It’s the Year of Darkpaw AMA time!

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  1. Nuek Leerholocaust New Member

    Have you considered adding picks/instances of increased difficulty for zones, missions, and raids? The idea would be similar to what was done in the LDON expansion. Laurion's Inn has been a fun expansion, but there isn't much of a challenge for raid geared players. This strategy would allow group geared casual players a chance to beat content and gear up, while at the same time provide a challenge and better rewards for your more hard core community.


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  2. Slinkus Minkus I'm bad at the game

    Rangers and druids get the pet whistle which I looked forward to for ages, considering the pet does almost no damage and is incredibly squishy would you consider removing it's timer that causes it to poof? Its a really great flair item that I bought lots of familiar illusions just to use it with and it's frustrating that it's such a lack luster spell/item.
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  3. Metanis Bad Company

    1. Raid lag... when are you going to fix it?

    1. Cleric usefulness outside of raids... when are you going to work on class balance?

    1. Open source and AI... when are you going to take advantage of the dozens of really fine coders who love EQ and could help revitalize it and provide alternate paths for monetization?

    1. When is Ji Ham going to realize that EG7 has been no panacea and maybe it's time to find US angel investors?
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  4. Rolaque Ancient

    Laurion's Song painting, when will a large size high resolution version (suitable for real world framing) be made available?
  5. Belexes ForumQuester

    When will you give us the ability to hide familiars? Pretty please??
  6. Lisard Silly

    Q: Would you be willing to play through 1 zone of Laurion's song's group progression (partisans and mercenaries) as a group of 6 employees, it could be more then 1 zones worth, like set a time frame and see how far you get without using Dev commands (actually playing the classes and not using instant killing mobs or immortality), all while streaming it to facebook or twitch? it would be interesting to see the gameplay and possibly listen in on their thoughts from experiencing it in a modern expansion from the makers/promoters themselves perspectives.
  7. Xellen Lorekeeper

    I have 2 questions.

    1. Will you introduce another mid-expansion level tradable tradeskill armor line like Conflagrant armor?
    2. Are there plans for a DPS race mission to be added to Laurion's Song in Timorous Falls or another zone? Seems like the missing collections lead it to be there.

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  8. Elite_raider Augur

    Are you actively working on increasing the max price in the bazaar to go over 2 mill. plat, and if so, how close/fare away are you from implementing it in game?
  9. strikemaster Journeyman

    Can we possibly eliminate the need for 6 players for progression tasks in lower level zones? It is difficult to get full groups in some of the older zones and cannot therefore progress even though the entire progression are can be soloed by average geared level 120 players
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  10. jeskola pheerie

    Are you working on adding bazaar to classic for next TLP, or any other auction house/bazaar overhaul?
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  11. RustyOfOz Journeyman

    Are there any plans to improve the advanced loot window and in doing so remove some of the bugs?
  12. Ishbu Augur

    When are server transfers going to be allowed between Rizlona and Aradune as both have the exact same ruleset, unlock speed, and progression point. They fit 100% of the criteria set forth for months but cannot transfer from Rizlona to Aradune
  13. nyborg New Member

    Could you please reduce the campfire placement fellowship ring group to two instead of three? I believe it would be much more helpful. thanks for offering this forum :)
  14. Herf Augur

    What is the percentage breakdown between accounts on live, and on TLPs?
  15. Smederick New Member

    Thank you for your time.

    First question: I see that it has been asked but I need to ask it anyhow. Will there be an ability to delete a persona ever? Please I want mine deleted because every other time I log in it has already switched to my persona and in doing so removes 1-3 augs from my gear, then I have to change back to my normal gear and med to full. I learned the hard way to never log off in an other than a fast camp zone because the persona would switch and then I'd have to gate back to lobby, change persona's and then run back to where I wanted to fight. I loved the concept of the Persona, however, I am over this poorly executed feature.I just want my toon back the way it was.

    Second Question: Are there any plans to make Decapitation in line with Backstab or Headshot? It doesn't seem logical that i can decapitate a mob literally chopping off a head and do less damage than a ranger sticking an arrow in the mobs face.

    Third question: Are there any plans to increase the level of the type 5 augs that are not prestige? I don't expect them to be current expansion, but maybe have the augs become non prestige over time. Like augs from 3 expansions back lose the prestige tag.

    Fourth question: Someone mentioned it earlier, any plans for increased size on tradeskill bags? Even just a few slot can help immensely especially if you are required to carry persona gear around (which I will no longer do until the bugs get sorted).

    Fifth and final question: Can we please have an alternate way to earn group currency? Some of us don't have a lot of play time and if you are a cleric you are lucky to get a group for one of the two missions avail in LS. Maybe give a small amount of currency for completing and redoing partisan tasks. When I say small it can be something like 5 coins, but at least you have an option to get some.
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  16. Fazin New Member

    I love achievements. Thank you so much for adding that in. That being said, is there any plans to address the Hunter of Catacombs/Sewers of Dranik? It has been confirmed as a bug issue for over a year and I would love an update on this, if any.

    Also, more quest achievements. Hero's Journey and hometown quests were a blast to go through.

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  17. parkasin New Member

    I was wondering if there are any plans in the future to bring a large expansion out, like Planes of Power. A completely new Zones, not rehashed, classes, races, epics. Something to bring the fire back to EQ. I would like to think most of us who have been here since the beginning wouldn't mind waiting a little longer for an expansion with promises of something great. LI expansion was fun but really short, a lot of us beat the player content within a week. very short expansion.
  18. parkasin New Member

    Why did EQ stop using the Phrase " You in Our World Now". that was a great catch phrase.
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  19. PartVI Fought Petey Wheatstraw

    Any chance we could see the appearance of test dummy NPCs in the Arena for servers other than Test? Some TLPs have interesting situations arise where being able to test configurations of stats, focii or even skill bonuses in different eras may be beneficial.
  20. Mirthe Journeyman

    Will there be more EQ1 schwag and/or physical collectibles? The limited edition vinyl sold out SUPER quick, I think there's really an interest in these things. I'd buy t-shirts, figurines, all kinds of things really.
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