Is Warrens / Paineel / Erudite SKs available at start of TLP?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Evade, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Evade Augur

    For those who started on previous TLPs, was Warrens, Paineel, Hole etc available at start?
  2. topple good idea generator

    If i remember, the hole didn't open until the dragons and gods were dead. Not sure about warrens and paineel.
  3. a_librarian Augur

    Paineel and erudite SKs are in from the start. The warrens opens at the start of Velious and Stonebrunt opens a month or two after that. One really huge inconvenience of Paineel is it has no parcel vendor all through the level 60 eras (not sure when the vendor is added) and you are forced to run across Toxx forest to get to the nearest parcel
  4. ch0rny Elder

    Sadly, Warrens won't open until it's irrelevant to anyone not starting anew at the time. Luclin, I think? I don't remember for sure, but with news of the new TLPs, I subbed a while back and was leveling a toon is Warrens on Corinav about a week before PoP unlocked.
  5. Evade Augur

    That really sucks. Why would they not allow a noobie zone to launch at the same time as when most players are low level
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  6. ShivanAngel Augur

    you guys begged and pleaded to start in classic... now you want non classic zones...

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  7. Doze Augur

    I could well do without the a'nal retentive approach to everything having to be as it was back in the early days. I see no valid reason whatsoever to: not have Warrens available from the start of server (when it would actually be useful), revert Runnyeye to the utterly useless version that noone ever visits, remove focus effects, nerf the XP bonus for warriors and rogues etc. etc. - apart from the one I outlined in the beginning of this comment.
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  8. Protagonist Tank

  9. Evade Augur

    I found an NPC in Paineel that's a parcel merchant
  10. jeskola pheerie

    They added a parcel vendor to Paineel Bank in April 2018
  11. ch0rny Elder

    Yeah, Warrens isn't a game changer, so I would have been ok with it at launch. Nothing from the zone has an effect on higher levels... it's mostly just a hella fun zone for low levels... especially the mini-dragon raid. I'll roll an alt to play there when it opens.
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  12. Evade2019 Lorekeeper

    What boggles me is why are you posting the same whiny crap in multiple threads. You got Selo luclin start, we get mangler classic start
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  13. Nolrog Augur

    Been that way since TLPs started. I want everything exactly the same as it was when the game launched, except for xxxx (and everyone had a different set of xxxx for their except list.)
  14. Evade2019 Lorekeeper

    I don’t think anyone is saying they want “everything exactly the same as it was when the game launched” are they? If so, link please
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  15. Jadefox Augur

    Think you might have your 'yous' confused.

    ----Why Jade does represent everyone...