Is it even acceptable to not be a boxer these days?

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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    I've seen opposite,
    boxer who does ENC/CLR usually play cleric and enchanter better than people who only play 1 cleric or enchanter.
    In terms of getting stuff done, boxers usually pick classes that make sense in group game.

    They usually don't pick rogues, because they don't work out well in any 2 or 3 player comp. Just because boxers perform better than you, you have to think about which class your playing too, if your playing a rogue, well, thats on you. Enchanter owns a rogue in DPS and they do a lot more like CC, debuffs, etc.

    If your a rogue hating on boxers because it means no one plays with you, well, even without boxers, you wont be highly selected for those really nice groups where people want an enchanter or cleric or warrior.

    Tip of advice, if you want groups, play enchanter, cleric. Quit hating on boxers. You picked the wrong class thats what is not acceptable. Your useless in high end, content, other classes way more useful than you.

    I know some people who don't box and play rogue. They can't even disarm trap, they can't even pick lock.
    Then I play with a boxer with a bard. Well would do you know, they disarmtrap/pick lock easy. Boxers do more investing then nonboxers.
    You play a rogue and can't disarm trap and pick lock, thats frowned upon. Everyone is just being nice to you but if you can see their facial expressions, they thinking, this rogue in this LDoN is useless.

    You have 1 job and fail, meanwhile the boxing enchanter is doing more DPS, CCing, debuffing, buffing players, and you can't even do 1 job, disarm the trap and pick the lock. Unacceptable.

    Its no wonder why people don't want to group with some people. Because they useless, they picked wrong class, they do nothing for them. It has nothing to do with a bunch of people boxing. They probably boxing because everyone is playing classes that are useless in difficult group content.

    If you really want to do GoD group content, well you better be the right class, otherwise your stuck with Velks, Dulak, LDoN and other crap groups.
  2. TheChosenOne Augur

    i was in your guild dude, you had a core group you ran with which was like all the best geared people in the guild.. the second you logged on you had 10 people all ready to roll in a group with you, so I could see how you wouldnt think boxing is a good thing because you probably haven;t had to even use the /LFG in years

    No, most people dont want to play an MMO by themselves... They want to be able to play an MMO without spending 90 minutes with their /LFG on trying to desperately get a group

    On Selos I had guild groups going and you would log on, and 1-2 people would leave the group and run to yours like puppies, then i got to watch your stream while spent a ton of time trying to reform a group

    You also play favorites which is the reason i left (i think you used a loot council system too if i recall correctly, yikes). We had a good amount of warriors and i started to eventually earn some opportunities to tank, but then one of your inner circle buddies had a barbarian warrior join the server, you all helped level them up to 65 and gear them up, then started rolling with them in your inner circle group as tank and they leaped the waiting line of tanks who wanted opportunities in raids and was put right into the fray as one of the main tanks

    From my perspective, your view on things is off because you're playing a different game than most people are as a guild leader with a loyal inner circle that will drop whatever theyre doing and come running to help you
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  3. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    I find that solo players with just the one character, if they're in even a middling guild, always have a spot, while guilds assume a boxer player to be more self sufficient. I box often in guilds with many solo character players. They're usually maxed out before I am, especially on the cheevos.

    Maybe 1/3 of my current guild is solo no alt players right now, even rogues. Several don't even ever use mercs.
  4. Magician9001 Augur

    Boxers are gonna tell you're valuable blah blah blah. But there actions are gonna let you down anytime you need something that isn't mutually beneficial to them. If you dare call them out for this behavior they're gonna say your starting drama.
  5. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    I saw someone mentioning that you stream so I typed your forum name + everquest on google and watched a few minutes of one of your Xegony fight. I mean no offense but you're a clicker. So yes, a boxer (2 box) using hotkeys will be as efficient as you, It's a 30apm game at most fyi.
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  6. code-zero Augur

    He's worse than just a clicker, he's clicking on the #1 hotbar buttons that are default mapped to the number keys. That's the worst
  7. Magician9001 Augur

    >ACKTUALLY you're a clicker.
    >Also this game takes 30apm.

  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Maybe you are just playing with the wrong people, I've seen boxers help lots of solo people for no other reason than they are guildies. Unless being in a guild counts as "mutually beneficial" to you, in which case maybe join one?
  9. uberkingkong Augur

    Well, I noticed if I can get the boxer into a group formed up with 1 spot left, boxers usually hate when they can't bring the box to a group of all real players and decline. It's like the boxer has a withdrawal if they can't bring there box with them and if their box isn't getting the progression too.

