Is there still a guild that doesnt require 3rd party software?

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Duality, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Duality Elder

    A while back I heard of a deaf guild that obviously didn't require voice chat. Is there still a server somewhere that this is going on?
  2. Skuz Augur

    Rosengard III (EU Raiding guild on Phinigel TLP) doesn't require voice comms (we have it though its not used for raids much at all) but we do ask that you use Gina as it is much more reliable at assisting players with reacting to important things during raids.
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  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Nothing required to be in Lions of the Heart on Xegony but we are not a raid guild just a large social guild.
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  4. Bobokin Augur

    Peril Eyes on Drinal doesn't require 3rd party software, but a keyboard and mouse are helpful.

    We are a small/med size casual group play guild. We also like Sci Fi, music, and dry humor.

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  5. Bigstomp Augur

    We (Ring of Valor) have had deaf members in the past. As long as you can catch emotes properly and play well you are good.
    I think we say you need it, but as long as you can handle getting your stuff done,
    it's not a hard requirement.
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  6. Robnie Augur

    I would imagine *MOST* guilds would make an exception to Voice chat requirements for a deaf person, the key being the ability to raid productively.

    If you see a guild you like I would just reach out to their leadership/recruiter.
  7. Duality Elder

    You would be surprised. The last 4 or 5 guilds i've reached out to, after explaining the situation, always said no problem you don't need to talk just listen. Those were on recent TLPs though, so I guess that explains a bit..

    Which server are they on? I only have toons on prexus/rathe as far as live servers go, but wouldn't be against FV or maybe somewhere else if there is a better fit. Possibly an upcoming tlp if someone knows there wouldn't be a problem.
  8. svann Augur

    I wonder if voice to text software would help. It could be an overlay like Gina.
  9. Searchman New Member

    Halo Guardians on Drinal don't require vent but it is requested. We do request gina as well
  10. Goburs Augur

    We have 3 deaf people in Silent Redemption, they still use gina for the text overlay.
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  11. Thraine Augur

    Triton on Povar doesnt require voice chat, all raid instructions are given in /rs .. we do require gina tho
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  12. xmPradah Augur

    Radiants on Brekt doesn't require any voice chat or 3rd party apps. A lot of us do use Discord during raids, but /rs when people are raiding who don't use it. We are a self-progressing guild, currently capped at level 75 and doing PoP raiding and various questlines.

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