Is this as good as it gets?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fightmilk, May 30, 2020.

  1. Fightmilk Lorekeeper

    It's not like demand is going down any (as the queues are getting longer and longer every day)... So is Aradune just dead in the water? This game will literally be unplayable for guilds who want to raid together... Is anything being done to increase capacity?

    ANY response or even statement from the devs would be fantastic, but as of now all we have is the equivalent of George W. Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech. "Hey guys we did it - We launched the servers! They're literally on fire, but we did it!" Followed promptly by radio silence.

    My hopes aren't high. You're not just going to wait it out until enough people lose interest that the capacity is sufficient like you've crutched on the last few launches. There are literally thousands of bored subscribers who are laid off right now with nothing but time. Can we get an answer at all? It's the least you can do.
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  2. Damned New Member

    I am extremely disappointed in Dreamweaver. How can I community relations manager not post for 2 days, when there are obviously so many people experiencing problems?

    Even just some basic empathy, like "I know you guys are hurting but we are working on it" or "This is our plan to help with the congestion.."

    People will feel better if they know someone is working on the problems.
  3. Deathcomestoall Lorekeeper

    join their discord they are in there talking to people on most days...
  4. Fightmilk Lorekeeper

    They could use their... ya know...official platform? Not everyone wants a 3rd party app, especially with all of the recently exposed security vulnerabilities related to Discord.
  5. Thygrym Elder

    No, they aren't. Discord hasn't had a single word posted by a dev since the 28th at around 1 am when the servers came back up. Twitter the same. Forums the same. Not a single peep from any dev anywhere for 2 1/2 days now.
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  6. wade_watts Augur

    Yeah, for real, zero communication. It is genuinely mind boggling. At least most companies pretend to care and engage their audience. Just wow.
  7. Jaime Lannister Augur

    Dead in the water? How does that even make sense?

    The reason there is a queue is because there are literally more people trying to play on Aradune than the server can handle.

    This happens every TLP. It'll be like this for a couple weeks.

    No that's exactly what is going to happen.

    If upgrading the server capacity was feasible, or cost efficient, it would already have happened, or it would be in the works.
    This should just be expected with a TLP launch at this point.

    This server is going exactly how I expected it to. Yet i'm still sitting here in Queue right now, excited to play.
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  8. wade_watts Augur

    Have you considered that perhaps by bumbling the launch this badly it causes people to leave? If they want to whine about financial constraints and viability to upgrade the game... These launches are their best chance to recapture players and subscriptions. Instead of them shunning people away - perhaps they should be creatively trying to find way to retain the audience instead of just shutting up and hoping they leave. Just offering an alternative theory to people just loosing interest after a week.

    Many of us are die hards and are going to sit and wait in the queue but it still doesn't change the feeling like I'm supporting a company that could give two flips about it's playerbase. For real - no communication or acknowledgement from the company as the forums explode with people asking for status updates?

    I guess you either have tremendously low standards and/or are hoping to earn some kind of DPG brownie points by coming here and trying to apply lipstick to the pig.

    For the record, this is not how all the past TLP launches went. The first 12-24 is rough of course, but 3+ days after you could reliably get in and play with your group/guild. This is an exceptional dumpsterfire.
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  9. Zanatos Journeyman

    Agree with this 100%. We've already had 2 people from our static group give up and cancel their subs. The other part to all this, many of the people play, play hard core. If they miss out on a group for 9 hours, their launch is essentially screwed. To make things worse, if you get kicked, or your client goes down for any reason, you're back to the queue. This is an exceptional dumpsterfire for sure.
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  10. Sikkun Augur

    Server will be high for at least a year, Mangler will stay high for awhile also. World is not crashing down, EQ is not going away just yet.

    Not a lot is going to change on how things get run though, so if you can’t handle the level it won’t be happy when the server crashes and rollbacks start next week.

    They also tend to never post on the weekend unless servers are completely down.
  11. Herf Augur

  12. nagash101 Augur

    Why didn't they bring up another server, AraduneJr. and fix this terrible login queue they have. Its almost to the point that i really don't want to login anymore. This will effect the population of the server more then having two Aradune servers. Just bring up another server and when Kunark or even Velious release to merge them together. At least then we can all play. They are loosing players/customers on a daily basis because of the crap wait times. The heavy burden on the Aradune server is the Krono farmers that jump on the TLP servers to get some quick Kronos and leave in a few months/expansions. Wait until they all go back to their normal servers/holes and then you could merge the Aradune Servers.
    Give the players that started in Aradune a chance to "Player Transfer" to the "Aradune Overload" server.
  13. Fightmilk Lorekeeper

    Part of the problem is I already claimed nearly $85 worth of bags (Times 2 accounts) on Aradune. I'm not handing them even half of that (Ever again.)
  14. Jaime Lannister Augur

    Do you think they HAVEN'T considered that? Of course they have. They have all the statistics, and they are a business. They are going to go with what is more cost efficient. And that's assuming there aren't reasons that make upgrading server capacity unfeasible.

    Back on Ragefire I had to deal with the server getting scrubbed/wiped twice, and being down for 24 hrs after launch. This is considerably less frustrating so far.

    I'm not arguing that everything is fine. it's just people come here and arm chair quarterback like fixing the problem is just as simple as working some overtime and buying a new server. This is a 20 year old game, and a small dev team keeping it running. It is highly unlikely they have a lot of resources to work with. It's also unlikely they make the call on something like upgrading game servers.. Some dude who doesn't even know what Everquest is probably makes that decision like.

    Every single TLP this forum is filled with the exact same rage posts. It hasn't changed, so at this point, it's unlikely that it will.

    I don't enjoy 2hr queues (or worse), but again, they are the only ones selling the product that I want, so I'll sit here and take it.
  15. ECrack Augur

    I had to log in just to laugh at this one. LOL
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  16. Critt Augur

    You keep saying every single TLP this happens, it didn't happen when the first TLP Sleeper came out way back when Sony still ran the ship, it didn't happen with Phinny and it didn't happen with Coirnav...Everyone expects some down time and crashes on a launch no one expects 3 hour que's 4 days into a server with no sign of it going away. I didn't play any of the others so I can't speak to them.
  17. Samadam New Member

    No, As Good as it Gets is a movie with Jack Nicholson. This is Everquest.
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  18. Killians Journeyman

    Isn't that the point of preparing for the overload in advance? If it happens every time why not fix the problem so it doesn't happen anymore?
  19. User0214-242 New Member

    Let's just get to it and add a premium subscription options. I'd pay $100/mo to skip the line. You're leaving it on the table Daybreak...
  20. Rotlust Augur

    Why do you inject politics into everything you post? I bet you're fun to hang out with.