    But whoever said solo players are usually better at boxers in their respective classes, thats wrong, especially in a middling guild. I've seen countless rogues who can't disarm traps and pick locks, thats embarrassing.
  10. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    This is true. They are extremely selfish games and force others to play by there rules. Outlaw all boxers.
  11. BreakmanDX New Member

    A lot of the replies on here, even the more critical ones are helpful and have made me feel a lot better about playing how I want, but holy it's stuff like this that keeps my opinion on boxers where it is pretty much forever. If the game's THAT boring to you, why do you play at all? If you think you're being so hot and needed playing so many boxes, do you really truly feel that way when deep down you know you're essentially breaking the intended system just because you're "bored" rather than actually being a decent player?

    Yes, the person boxing 4-6 at a named is the problem and I'm not. Because there's no way to compete with him and he's a selfish pig scarfing down all the content for his 12,000 characters before letting anyone playing *normally* or *intended* have a chance at anything, ever. As well, he has 50 gnome mages everywhere in every dungeon and overworld mob over level 30 that drops 1+ plat occassionally on kill or bronze or fine steel weapons, wiping them all out on his 30 different on-one-computer not-trueboxed macro redguides-obsessed bot boxes because he's allowed to get away with it so why not? And if anyone ever tries to criticize him, they get ultra white-knighted by guys like you. Oh wait, it IS you, isn't it? You hoging every named and normal mob on the entire server for yourself and your 5 or 6 other ultra-box rich old dudes sitting there hooked up by wires to your comp so you can hog every single plat that ever drops on the server to sustain your precious krono addiction and keep everyone else from even playing at all, then *still* pretend you fail to understand why anyone complains about boxers?

    And of course your advice is "add a box". Blow it out your dude, lmao. I HATE players like you and you HAVE RUINED this game, and that will never not be the truth.
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  12. Pappasalt Augur

    It would seem I've acquired a boxing fan.

    Well let's see.

    1. You clearly didn't read any of the post you quoted on this.

    2. Favoritism? Yea probably some...I think cliques are inevitable and tend to happen especially in a group focused game like this one. I do however group with anyone and everyone.

    3. Yea we used loot council for like 1-2? months mainly because nobody wanted to do dkp...who does?

    4. Get friends?

    5. This is in reference further down about the "clicker." Yup, I still click. Would it be more efficient in other MMOs if I didn't? Probably. In EQ however if you think you need to click that fast on a single character I don't know what game you're playing lol. In something like WoW I could improve my gameplay probably by not clicking however even as a clicker I normally still do a 70-80% ilvl parse so I don't normally see a reason to change.
  13. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    It’s a sad state of affairs that boxers are allowed to drink from the same fountain as you. YOU’RE the real victim here.
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  14. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Man what a sad response, I think I can picture the tears streaming down your cheeks as you typed this. You indeed caught me. I am a selfish ultra-box old rich dude hooked up by the wires to my computer with the sole goal of preventing other people from enjoying everquest by any means necessary.

    Best of luck to you buddy, I think you'll need it.
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  15. dargoth New Member

    You guys can use the lfg tool, and can always use /pick to try and find other camps. boxers stay to themselves usually, if you see one, go elsewhere you will eventually find a camp.
  16. Nessirfiti Augur

    Whoa it only took two pages for a meltdown, usually takes anti-boxers longer than that to lose it.
  17. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    I box because it makes people seethe and post like yours is what make my day. That and Enc/Healer is the most fun and OP thing up to at least GoD.

    In Everquest ? No I never said that, you can click all you want in Everquest. What I said is that a good 2/3 boxer not clicking will be as efficient as you because you said that real people are more efficient than boxes. In Mythic WoW ? I'd prefer not to play with you and I'd like to see the logs you're talking about but if its to link some WoW Classic/BC logs please don't embarrass yourself. If you've cleaned any last Mythic tier of an xpac as a clicker when it was current content after Cataclysm you were definitely carried because there is no way a full guild of clickers can clear that kind of stuff.

    The only thing worse than a clicker is a keyboard turner and then a loot council guild. I definitely don't have the time nor the will anymore to take of my robe and my wizard hat with some neckbeard in Gfay so I can have loot .
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  18. Tucoh Augur

    Dear EQ community, I am sorry for ruining this game with my boxing.
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  19. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Love loot council guilds. RoI still a loot council guild too, cannot recall any problem with it. Loved it in Triality too. *shrug*

    But then again, I am a "clicker" too! hah
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  20. Brazy Elder

    Yes, you gotta be a boxer to be in our crew. No noobs.