Is it time for new character models?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by cocoa23, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Yinla Augur

    Human model also walked like they had a broom up their bum.

    It was when TBS came out, go take a look at the human pirate model.

    I remember it clearly lol.
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  2. Thoxsel Augur

    Content over models.
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  3. elumxe Lorekeeper

    Absolutely not, Everquest is about the “game-feeling” if you play it for the spectacular graphics/sound/models this isn’t for you.
    They could have ascii graphics or represent my char as a single dot and I would still play it.

    If you ever played mars saga where your char was dungeon crawling as a simple ascii arrow you would know that game was completely immersive and no super duper graphics needed.
  4. skattabrainz Augur

    More options for the existing luclin models would be pretty cheap and would likely bring them money, like 100 daybreak points for a character makeover with updated Luclin models options.
  5. Koryu Augur

    This classic model nostalgia crowd is too big for it to be worth Daybreak's time, effort, and dollars. Not only would they have to generate new models for 16 races on an ancient engine, but they'd also have to update emotes, combat animations, all the standard armor appearances, and how hero's forge ornaments fit on those new models. The likelihood is too strong that the players either won't be interested in new models because they want to keep their blocky butt-scratching charm, or they won't like the results (based on previous experiences with NPC updates).

    On a related note, whoever handled the animations for the Guktans deserves a high five and a couple free beers. /Salute and /rude are my favorite emotes, but all of them are really expressive and enjoyable, along with somersault spellcasting and excellent Round Kick/Flying Kick for the Monks.
  6. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    There was a secondary reason why the community at the time was so uniformly against the proposed new character models. They were intending to implement the same restrictions to dyeing on those new models as originally existed on the Drakkin models. The rejected human models pretty much were just Drakkin models without the pimples err scales.
  7. Niskin Augur

    I've barely accepted the Luclin models even after all these years, and if mounts worked with the old models I wouldn't have had to. There's just too much that could go wrong, and so little that could go right, on top of it being a ton of work.

    There were just some races that were better the old way, like Trolls and Gnomes. When Luclin launched, I chose not to use the new models, because they made my Gnome Rogue look stupid, and he was my main at the time. Eventually when I leveled my Troll SK up high enough to get an AA mount, I turned on that Luclin model, but never liked it. These days I use all the new ones, because I didn't feel like going back and changing all the settings. But if the Luclin models never happened, I wouldn't be upset.
  8. moogs Augur

    Forget humans. I was upset when the Crushbone orcs were changed.
  9. Tucoh Augur

    This is as good of a place as anywhere to ask this: I use all old models, is there any way to get my Warrior's current helmet (RoS group T2 ) to adopt the look of the old velious armor?
  10. Triconix Augur

    I like the Luclin models. Also, I'm always in drakkin illusion so I guess it doesn't really matter to much for me.
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  11. Yinla Augur

    I use some old and some new, really didn't like some of the new ones like Ogres, so my ogres still scratch their butts.
  12. CrazyLarth Augur

    I still think that the DEV should create a program or identify a 3rd party program and let users create char to be used in the game. Just for that single person or share them. but I am not sure that the higher ups would allow that do what some peeps might make and then post about.
  13. Febb Augur

    Didn't one of the emulators for EQ update all the old models with higher polygon models?
  14. Gnomereaper Augur

    The new human models were rejected because their quality was bad. The female models looked like they had black eyes as one example. They got reshaped into the current Katta models, though. They aren't bad, but just not to the quality you see with the new ogre model or the Coldain model.

    The problem was getting the right person to do the models, and the best modeler they had at the time who did the Mayong model had moved onto other projects. If you want a good take on what dark elves would look like under his hand look at the drachnids, they would look splendid with good animations.
  15. Turinbar Augur

    Good lord all the models in the game are hideous. Graphics update should have happened years ago. EQ devs are stuck in a 1990 era graphics time warp. Meanwhile we have amazing work coming out of Korea and China... Bless Online, Arachage, Black Desert Online, Blade and Soul, etc. Oh well.
  16. High Voltage Augur

    Come back when those go to celebrate their 19th anniversary. Then we'll talk again.
  17. Yinla Augur

    I'm more annoyed they are changing back NPC models to older ones in classic content, they look awful.
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  18. svann Augur

    When people talk about how bad eq looks compared to other newer games, and I look at those newer games I just like the way EQ looks. Dont make it look like that trash.
  19. Arcos Journeyman

    Due to circumstances beyond their control the devs have no source art to upgrade -- the only option is to start completely over from scratch and redevelop all the models and animations. At the last SOE Fanfaire a few years back the conservative estimate was one million plus. Unless someone has elite Go Fund Me skills it is never gonna happen.
  20. Frogmancer Augur

    They really, really do.
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