Fixed Internally Issue with log in server

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Magnas, Aug 27, 2020.

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  1. troudet New Member

    at least you managed to clear it, congratulation !
  2. troudet New Member

    I understand now why there is nearly no one in PoK on AB, hardly 10 to 15 players around over 30 to 50 usually
  3. Thraine Augur

    cant log on my 2nd account .. this is not ideal
  4. Erazmuz New Member

    Same issue as all of the above. Silver account can get in, all access (lifetime) is "invalid credentials". can't even log to website to file ticket on aa account.
  5. Tal-Ral New Member

    Still have another account not able to log in, received reply to my petition that issue was fixed, but can still not log in on other account.
  6. Vividor Journeyman

    I have same issue with my silver account, cant log in, invalid credentials.
  7. junglevoodooman New Member

    This is the response I just got to my petition regarding this incident:

  8. CaethialEQ New Member

    yeah, not resolved... been effected for at least 4 hours now
  9. Krizem Elder

    Got the same message...and no not resolved for me either.
  10. Barkmoss New Member

    Same here was able to log into one account 10 mins ago and now cannot log into any of them
  11. yabbadabbadoo New Member

    That is alot better than the reply I got:mad:

    Justin "Woebot" C. (Daybreak Games)
    Aug 27, 2020, 8:19 AM PDT
    Greetings Traveler,

    You may want to make backups and then delete the following files, which by default are locating in your Everquest install directory:
    (Please know that these backups are necessary to help restore any custom UI settings)


    Also, back up the character configuration files by following these instructions:

    <CharacterName><ServerName>.ini (example jack_bristlebane.ini)
    <CharacterName>_<ServerName>.ini (example ui_jack_bristlebane.ini)

    One or more of those files may be corrupt, causing these issues.

    If deleting these files does not resolve your issue, you can restore your backed up files and folders and retain your hotkeys, contact lists, and display settings.
    Senior GM Woebot
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  12. Nemoon New Member

    Same can login on 3 of 4 accounts. Can’t reset password or login in webpage. Did a support ticket and no response yet. Hope they will fix it soon.
  13. goatmom New Member

    did this work? any updates would be appreciated ive been waiting almost 4 hours now myself
  14. Leberion New Member

    deleting files on our end isnt going to fix the fact that our logins arent working on their website....
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  15. Regnad New Member

    Been trying for 6 hours to get 2 characters logged in. Error -A timeout occurred. Any suggestions? Is someone going to fix this soon?
  16. Gondium New Member

    Still fails after the email from support.
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  17. goatmom New Member

    went through my folder and cant find EQGfx_Dx8.dll im not a comp savvy person but if this isnt there could that be the issue?
  18. yabbadabbadoo New Member

    It's their problem not ours
  19. Krizem Elder

    Not sure how they could possibly think deleting specific character files would make a difference when you literally cannot log into their website and patcher with one account... but can on another from the same computer.
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  20. Nadisia Augur

    Seriously? Did that GM even read the messages and check the type of problem before posting this nonsense?
    Delete the game inis and all that crap when the LOGIN doesn't work, even on the SITE?
    Are you freaking serious?

    «Is your computer plugged into mains ?... you know ... the big box on your desk ...»

    Sorry, but this kind of answer drives me crazy o_O:mad:

    Edit : and to all the poor Norrathians stuck with this problem : do not delete any file.
    The issue is on their side, not your.
    Something gone wrong either on the auth process, or even worse, on their database (if their DB is corrupted, it won't be the 1st time.)
    Atm, the login process on the site fails for these accounts, and it has nothing to do with the DirectX or eqclient files.
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