Is Smithing worth it? TLP-Rizlona

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Groundskeeper, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Groundskeeper New Member

    I started blacksmith, but getting to make fine plate or cultural seems so expensive. And really not feasible to do unless i hit some kind of lottery item to sell.

    I was collecting all these weapons and melting them down to bricks, only to realize that this probably isn't worth the trouble but is pretty fun from a RP perspective. So really you just gotta throw down the plat on a trade-skill that is extremely vendor friendly to skill-up. But no one actually wants the stuff you can make.

    I have this dream of outfitting a small militia of bards in dyed fine plate to do marching band exercises in the desert of ro.
  2. Vumad Augur

    Trade skills can be profitable. As a new ENC in 2004 I made some coin enchanting and crafting jewelry. Later the materials became more expensive and cost prohibitive for my playtime.

    However a lot of people enjoy tradeskills regardless of the costs and profits. Since the time it takes to do them and the losses of skilling up are built into the enjoyment then everything after is pure profits.

    So if you want to tradeskill for fun, thus the expense is irrelevant then it's definitely profitable to do tradeskills. However if you are only going to do it to make money, then you are much better off doing XP and selling the drop only materials to those other people.
  3. Fluid Augur

    It is just to late to be profitable. If you do trades on any TLP, you really have to be in there before a month is up.

    Soon as guilds start raiding, everything that came before that is obsolete with only a few exceptions. What was once uber is now cast off and sold on the cheap. Even questing for things like Crafted or Focus items become obsolete, only suitable for alternates and newbs. Makes no sense to have the lowest level focus items when your character is level 30-50. It is one of those humorous juxtapositions in that in the time for focus items to become active, they become obsolete.

    There are exceptions like Trueshot Longbow will keep its price for months. Every Ranger wants a Fleeting Quiver too.
  4. Groundskeeper New Member

    I realized that although it's not worth going far in blacksmithing where the choke point is relying on rusty weapons does get you in range to make basic things like dairy spoons, filet knives, etc... which help out in baking. So the value I think just gets cut short.

    I am having trouble finding others to help me out on this server with this kind of stuff so all my toons are tradeskilling and saving all applicable loot along the way rather than vending it. it's a slow road. But all my armor has been home made thus far except for generous freebies of higher levels just hooking it up. And I hustled some of my tailored goods into some decent mid-level common drops off named mobs.

    I think the stats on the cultural armor are pretty nice, I still want to smith.... i'm in reinforced armor now but banded looks cooler.
  5. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    I've gotten into the smithy thingy.. around 150K platinas and +1000 ore of the higher caliber quality.. after weeks of hard work, I'm at Skill level 300 of 305.

    I will later on aim for Skill level 400, but man it is expensive.. My dream is do be able to do Conflagrant to all my alts and future box.. and maybe sell on Bazaar.

    Jewelry I heard is even more expensive.. another EQ-player gave it a try and said he put a million Platinas into the work.. just to buy a lot of Blue diamonds and Diamonds..

    But I will farm those jewels at The Ground in HoT instead of buying them from NPC in PoK.
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  6. Shanarias Augur

    Why is this not in the TLP forum?
  7. dreamweaver Community Manager

    The newbie zone is fair game for both TLP and Lives questions for players that might be new to either type of server.
  8. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    I'm really enjoying this vocal minority of non-TLP players whose disappointment is immeasurable and their days ruined by seeing TLP content on their forums.
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  9. Flatchy Augur

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