Issues with Anguish Expedition

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Warrior007, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. Zapsos Augur

    Or the people who completed their flagging since the patch and was planning on starting raiding Anguish this week...
  2. Kagey New Member

    GMs should hand out anguish seals to flagged guilds like candy... This is a good hot fix.
  3. Baldur Augur

    Yeah, still can't piggy anyone into anguish. Any eta on this?
  4. Finchy Augur

    I believe the obsession is with you good sir. He merely stated that our 3-split anguish run last night yielded no issues with flagging or looting. It was more for measurement purposes than to point out AoS failed to 3 split the night prior to.

    Let's keep on topic with the bugs being reported! :D
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  5. Guzzle Augur

    That would be a "change" not a "fix".
  6. Sarepean New Member

    You guys were either very lucky or all of your members were there for your flagging raids prior to the patch Wednesday. Based on the forum posts, it seems that anyone flagged properly prior to the changes from the patch are OK for looting.

    Based on the above, I'm going to guess that your raids didn't piggy anyone in, but can you confirm? As I stated earlier, I've heard mixed stories in talking to friends in multiple guilds--- if some raids successfully piggied people in, then that would imply there's some combination of flags that may help narrow the actual bug down.
  7. Finchy Augur

    we did all our flagging before the patch on the 20th. We had 2 full clears of the trials before we were able to get into Anguish. I know for a fact my split did not have any piggys, as all seals rotted, and I believe this was the same for the other 2.
  8. Dadcop Journeyman

    2.0 magician still not completed!
  9. Jaera Augur

    Was just now doing an aug run and got a notice the zone was repopping, maybe stuff fixed?
  10. NoWay Lorekeeper

    That alt dirkie finished his a few days ago OGC must rock.
  11. Prathun Developer

    The fixes for the issues with 85/15 in Anguish and with looting items in Anguish have been pushed Live. Please let us know if you encounter any other problems.
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  12. Sarepean New Member

    Awesome job. Thank the team.
  13. Mwapo Augur

    Does the regular server wide lag that coincided with the launching of Omens count? Or are we just talking about other issues with Anguish?
  14. Podiatryst New Member

    Rofl you guys still salty 2 weeks later? I guess if I tried so hard every expansion to only lose I'd feel sad for sure but all this salt is lolol.
  15. Finchy Augur

    Salt? Please explain this salt you speak of. I don't know about you, but only been to Anguish twice so far and OMM has died 5 times...I'm ok if we didn't beat the expansion first, we've gotten 20ish orbs in 2 runs? By those numbers our entire guild will have 2.0s within the first 6 weeks. I'M OK WITH THOSE NUMBERS SIR!
  16. Renshu Elder

    You tried to win first and lost, now you are trying to change the narrative to something else.

  17. Podiatryst New Member

    They're super salty in general chat too, AOS really rattled their cages this expacs it seems. What was the excuse for the loss in GoD? I wasn't around but if it was this salty and hilarious I might go back to read it.
  18. Zapsos Augur

    I am so glad that this legitimate bug thread turned into yet another AoS vs OGC pissing contest...
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  19. -wycca Augur

    We decided to try it without really setting up for it, had to wait out the 2hr timer, and then called for it super late and we had some key people that had to log for work/sleep (we still gave it the ole college try though). /shrug

    We try to be more about skill and execution rather than flat out facerolling with too many bodies. I'm sure if we'd added another group to each raid, let alone more, we would have been zzzing our way through OMM 3-splits (or more likely, just flat out doing 4+ splits).

    OGC, from comparing dkp sites with one of your members recently, has over 2x the # of active players we have, so I think we're still pretty far ahead by any loot/member metric you want to trot out. We just aren't as massive of a guild as OGC and just don't field the sheer #'s you do for splits. Generally fine with that though, it's much more fun to take smaller raid sizes to do content where the actions of each individual have a much greater impact on the raid's outcome - also helps us from getting sloppy.
  20. Finchy Augur

    pretty sure all 3 splits had 25 or less members, of which there were at least a group worth of boxes in each split as well. I wouldn't quite call that facerolling ;)
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