HAVE mana.
    If this focus would also have effect on Endurance consumption ... well, that would be a different story and I wouldn't have started this thread :) .
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  5. Drogba Augur

    looks like a dev just missed it in the copy-paste
  6. smash Augur

    Why should they make shoulders that do not use standard template. It does not mean anything and you would not get any other focus instead. It is much faster using the standard. So live with it.
  7. Baydin New Member

    Point being that these items literally "evolve" to fit the respective classes. You'll notice there's no mana on the tabard, so your template statement doesn't hold weight. Everyone here is familiar with the item templates that have existed forever, but this really is a horse of a different color. It's obviously an oversight on an item of this tier, and I would hope it's addressed eventually.
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  8. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Of course, the only way it will be "addressed", is by removing the focus.
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Adding spells is a separate step from adding mana to items, and all I see when I add spells is an item number. Not the classes on it, that stats of it, etc. So it was simply a "this spell goes on items in this slot" and I missed the fact that no-one on that has mana. Adding the spells is also manual, while I have a tool that adds stats. That tool DOES realize that no-one that uses it has mana, so it puts a 0 in the mana. Me being human, on the manual "add spells" step... well. oops.

    And I haven't deemed it enough of an issue to remove it since it is also harmless. It's not a terribly difficult task... just. "it's harmless" so I forget about it until someone brings it up again :)

    It is not "blocking" something that should be there. It simply shouldn't be there, so... at some point I need to remove it.

    I'll make a ticket now to remove it next patch so it doesn't harm ya'll aesthetic sensibilities :)
  10. yepmetoo Augur

    Not having +25 Bash on the tank shoulders is a bigger deal by far. =(
  11. Brohg Augur

    'dat 4dps tho
  12. yepmetoo Augur

    Dat OCD!
  13. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Don't be so hard to yourself, Ngreth, humans do mistakes and it matters how they deal with that. With all the Layoffs DBG did in the past years we can imagine there's not the (wo)manpower anymore the designer crew had during SOE times, so mistakes can happen more easily, even with the long-year experience you and your colleagues have.
    Also, thanks for the insight how items are being created.


    As for the Melee Tabard ... is there an Endurance preservation focus or a noticeable Combat End Regen which can be applied to the Assaulter's Tabards?

    Reason why I ask that up: If us melee's die during a raid script we get instant-aggro on almost every raid boss these days, making it complicated to impossible to gain endurance. The "... Wind" disciplines can be used with aggro, but they a) have a huge cooldown and b) block the "Hiatus" series (same disc timer type but lots more cooldown time).
    Also, Hiatus needs at least a bit endurance to be started and, with said instant-aggro, we're stuck on plain melee actions even after rezz sick is over.
    The mana-using classes can lick a Mystical Rod and get some mana which they can use. But us pure melee's are screwed since the 'Stamina -> Endurance' transition; before that there were spells for faster Stamina regen.

    So if we get some additional 'Combat End regen' or Endurance preservation it would help us alot. Thanks in advance :) .
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  14. Lianeb Augur

  15. Bobokin Augur

    That begs the question: why not?

    Why should all other classes get a benefit, but the pure melee classes get a blank space?

    With a high end evolved item, shouldn't they?
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  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    because the lack of that buff would make the item a detriment to all classes EXCEPT melee. It's there to keep the balance expected, NOT to "add more." The *more* that these items offer is in the stats and the augments that allow for additional modification, not for "special" focuses.

    For other classes that buff makes the item useful at all... for melee, it neutral. Like for ALL shoulder items in recent expansions.
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  17. Brohg Augur

  18. Nilwean Lorekeeper

    Same with the priest one, but Djarn's ring works on both beneficial and detrimental now....
  19. Brohg Augur

    shush you, that's describing a reasonable design direction. allegations of spite & incompetence are way more entertaining
  20. Yinla Augur

    Problem is you can now not upgrade shoulders until you get the ring, and that damn thing is rare!

    Boots on the other hand are common as muck!

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