Fixed Internally Issue with log in server

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Magnas, Aug 27, 2020.

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  1. Crustoo New Member

    Same issue
  2. Ulfgar Terrason New Member

    I too am having this issue on my main acct, but could log in on my alt. Very Frustrating.
  3. Apet New Member

    Same issue on one out of four accounts.
  4. Xujk New Member

    I am also having this problem. I can get on with my main account (on may main PC). However, after doing a windows update on a second PC and trying to login with my second account, i cannot login with my second account on any PC (game or web site). I reset password on second account, and that did not help.
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  5. Daneki New Member

    Has there been any chatter from DBG about this yet?
  6. Bolburbonecrunch New Member

    Was able to log in to my 2 silver accounts but not either of my all access accounts.
    Just logged into one of the all access accounts but still getting same error message on the last account.
  7. Windance Augur

    Same issue. Most of mine can log in. Couple can't.
  8. Kumdari New Member

    Same problems as all listed above.
  9. Remember_When New Member

    I'm experiencing the same issues. i tried resetting my password when it told me 'invalid credentials' but it didnt help anything. Some of my accounts will login fine but others wont.
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  10. MiataDriver Augur

    Same issue on one of my 3 accounts. Cannot log into the forums here with that account, and of course, cannot log into the game with that account. Just says Invalid Credentials, There was an error completing your request. Please try again. I was able to reset the password for the account, but still unable to log in to it. Something is badly broken.

    No offline trader on the account, was able to log in just fine yesterday.
  11. Crumb33 New Member

    Can't login to 2 of my accounts... 1 is barter offline... 1 is logged off in Kael Drakkel... /sigh

    Can't login to said accounts through account management neither... something going on...
  12. RalTal New Member

    issue with people in my guild preventing them from logging in.
  13. dwish Augur

    I am having this same issue on my 2nd account, I thought for sure someone had hacked my account (didn't think that was even a thing in EQ). I was online with this account just 10 hours ago, now launcher is giving the message "there was an error completing your request". Strangely, I am unable to log into the daybreak website either with this account, saying my account info is incorrect. Not sure what is going on.
  14. Gondium New Member

    Same issue on my main account.
  15. Tanar New Member

  16. Jasmeene New Member

    Has there been any acknowledgment of this issue from DPG/DBG? I have not seen any personally and attempting to submit a ticket on that account is impossible as well as trying to find a phone number to call. If you have seen official acknowledgment please let us know.
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  17. Nezereth New Member

    Same issue with primary account.
  18. SoandsoForumUser Elder

    Got one account in eventually, other didn't work in my attempts.
  19. troudet New Member

    Hello guys and maybe lads, same issue there, 2 out of 7 accounts are like deleted, when i check all accounts linked to my historical email address, yes that's 20 years ago, i'm old, very old... those dang accounts are listed but any action like reset password or log in or anything is a mess. hope we'll all get them back soon and without any rollback.
    Best luck, all of you.
  20. goatmom New Member

    did you have to type in the user name and password manually? how many tries? have a guildy with this problem and she said she got in after 8 tries .... i tried and had no luck
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