Is platinum worthless for all the good stuff now?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Izzard of Bertox, Nov 30, 2023.

  1. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Wait, you mean some free p99 server with 300 people online ISN'T "much" more popular than everquest with its 50k subs? *shocked*
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  2. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Highlighted one word there to point out where you're wrong.

    You mention 3 things (P2W/P2Convenience/P2QoL) as if they are all one thing. They are not.

    As far as P2Convenience/P2QoL. Of course, I certainly hope so. That's kind of the whole f-ing point. "If I pay, I can take a shortcut/save time/have extra fun/whatever". That better be true, or what's the point?

    As far as P2Win? EQ IS NOT!

    Pick a player in EQ, who's got it all. Max level, max AA, BiS raid gear, all the cool clickies, whatever. What do they have that could only be obtained by paying more $$?

    I'll wait.
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  3. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    They're all the same that's why I lumped them together. You're literally proving my point, when I said people will say EQ is not P2W by saying "How can you win EQ?". It's a dumb argument. You can spend real money through an official route to purchase all those things you listed.

    It's P2W, and that's just the way it is. If people didn't feel like they were getting a 'win', then they wouldn't buy it.
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  4. uberkingkong Augur

    P2W is,
    heres 6 kronos, let me in the raid and get the achievement.
    Got the achievement.

    Is everyone ok with this person coming to grab the item, we will be getting 4 kronos. We will raffle them so people can have a chance to earn it.

    Get me to max level and AAs in 4 hours for 3 kronos.

    Give me that chase raid loot, for kronos.

    Give me that achievement for kronos.

    Its called P2Win

    Not whatever your thinking about.

    To some people, seeing others get to max level and all AAs within 4 hours, thats considered P2W right there.
    They won, max level max AA.
  5. Agrippa Augur

    Why not add Nobles as a bazaar currency?
  6. code-zero Augur

    Anyone who is "winning" EQ most definitely isn't doing it by buying Krono for $ anywhere
  7. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    If you think I'm proving your point, you have a screw loose.

    As to "If people didn't feel like they were getting a 'win', then they wouldn't buy it."

    NOT A WIN. Convenience, QoL, whatever, but not a win. Again, WHAT do they gain that someone who didn't spend any $ couldn't have gained. You didn't answer my question, and until you do, you have proven MY point.
  8. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    People get so hung up on the semantics of P2W. In EQ you can give DBG money to achieve any reward in the game you want. They've officially established a metric of time spent versus $$$.

    It's a P2W game at every level. Pay to look cool with illusions, pay to skip levels, pay for perks, use Krono to buy Achievements, AA, raid completion, etc.

    Is it as bad as Lost Ark or mobile games, absolutely not. You can still do it all without paying.

    Personas are about to launch, and there's going to be alot of Heroic tokens purchased because they set the price at ~$35 for a level 100. So every player using the Persona feature will look at cost versus time spent leveling from 1 to 100.

    This is the bad side of Krono and other MTX is that now the game has shifted for a lot people of time spent in game versus cash.
  9. code-zero Augur

    It's not semantics. In pay to win games the best gear etc is available by microtransaction in the games store. That's ALL that pay to win is and that's what it will ever be
  10. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    That's all you had to say. Thank you.

    The rest was you using a lot of words that meant "I was wrong". Thanks for playing.
  11. Thren Elder

    Most people selling an item will take an equal amount of plat for krono,, for example, on my server a krono is going for 5 million,,, so someone wants 3 krono for an item,, send them a tell, offer them 15 mill plat... maybe a little more,, 16 million,, many will take the platinum,, unless they are solely wanting krono to sell offsite,, ( GASP!) i said it.
  12. Vumad Cape Wearer

    It doesn't matter what currency is being discussed. Platinum, Krono or US Dollars. The only thing that causes true inflation is the creation of more currency. Krono is not driving platinum inflation. The creation of more platinum causes the inflation. There's no discussion or debate to be had about the cause of inflation (and don't confuse supply and demand changes with inflation, they are different.)

    Krono has a fixed value. 30 days of game time. It can be directly converted to USD.
    1 Krono = $18 = 30 days of game time
    1 month = $15
    3 months = $39
    6 months = $72
    12 months = 120
    Arguably, Krono's value is directly tied to the quantity of Krono traded, where 1 Krono is worth $15 (not $18) while 12 Krono is worth $120 (not $216).

    Quick note, I am not discussing 3rd party transactions and have no interest in any discussion involving them.

    The thing that is least fixed, and has massive built in inflation, is platinum. People in early TLP do not have millions of platinum, and certainly do not have billions of it. The platinum simply doesn't exist. However, each expansion has built in inflation which is both a catch up mechanic and a motivator to go out and farm. Simply look at the prices of the spells in each expansion. They always go up. Yet, people can afford their spells, because each expansion sees an increase in platinum creation which is intended and designed by the devs.

    One might argue that Krono drives 3rd party sellers, but that is not true. Platinum sales have existed for the entire time EverQuest has. People have always attempted to make money from the sale of in game goods. Krono doesn't drive this, it already existed. What Krono does is that it brings those transactions first party. Krono provides a safe way for players to trade USD for in game items by ensuring that DPG is the one handling the cash part of the transaction. It greatly reduces players risk of scams and fraud by bringing those transactions to the first party. It also brings that revenue to DPG where it belongs, increasing revenue which hopefully can be put back into the game development.

    So long story short, Krono has nothing to do with platinum inflation. That is caused by platinum creation which is a factor of new expansion development and time.

    Edit: This 2002 article discusses platinum at a cash exchange rate proving that Krono is not driving the farming of platinum or causing platinum inflation.
  13. Kydat Hello.

    Turns out the playerbase loves bots when they need them to inflate their sub numbers to win an argument.
  14. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    plat buys anything. Krono buys anything. Plat buys Krono for less than Marketplace. I know of guilds I am not in, who have insider traders with 10 dollar Kronos.
  15. Ismel Augur

    Pay to win has nothing to do with kronos, kronos is a made up currency to help players trade goods and services with other players with a build in fee to DBG.

    Really the only thing you can get from DBG for a krono is an extra expensive month of access,
    If you want to give examples of Pay To Win in Everquest you need to mention Adventures perk where you pay to get an advantage in exp, coin drops and raid coins the textbook example, of something you can only gain by paying DBG.