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  1. Numiko Augur

    of the items that have been removed from the TLP servers in this patch?

    Just don't want to spend 6 hours camping a mob only to find the item no longer drops.
  2. GrugSA Augur

    Anything with an actual name like Khelkar Icepaw or Crystal Eyes should still be around. Anything with a name A_deathly_Shard_specter should no longer spawn. Frenzy in Velks is the one exception to this type of naming


    WTS Traveler's bracelet of thought
  3. Creedance New Member

    Anyone know what is getting nerfed in SG?
  4. Singularity New Member

  5. Aenoan Augur

  6. Kiani Augur

    If in doubt about whether something still drops, look it up on the P99 wiki - if it's not there, it has probably been taken out with this patch.
  7. Risiko Augur

    That covers Velks (thanks). What about Siren's Grotto, City of Mist, Dragon Necropolis, and the Hole?
    Anybody know what items we lost from those zones?
  8. Aenoan Augur

    I don't know about all those zones but as far as The Hole goes, it should be all intact as most of those drops are in era.
  9. Prathun Developer

    The following items were added to the game in 2003. Previously, some of them were restricted to the unlocking of the Lost Dungeons of Norrath and some had no restrictions. They are now all restricted to the unlocking of the Lost Dungeons of Norrath.

    62243 Exquisite Silk Turban
    62244 Silken Phase Shield
    62245 Spider Eye Ring
    62246 Chain Sleeves of Salvation
    62247 Bracelet of Rhythmic Blessings
    62248 Linked Waistband of the Master
    62249 Slimy Leather Tunic
    62250 Petrified Green Slime Necklace
    62252 Looped Snake Skin Ring
    62253 Tattered Chelaki Hide Cloak
    62254 Decaying Chelaki Fang Earring
    62255 Blood Soaked Cloth Shawl
    62256 Grim Mask of Blood
    62257 Radiant Gem Encrusted Ring
    62258 Bestial Club
    62259 Ichor Coated Leggings
    62260 Carved Bone Long Bow
    62261 Jeweled Sceptre of the Heavens
    62262 Chetari Fetish of Dark Tidings
    62263 Shimmering Scale Bracer
    62264 Wicked Pauldron of the Depths
    62265 Prismatic Jeweled Stud
    62266 Woven Kelp Waistband
    62267 Coral Encrusted Vambraces
    62268 Kelp Wrapped Gloves
    62269 Flawless Steel Mask
    62270 Waterlogged Cloak of the Sea
    62271 Rusted Ring of Power
    62272 Simple Coral Bracelet
    62273 Leather Greaves of Civility
    62274 Tiny Pearl Seal
    62275 Woven Kelp Sandals
    62276 Kelp Cap of the Weaver
    62277 Enticing Ruby Earring
    62278 Coral Embedded Cloth Shawl
    62279 Miniature Nosering
    62280 Ancient Gnarled Hammer
    62281 Marvelous Stone Ring
    62282 Writ of Gentle Songs
    62283 Shiny Gold Earring
    62284 Shiny Silver Mask
    62285 Ancient Tome of Lost Lore
    62286 Plate Greaves of the Golden Sun
    62287 Embroidered Ratman Hide Belt
    62288 Specious Gemmed Cape
    62289 Lesser Robe of Abjuration
    62290 Shaped Amber Ring of Soldiery
    62291 Rock Helm of Defense
    62292 Steel Bracer of Law
    62293 Naturalists Leather Arm Wraps
    62294 Rock Prism Necklace
    62295 Ghostly Mantle of the Dead
    62296 Velvet Gloves of the Forsaken
    62297 Purified Steel Earring
    62298 Simple Pure Gold Ring
    62299 Slimy Green Ring
    62300 Mystical Gyrating Necklace
    62301 Ghostly Leggings of Terror
    62302 Terror Marked Mask
    62303 Dread Shield of the Slayer
    62304 Brass Stud of Wonder
    62305 Knotted Belt of the Ravenous
    62306 Grand Bracelet of War Eternal
    62307 Iron Mask of the Wise
    62308 Rigid Steel Breastplate
    62309 Mysterious Glowing Sleeves
    62310 Simple Cape of the Seer
    62311 Velium Etched Helm
    62312 Forgotten Ebony Earring
    62313 Gilded Brooch of the North
    62314 Priceless Ice Fetish
    62315 Ice Silk Strung Bow
    62316 Cloak of the Deep Cold
    62317 Cryptic Runed Chain Greaves
    62318 Polished Mask of Ice
    62319 Ice Silk Cloak of the Mercenary
    62320 Traveler's Bracelet of Thought
    62321 Ice Coated Shield of Defense
    62322 Silent Sandals of the Mystic
    62323 Velvet Shawl of Dusk
    62324 Frozen Boots of Skirmishes
    62325 Frosted Sleeves of Miracles
    62326 Torn Tome of Experiments
  10. Happyfeet GOML Journeyman

    That would make too much sense... I've got money on no loot dropping at all, except defiant and vulak loot randomly spawning on the ground.
  11. CaptainSkeet Augur

    Prathun, is this the complete list?
  12. Catashe Augur

    Damn I knew I got some s*** nerfed but that is ALOT lol
  13. Prathun Developer

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Many of those items were already restricted to Lost Dungeons. ;)
    Far more items were unrestricted in today's update than were restricted.

    Edit: Updated the list to list to include the Velk's drops.
    This is a list of a mostly contiguous (mostly... note that item #62251 - Entropic Cleaver is a weapon found in The Serpent's Spine) block of items that was found to have been added to existing zones in 2003 during a series of revamps. Previously, some of these items were restricted to Lost Dungeons and some were not. They are now all restricted to Lost Dungeons.
  14. Singularity New Member

    I'm more interested in the list of items that were unrestricted :)
  15. Catashe Augur

    Yea but tradeskill armor that almost no ones going to use is alot different than OP for the era items... I'm still the snitch b**** in my guild.. lol
  16. Chuuk Augur

    So, is your list "in addition" to what Singularity mentioned above? I don't see any of the items he mentioned (i.e. Priceless Ice Fetish) in your list.
  17. Creedance New Member

    Wait, now I'm confused. There are items that are unrestricted in this patch and will start dropping?
  18. Catashe Augur

    It was mostly the tradeskill items I'm guessing that me and a few others in that tradeskill post that talked and helped Ngreth Thergn unrestrict since they are Velious/Kunark armor
  19. Catashe Augur

    That would be funny as hell if he missed the Velks loot..
  20. Kiani Augur

    Shhhh.... You never know...

    Though you've probably let the cat out of the bag in any case now!

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