is it me, or is it getting crazy out there?

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  1. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Anyone else notice mobs having better magic resists too?
  2. Whulfgar Augur

    Typically happens when we have to level up to current content. Mobs tend to have higher resists until we get current max level, and then its all smash ..
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  3. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Resists are affected by level in the calculations.
  4. Vumad Cape Wearer

    The issue is people think they should be able to walk into a new expansion and beat a heroic mission without struggle before obtaining any of the armor available from static camps and named. That's not how this works.

    The T1 TBM armor is better than the T2 TDS armor. The game is designed to require you top spend some time in these zones getting armor and AA before completing them and moving into the next.

    I think people look at the raid geared people and see them beating heroics and they think they should be able to as well, except TDS raid armor is better than TBM T2 group armor, and the raiders usually have more AA and have farmed more augs.
  5. Jeff Xerxes New Member

    1. Highwater is TDS T3. And is supposed to be ready for TBM HA scale to 105 on level.
    2. Only you look at people with raid gear going to a structured group content and expect to breeze through it. You are literally just talking about over-gearing the content. It is common sense that they would breeze through it since HA should be scaled for leveling group.
    3. You should be ashamed of commenting and belittling others out of your own prejudice. Or do you not understand the situation and come to spit on leveling newcomers.

    Putting aside the forumquesters and elitists comments beforehand, I am giving my views to the dev that they need to be careful of those changed in the patches especially that line saying that lv 105+ HA will scale to RoS stat instead of EoK. You need to realize the gap between 105 and up is 3 expansions apart and one of them (TBM) is heavily emphasizing on HA and missions that scale. Do very carefully not to gate content from legit players that try to catch up.

    GL I'm out.
  6. Heajol Augur

    I'm almost there. I guess I will have to see how hard the level 105 HAs are for a newcomer soon. I'll try the TDS HAs if I'm given one for one of the dailies. Seems like I should stay away from TBM and EoK HAs until I'm well levelled and geared. Conflagrant gear is plentiful in the bazaar and is RoS Tier 2 ish ? Or between Tier 1 and Tier 2? Should technically be able to do level 105 HAs with conflagrant gear at level 106. However, I guess I'll find out soon. The jump between level 105 and level 106 seems a bit steep in difficulty. Especially if down levelling to 105 makes the same content a lot easier due to mob scaling in difficulty. We are talking about level 105 HAs.
  7. Vumad Cape Wearer

    1) Ready does not eliminate difficult. It can be done, that doesn't mean that groups without proper makeup and without expansion appropriate AA are ready to complete it. Sometimes they have to obtain the new expansion armor, augs or AA to do so (I'm not talking about raid gear). Proper use of CC, pulling, spell guards and etc are usually required.

    2 and 3) Not at all. What happened here is you countered my position with a personal attack. I at no point in time have said that group content should cater to raiders. I am very against the concept. You are projecting on me, and quite unfairly. I myself said raid geared people breeze through content, so you are attempting to use my very statement as your own to counter my point. If raiders are breezing through it, then it's probably of an appropriate difficulty for group geared players.

    You have attempted to take the standpoint to attack my gear rather than my class. I am an enchanter and I change the dynamic of content. I have never been fully raid T1 geared going into a new expansion until ToV. When I came back from HoT during RoS, compliments were made to me about knowledge of my class because I did my job below level, without AA, inadequate gear and spells that didn't land (ENC stun, mez, charm and paci have always been level limited.) I pulled with fade and banish. I CC'ed with banish and root. I survive with good use of spell guards/runes and AAs. Now I pull as well as all bet the best bards, and that's not because of my gear, but because I just don't let mobs touch me in the first place. I don't use gear as a crutch. I play like my gear sucks.

    I'm not against what you are saying about using RoS mobs for 106+ encounters, but I also feel like these encounters should be hard. Someone complaining about GMM the other day is boxing a warrior, ranger and wizards together. No slow except for a belt, and the only CC is if he's really amazing with the ranger. Anyone who wants to argue that to be an appropriate group format for a HA is going to get some strong push back from this enchanter. Not because I'm raid geared. Not because I'm an elitist. ONLY because I am a support class and that group doesn't have one.

    If I am in anyway an elitist, it's in that I expect people to know their class.
  8. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I don't think my replies properly portrayed that I believe re-tuning content after the fact is a mistake and shouldn't be done.

    I feel differently about GMM because it is an anniversary zone / HA and it is not tied to RoS progression. I think as an anniversary mission, like frostfell missions, it should scale to remain relevant longer. It is, in my mind, an exception to the rule.

    If this change is affecting, for instance, the abilities of people to go back into EoK at 110 or 115 to get ACH they missed, then that is a absolute mistake and a shame. Raids and HAs shouldn't level scale, especially when their loot tables do not.
  9. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Thought: The new 'capped' strikethrough formula might have fewer strikethoughs over time, but now they come in bursts.