Not A Bug Is the Doomed Trusik Malcontent spawn bugged.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Xhartor, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Xhartor Augur

    Generally, I would assume that long camp is just product of bad luck, however I am starting wonder if these are sometimes when it’s a product of a bug in how a named is set spawn. As a player we don’t know what the intended spawn rate on a mob should be, we just have our experience with the camp.

    The Doomed Trusik Malcontent is rare mob in Kod'Taz, according to Allakhazam, Magelo, and Good’s maps it has a single spawn point in the side room of the House of Damned building . All of it’s reported drops are generic KT rare mobs drops, and it isn’t linked to any known quest except the new KT hunter achievement. So there isn’t any known reason for it to have a lower spawn rate then other rares in the zone.

    I have currently spent over 24 hours into camping the mob with the fall 200% increase to rare mobs bonus. Some friends of mine have also spent another 6-7 hours combine camping the mob while the bonus has been running, with no luck. Other player I know who have camped this or attempted to camp this mob have report similar awful experiences. The Allakhazam entry has a comment about it taking 24+ hours to spawn this guy.

    Gates of Discord was released February of 2004, this NPC was added to Allakhazam in October of 2009, was added to Magelo in April of 2011. So did the NPC actually take 5 and half years to get reported to well-known player database sites?

    All of this has me seriously questioning if this might be a case where is rare spawn rate is the product of a software bug.
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  2. Jogath New Member

    In the Manger hunter raid, we're looking at almost 48 continuous hours camping this guy, with no spawn. Some kind of confirmation that the spawn is not broken would be massively appreciated, in addition to the more nuanced questions from Xhartor.
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  3. Jogath New Member

    Happy to report that this did indeed spawn today. However, my Gatebreaker achievement isnt granted. I'll open a separate bug.
  4. Ratalthor Developer

    Closing this thread as the Doomed Trusik spawn is not broken. However, yes please report the Gatebreaker achievement issue you encountered in another thread. :)