Is there a way to check a pattern to see if it will work for your race and class?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by SmoochyOfWolfington, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    I know if you right click an item, it will describe if it can be worn or wielded by you or at least by race and class in general. But patterns just say what it is for, like gloves. It does not say who will be able to wear it before hand. How do you know, in game wise, before you buy a pattern if it will work for you or not? Or you have to go off an EQ game guide website for each and every pattern and see?
  2. Garmr Elder

    You should look up the recipe for what you wish to make, it will tell you what pattern to buy. Being a troll whatever they sell in Grobb should work, its mainly a size issue for patterns if your looking to wear something you make. Otherwise you can make whatever you want to get skillups if thats what youre after.

    Full disclosure, I'm not much of a crafter, try for much better info than I could ever give.
  3. Zapford Elder

    I believe Tailoring patterns are all size/all race. Armor molds have sizes, so if you are making armor for your Troll, you need large molds.

    To answer your title question, right click the pattern to examine: This ic pulled from EQTraders site (not exactly the same as inspecting)

    Belt Pattern
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL
    Stackable up to 1000
    NPCs sell this at 5s2c
    NPCs buy this at (unknown)
    EQ item ID: 13807
  4. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Thanks you two. I guess I was half expecting to see TRL, ORG, ISK, DRK and WAR, SHD, MNK, DRU, etc., instead of simply just ALL or all classes and all races. o_O So yes that answers my question and a bit embarrassed I had to ask it to begin with. ^^! Thanks again.
  5. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Ok I was pretty sure I was not seeing things. What you showed is not what I am looking at from the merchant, at least not from Juk Hidebeater (Leather Armor) in an Ogre location some where. I do not have a screenshot to show, but all it shows on gloves is-

    "Glove Pattern

    Glove Pattern
    Size: TINY (I assume the size of the pattern itself in inventory, not the glove being made)
    Weight: 0.01 (The weight of the pattern itself in inventory, not the glove being made)
    [ ] Unmodified
    This item can be used in tradeskills."

    It looks nothing like the screen shot you posted. Nothing about races, unless tiny is a description of a small race, but this is an Ogre merchant so I doubt it. Nothing about what class can use it. Nothing about selling, buying, stackable, etc. What am I doing that is different from what you did?

    There is also a "Glove Template Pattern" by the same merchant, which shows the same way as I described, but I am not sure how a "template" differs from a "regular" pattern? Any ideas? Thank you.
  6. Xyphen Augur

    The only way to assuredly tell if you can use an item the pattern makes is to look it up on eqtraders. The race of a merchant isn't always indicative of who can wear what it sells (especially in PoK).

    Patterns prefixed with Small or Large in the name indicate that the result can only be used by small or large races respectively. If there is no prefix, it can imply that it can be used by medium sized races or everyone. And you are correct about the parenthesized assumptions.
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    Every class has its own special "type" of armor it can wear. For example Bards, clerics, paladins, shadow knights, and warriors can wear plate armor and enchanters, magicians, necromancers, and wizards wear silk etc.

    But all players can make all armor, except deity restricted.

    And not all player made armor is wearable by the player who made it.

    So that is where it gets confusing.

    The only glove pattern I see on your NPC is a Silk Glove Template Pattern. Now you cannot assume this is only for silk wearing classes even though it has silk in the name. It is also used to make Cosgrove Glove Seal which in turn makes an item usable by chain class. And this is why some items do not say which class can specifically use it. It has multiple uses.

    And this is why we all use outside sites to help figure out tradeskills. EQ Traders is pretty much the best. I really like the "search" and the "quick trivial" and the fact that you can click on "Find recipes that use this item" when you look up something like silk glove pattern or roots or whatever.

    If your just starting tradeskills then you might want to check out the free path to tradeskill level 51 given in AB Sea and Cresent Reach

  8. Grove Augur

    Well said, CatsPaws. Just a further comment about patterns and materials. I am making this comment without ability to compare offerings. But Glove Pattern may be for middle sized characters if there is also Small Glove Pattern and Large Glove pattern. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't sizing. Now for materials. One can outfit any young character in leather. Wolf makes outfits for little people, Cat for middle size people, and Bear for large people.

    Regarding templates: The expansion The House of Thule began armor crafting incorporating a dropped generic something (I call them tokens, not a name used in game) specifying a body part. That token gets combined with a vial of something that species the class and a crafted template of the body part armor. The template pattern makes that body part armor representation... silk, leather, chain, plate ... with skills of tailoring or blacksmithing. That methodology lasted into the next expansion. Then gradual changes happened, with template patterns being used in varying later combines.
  9. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Thank you everyone.

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