Issue with scroll and RMB since 64-bit update when using KVM software

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Wyora, Feb 15, 2022.

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  1. Wyora New Member

    When using KVM software (such as Multiplicity, Input Director, Synergy, Mouse Without Borders) to use 1 mouse/keyboard to control 2 computers, it appears that 64bit eqgame.exe is capturing the right mouse button and the mouse scroll wheel from and applying it to the second computer. For example, character X on the main PC works fine. Mouse over to character Y on the secondary PC and if you use the RMB to pan the view, character X will duplicate the movement. If you open a web browser on the secondary computer and use the mouse scroll wheel, character X view will scroll in/out.

    This was happening on test, and is now happening on Live. I have replicated this error with both Multiplicity and Input Director. Both clients are in windowed mode.
  2. Beesk New Member

    Seems like this should be an easy enough fix, since Devs have stated they worked very hard to make this a smooth transition, this should go to the top of the list for correction I'm sure of it.
  3. Gukklord New Member

    Seconded please. This is killing me!

    Symptom is that EQ on the main machine retains its active state regarding the mouse only even though you've moved the cursor over to your secondary machine. So any mouselook on the secondary gets mimicked on the primary.

    You can get around this by clicking OUTSIDE of the EQ window on the main machine before mousing over, but that's clearly a real frustrating workaround.
  4. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    That was happening for me before the 64 bit patch. Those all use the same method to capture mouse commands that EQ does, so the main pc sees the command regardless of which computer the kvm switch is sending to. If you leave the mouse cursor hovering over something and switch, you can delete buttons, switch targets, etc... on the main pc while trying to do things on the second.

    It's sad because I like the software kvms far more than hardware, but I doubt DPG has an entire backup mouse input scheme in their back pocket.
  5. Gukklord New Member

    FWIW this used to occasionally happen to me pre-patch, but now happens 100% of the time
  6. Progress Augur

    Same issue here and it sucks. Main monitor works fine for second monitor any scrolling, holding down the mouse button for mouse look will mimic the same command on the main computer.

    edit - it looks like a left click on a hotbar button triggers a left click on main computer screen, but doesn't seem to do it if you click a spell gem. So if your box computer is to the left of your main computer then clicking on the hotbar button (on left box computer screen) triggers a left click on the far left side of your main computer screen (which tends to target random raid members).
  7. Fenl Bard

    As a workaround for now.

    Run this program, it changes a setting on your computer to have the mouse focus on whatever you are mouse over (focus follows mouse) It solves the problem for me, I had a similar issue using parsec.

    It doesn't need to be running or installed, it just changes some settings in windows.
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  8. Progress Augur

    On both computers or just the box computer?

    Figured it out - installed on main computer and just use the activate windows tracking - lowers frame rate on main computer when on box computer (and a small bit of lag when switching monitors) but at least you aren't switching targets from clicks.
  9. Fenl Bard

    That's more of a horsepower issue with your computer. I'm always locked at 60fps solid and I never see an issue but this computer is quite a bit of overkill for eq despite it's age.
  10. Progress Augur

    The issue was that the main computer wasn't set to unlimited FPS while in the background. Once I changed the setting it was seamless. Appreciate the link.
  11. sk8jack Journeyman

    Downloaded the X-Mouse Controls and selected the Activate window tracking, and clicked Apply.
    But I'm still getting the issue when clicking on my secondary system.
    Am I missing something?
  12. Fenl Bard

    Only person I know ever having issues with this had EQ on the main computer running in fullscreen mode. Need to be in windowed mode.
  13. Laurana Augur

    I've been having this issue, too since the March patch. On the primary machine, clicking on something other than EQ, then mousing over to another machine does help as a work around, but it's really annoying.
    I've never had this issue running a software KVM with EQ for the past decade. It has to be something with the recent patch/64-bit or a Windows update.
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