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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mesc, May 15, 2020.

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  1. Gherig Augur

    They have actually gone to great lengths to actually never answer that question one way or another, officially and in explicit writing, just a few very vague posts from former employees exist, causing a HUGE problem with its player base and its inability to publicly make a written statement about it

    You are, in fact taking, a great risk of getting a clueless CSR that has no clue what boxing and botting is and straight out banning your multi-thousand dollar, 20+ year old accounts out of nothing but shear ignorance to the software.

    I have talked to Tuco in the past about this because I want to use it since I am disabled and it would greatly improve my gaming far beyond tabbing. He agrees with me that the "Company" needs to make a written statement and until then, there is still a risk.
  2. Bronut Augur

    [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] is totally allowed.
    The reason why is it offers no automation, to get commands to fire you have to press the key.
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  3. TheStugots Augur

    Use it if you want to use it. Don’t complain and moan about it if you don’t. Simple concept.

    Those of us who use I S Boxer take absolutely nothing away from those of you who don’t.

    The game will suffer greatly if it all of a sudden gets banned. No facts, but I’m fairly sure of that.
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  4. bucktoof Journeyman

    This thread brought to you by Lavish Software! smh ;)
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  5. Password1234 Augur

    It's weird that people have questions regarding whether you're allowed to use programs that you can't mention by name because of the forum word filter.
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  6. Nyemahame New Member

    Is there a lawyer on this thread? The usage of an IS Boxer / Inner Space to multicast / broadcast instructions and or explicit commands "Does not violate" a posted SOE/DBG/DP usage policy. Forgive me for not quoting so I'll have to paraphrase.

    Bad ==> Altering game components; de-encrypting secure files, reverse engineering binary files, basically changing your +1 rusty dagger into a +9999 Rusty Velium Dagger. Other examples mentioned in this thread would be Warping (I remember when this started!) and AFK killing.
    change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

    Good ==> Applications like Gina (Jeen-ah or Gine- Ah ?) Enhance or here's a word we all can relate to "Augment"
    make (something) greater by adding to it; increase.

    Maybe to the layman there's no difference in the definition therefore more concrete contrasts need to be presented:

    Bad ==> Hacking the game to increase your plat from 0 --> .01 or greater
    I'm not familiar with /\/\Q bazaar scripts and or what they do however if the actual activity is parsing sales related data and building an output then read by a decent EQ economist is GOOD, however if this scripting also involves automatically setting your trader prices for optimal sales.... that's bad and equivalent to AFK killing... we'll call it online offline bazaar killing (O2BK) or O-behave for short.

    How is playing the game without playing the game not cheating?

    If GINA was illegal then even non- default UI could be in that category. Imagine Gina overlays and sounds are augments like windows magnifying glass, dragon naturally speaking, and ebook readers to the handy-capable.

    What I saw in Tuco's video of his Keal TOV mission was nothing less than absolutely marvelous and for that I'm excited to dust off my rust get my IS Boxer-ing back on point and get my squad(s) up to that skill level.

    Seriously I've come back to see a great deal of boxers able to do some amazing stuff since I've been back and nothing beats grouping with good people, and there's also a great deal of excitement when grouping with the not-so wonderful people due to the rush you get from absolute terror or fear of an impending corpse run.

    I think SOE/DG/DP has been clear in their policy IMO, augment the game don't alter it. I think I got side tracked, wait are the servers still down? But we as humans have perfected the art of mental gymnastics and should be aware that everything we do has consequences and repercussions... but then again usage of those last 2 words are somewhat superfluous.

    Tuco I want to study your material on IS Boxer, is that layout on a single screen or you edited a single video to include all 5 character windows? Anyways off to buy a big TV to try that out on.... because the GD servers are still down!

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  7. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    Put it like this.
    Doing DH progression... running past 9 afk bot players.

