Confirmed Item Added to Bag Sound on Every Login

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fanra, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. Fanra

    On one of my characters (Baadby on Bertox) every time I log them in there is the sound of an item being added to my bags. This is not happening on any of my other characters. There is no text saying I was given anything.

    As far as I know, this started with the Terror of Luclin release. Assuming it's just the sound and nothing is being messed up, this clearly is not a priority.
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  2. Soulbanshee Augur

  3. Fian Augur

    I have seen this happen before TOL.
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  4. TarewMarrForever Augur

    I believe this sound can be heard when an item is added to Item Overflow upon login. I just had this happen today when an item I was holding was "lost" off the cursor. When I logged in, I heard that sound. Haven't heard it since I grabbed the item and put it in General Inventory.
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  5. Duder Augur

    This just started happening to me after the xpac launch for one character, there are zero items in my item overflow.
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  6. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I'm getting this now as well on all three accounts.

    I first logged in to my trader on each account (highest level is 28) and did not notice a sound. Then when I camp and swap to the primary toon on each account (all currently 116), I get the looting/bag drop sound. Overflow is empty on all three. Nothing in the empty top slot on the inventory. All three are logging into the lobby.

    This is on Drinal.
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  7. Herf Augur

    On Agnarr this happened after the expansion, when logging in and having all my keys reset to achivements. But it only happened the first time on each toon. However for people who had more than 8 keys, things behaved a bit differently. On live, where you might have hundreds of keys, maybe it's different there in a different way? Clearly the key/achivement code has some unresolved issues.
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  8. TarewMarrForever Augur

    Can confirm that this is unrelated to overflow, and happens only once first time you log in character. Just logged my paly in for first time post-patch, and it made that noise.
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  9. Hegsheoshed Augur

    I have had this happening on a few characters for well over 5 years. I became paranoid after it started since I couldn't find any other reports of it. It made me feel like I had helped the wrong person get a rare epic drop and my character had been marked some how. Recently it started happening to a lot more of my characters. So seeing this thread makes me happy I can chalk up my paranoia to simple old paranoia.
  10. Hegsheoshed Augur

    I gave everyone likes except one person. They provided a non working error link and I began to doubt that the end of my long journey into madness was nigh.
  11. Velisaris_MS Augur

    The link is to the beta forum and works just fine if you have access to it from pre-ordering the expansion.

    The thread has a post from a dev saying that they can't reproduce it.
  12. Yteran Lorekeeper

    I also have this problem, but only on my main character on the Firiona Vie server. It started after the ToL patch.

    No idea what is causing it, but if the devs can't reproduce it, I have little faith there'll be a solution.
  13. Claan Elder

    My character started doing that on beta before the launch. My character on live started doing it after launch of ToL. It happens at every login. There is nothing in my itemoverflow.
  14. Wdor Thief, Assassin, Purveyor of Fine Poisons

    I had this happen before. A couple of months ago. Nothing in /itemoverflow. Eventually it just stopped. No idea why it happened, or why it suddenly stopped. Didn't seem to affect gameplay at all.
  15. Ratalthor Developer

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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Only get this on my bard account (Ketayni) she had something in a red perk slot, still happens after that slot was emptied. (Never purchased perks on her account, was reported in another bug thread).
  17. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I posted about this in the other thread:

    I went through and logged in all the toons on all my accounts, and the only time the sound happened was when I logged in a character that had key achievements. Toons that had none didn't make the bag drop sound.
  18. Grove Augur

    This is happening now to two of my characters. For one, I think it has been going on for years. The other character just started in December 2021.
  19. Velisaris_MS Augur

    More than 3 months after this got reported, it's still happening.

    From what I can tell, after logging in/out on several other alts on my accounts, it does appear to only happen if the toon has any key achievements.

    Any update on this being fixed would be appreciated.
  20. Skurge Apprentice

    This seems to be related to keys. The Key of Acquiescence is still in inventory.