Issue with DB cash / account time and so

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by troudet, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. troudet New Member

    Hello all of you,
    Just got a weird issue, on all accounts, all infos on DB cash, time remaining on account, kronos and so, anything related to account is not showing off anymore in marketplace or laucher even the owned currency and crowns in inventory are blank.
    I checked whole files of course, fully reseted the UI with no result.
    Is it a current issue with DB or is there some files to erase to allow the connexion ?
    Any answers will help
  2. Ldarax New Member

    You are not alone both my accounts have the same issue, and its the same problem ingame both in EQ and EQ2 it wont show my DB cash or my sub time that is about 200 days on both accounts.
    Can someone at DB look in to this befor the weekend please, i cant buy exp potions and i realy want to.
  3. troudet New Member

    So i guess there is no way to solve this client side...
    Thanks for your quick answer.
  4. Rayzen Elder

    I'm not sure if its related to your issue, but I tried to buy DB cash yesterday, and again today, and cannot. It tells me that there has been suspicious activity on my account, and i need to set up 2 step verification. I go to do it, and it says the answer to my security question is wrong. I'm not sure if others are having issues as well, but earlier in the month there was a similar problem with ppl's accounts
  5. Vaxpo Elder

    One of my accounts is not working with marketplace. Other one is. Every time I try to buy something on marketplace it says "failed"
  6. Laynie Journeyman

    So, let's see here. We can't use our krono, pay for subscriptions, or use DB cash in the marketplace... Oh, but hey! Don't forget, guys...

    Don't Miss Huge Savings on Selected Marketplace Items, Before They're Gone


    Inept doesn't begin to describe DBG. o_O
  7. Rayzen Elder

    Yeah, and I was on earlier, but when i went to run patcher again later it wouldn't let me in without the whole 2 step verification thing. It said there was suspicious activity on my acct. etc. exact same thing which happened earlier this month. I bypassed the patcher though ans was able to get in.
  8. Borked New Member

    I purchased a krono via parcel, and when I got it i couldnt pick it up from my inventory krono-space..

    relogged and relogged, went afk for an hour and then came back, now my krono is gone.............
  9. jagarr Augur

    this looks to be fixed now. thanks DB!!
  10. Falcoran New Member

    not fixed for me, 8 Krono POOF gone
  11. moogs Augur

  12. Borked New Member

    I cant see mine, nor use barter to sell it.
  13. Falcoran New Member

    same, can't parcel, sell, or pick up.

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