    #FLN LAZY (the lack of dealing with this, is killing the game in the long run)
  8. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

  9. Tarvas Augur

    What automation does it offer? I'm curious.
  10. Cydonia Elder

    the sarcasm in his post was practically physically manifesting itself and oozing out of the screen, how is it possible you missed it? rofl
  11. Nadisia Augur

    If we're talking about ISB, in short : absolutely none :p

    But I guess our Veteran_BetaTester hasn't veteran_betatested anything for ages, at least not this tool.
    He's mixing apples with bananas, or even worse, baked beans with pistachio ice cream :D
  12. bucktoof Journeyman

    automation (noun) automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor

    try to be cute and funny all you want, how about you add popcorn into the mix next time too? ISB as you call it allows for one key press to then automatically (automation) press those corresponding keys on each box. Maybe learn what the word automation means in the first place before posting again? yes. Please play again
  13. Tarvas Augur

    Is it though? An action has to happen in order for a operation to be carried out. The only difference is you are not staring at the screen the action it is happening on unless of course you are using the video fx feature. Then you can just mouse over the screen and press the button in the screen.
  14. seber Augur

    why do need it ?
  15. Jumbur Augur

    I think a large part of the drama/confusion in this thread (and similar threads) comes from the fact that the names for several completely different 3rd party tools are censored into the same string: [unmentioned 3rd party software].
    Half the thread participants probably thinks "[unmentioned 3rd party software]" means "emque-two" while the other half thinks it means "IS boxer". :p

    "IS boxer" is afaik just a fancy "shortcut-key manager", with elaborate "picture-in-picture" functionality.

    "Emque-two" is afaik a full blown AI-bot program with warping support.
  16. bucktoof Journeyman

    There is NO confusion among anyone who actually read and can comprehend things, something I'm pretty sure you aren't doing yourself. Try to call it a "shortcut-key manager" all you want. You're no different and no better than the other guy I just called out for being an obvious shill for that automation (aka:cheating) program. Try to explain your way out of this. Try to make up elaborate explanations of how "its actually not cheating because of x, y and z and all you're gonna get from anyone who knows what ISB actually does and doesn't do are deaf ears. It provides automation, period.
  17. Nadisia Augur

    If you don't press any key in front of an EQ instance loaded into ISB, it does ... absolutely nothing.
    ISB is a broadcasting software, it relays the keypresses, it doesn't generate them magically.

    If we keep your defnition in the strict sense, even a simple a keyboard or mouse driver is automation.
    An operating system IS automation.
    The computer itself even, so it's ridiculous.

    No need to use ISB to send keypresses to multiples windows, either foreground (obviously) or even background windows.

    And what about these products (KVM switches) :


    Is this automation? No, it's a switch : one source, multiple targets.
    But without input : nothing.

    You can even use advanced keyboards with integrated switching and splitting functions : you press one key, it sends the keypresses to separate devices, directly from the keyboard (multiple USB outputs integrated) or via sofware.

    But you can send the same input to multiple computers.

    In fact, the EQ social macros are more automation per say than any ISB native feature, as it creates a train of commands, with pauses.
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  18. bucktoof Journeyman

    READ the above post to Jumbur and apply it to EVERYTHING you just said. You're not convincing or fooling anyone with braincells of anything by posting pictures of this and that or elaborate, thought out "but it only" type defenses of this 3rd party automation software. No matter how hard you try (and fail) to legitimize it, its not working and never will work. When you have to work sooo hard to try and defend something it becomes crystal clear.
  19. Jumbur Augur

    Well it "automates"(or bypasses) the need for alt-tabbing, and window switching, but it doesn't automate anything EQ-related. your control of the characters is unchanged compared to people who don't use it. your control of windows handling is what is improved.

    If not "being limited" by windows's user-interface is cheating, imagine the nightmare if windows11 managed windows-switching differently, would win11-users be cheating too?

    For people who don't box, IS boxer does not offer anything at all.
  20. Zamiam Augur

    he's just trolling .. he hides behind a new member forum name and is prolly a closet isbxr .. :p I will not rationalize or debate with him further on this subject ..

    I know what I do is safe and legal ive been doing it for the last 12 years with no repercussions.. and have been playing for the last 21 ..

    If they ever do ban me for it .. well more power to them and im positive it would be the end of EQ as I will take my other 10 accounts and stop buying subs and expansions , station cash & krono's for them.
    and im sure i would not be the only one ..
    so im done with this convo ..
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