Is it to much to ask for?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Kbamm, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Kbamm Journeyman

    11 hours since the servers came down. 7 hours since they were slotted to be back up. 2 messages over the last 7 hours with no explanation as to why the servers are still down other then technical difficulties. I do not doubt you are working hard to get em back up asap and ty for that, but as a paying customer i believe myself and the many many other players waiting to get back in game deserve a little more info or at least hourly updates. I am not upset but I believe a lot of the people that are upset feel ignored by you. So is it to much to ask for regular updates even if its just to say, "We are still not sure who spilled the Rockstar on the power strip." =D ( Keep us entertained and we won't rant as much )
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  2. Fistopower New Member

    If I handled my customers like this, I wouldn't have any.
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  3. Kbamm Journeyman

    Hehe Customer service goes out the window when you have a addicting product.
  4. nekokirei New Member

    I work in a Network Operations Center (NOC) for a Managed Services Provider (MSP). If I communicated with our clients like this, I'd be looking for another job.
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  5. eveninmist1 New Member

    I just canceled my account. time to look for a new game to spend my $$ on. this isn't the 1st time something similar to this has happened, and yeah its the "oh well its down, we can not be bothered being customer oriented by giving update posts" that made me make the decision not to spend anymore money on this game
  6. Apubed New Member

    awsome one less person to compete with!!
  7. Malachi Augur

    Because your customers arent die hard eq gamers. The servers can be down for 7 more days and most of us if not all would be back.
    They will spit in our face tonight. We will ask them for a double xp towel. Then all will be forgotten till the next time.
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  8. Kbamm Journeyman

    you'll be back !! No one quits EQ Cold Turkey
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  9. Tool New Member

    Hourly updates aren't too much to ask for. The possibility that this will be an extended outage depends on how old the equipment is, the backup type, onsite/offsite storage of backups, sabotage/hacking, shuttered the business entirely... who knows.
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  10. mercbruce0913 New Member

    Would love for a dev to provide an actual response to its paying customer base that keeps them employeed. Instead we'll just get "this thread is locked because you can post in the Veteran's Forum (which we are completely ignoring)."
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  11. Kbamm Journeyman

    The biggest draw to this game is the social aspect. When the servers go down we feel closed off. They should unlock the log in server and let us all use chat. Hook up with friends and plan what we will do when the servers are back up. and like they used to have live updates in the chat rooms . But this too seems like to much to ask for.
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  12. Firedog New Member

    I think I'm a bit upset at the moment. I have been patient. I have waited. I have been following the forums for updates.

    The game is not up.

    The forum that was addressing this has had posts deleted, people have been warned about posting posts that are not constructive (not sure what that means cause asking for updates does not work), and the thread that I was following seems to have disappeared.

    What can I derive from that? Customer service rep has gone home for the day to play WoW....we have been left in the dark....we no longer matter?

    Throw a dog a bone here...At least play elevator music?
  13. Rufas Rocksmoker New Member

    I took the day off so that I could play. I rekindled my love affair with EQ on the progression servers. I with they had warned me in advance that they would be down all day.
  14. Kbamm Journeyman

    By asking for updates I am by its very definition asking for support. So if they bump this thread saying it is not constructive they are just censoring whats on the site =D
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  15. Kbamm Journeyman

    Mic Drop
  16. ikrouki New Member

    adic ppl maybe time u spend time doing something other then playing EQ ... go out side o_O
  17. Kbamm Journeyman

    but outside the sun is ....... I would burst into flames.
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  18. Rufas Rocksmoker New Member

    I didn't pay DayBreak Games for outside time.
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  19. bellirrus New Member

    Agreed in the fact that there has been no updates in the status of return. I wont blow it out of the water and say that I'm going to cancel my account or say "they don't care", however if EQ truly is a social based game then the community that is truly dedicated should be allowed a certain amount of insurance that if Daybreak simply..."needs a moment"... to get their s*** straight, then they have the courtesy to tell us. Agreed, just let talk via the chat, I think that may cut down on thread pollution and ease the tense nature of some post. I don't want double xp weekend, I don't want 500 DBP, I want a company that can hop on friggen twitter or something and let the people who only have 2 or 3 days a week to play (who still pay) know that your trying...even if its the same msg every 2 hours, let them know "figuring it out". Updates not mad...just disappointed...
  20. mercbruce0913 New Member

    It may shock you to learn that most EQ players are not cave dwelling game trolls. Many of us have limited time in our busy lives ("doing something other than playing EQ") to play this game. So when a 5 hour patch is 7 hours late, we are allowed to be irritated.
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